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Table of Contents
2 – A Bill to Phase Out the Solar Investment Tax Credit to Encourage the Use of Solar
9 – A Bill to Reform Corporate Cash Holdings to Increase Competitiveness
16 – The Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act of 2015
23 – A Bill to Put America to Work
30 – A Bill to Tax Corporate Use of Water
37 – A Bill to Boost the Housing Market
42 – A Resolution to Ratify the Ottawa Treaty
49 – A Bill to Diminish the Islamic State’s Power in Syria
55 – The Philippines Economic Recovery Act of 2015
62 – A Bill to Assist America’s Kurdish Allies
67 – A Resolution to Increase the Usage of Private Military Contractors in the Central
African Republic
73 – Middle Eastern Stabilization Act (MESA) of 2015
80 – A Bill to Fund the Nineveh Plain Protection Units
87 – A Resolution to Combat Human Trafficking
95 – A Bill to Remote Military Commanders from Decisions over the Prosecution of
Sexual Assault Cases
102 – A Bill to Subsidize Public Transportation
107 – The Clean Lung Act of 2015
114 – A Bill to Amend the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 to Provide Greater
Transparency in the Legislative Process
121 – A Bill to Reform Gun Laws for the Intellectually Disabled
127 – A Bill to Increase Funding for the Department of Homeland Security
136 – A Bill to Ensure Fairness to High Skilled Workers
147 – A Bill to Subsidize SpaceX
152 – A Bill to Give the Disadvantaged an Opportunity through Education
158 – A Bill to Invest in Thorium Nuclear Reactors
167 – The Financial Fairness and Stability Act of 2015
173 – A Bill to Reappropriate Aid from Israel to Nigeria
180 – A Bill to Reduce Prison Populations

A Bill to Phase Out the Solar Investment
Tax Credit to Encourage the Use of Solar