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Title: Saul Boyarsky, M
Author: Saul Boyarsky

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Saul Boyarsky, M.D., J.D. (F.A.C.S., F.C.L.M., F.A.A.F. S., F. A. A. G.U.S.)
6412 Mimosa Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 493-7198

Personal History: Born July 22, 1923, Burlington, Vermont. Married June 17, 1945, to Rose Eisman.

University of Vermont, College of Arts and Sciences, 1940-1943,
B.S. Magna Cum Laude.

Medical School:

University of Vermont, College of Medicine, 1943-1946,
M.D. Cum Laude.


University of Vermont, College of Medicine
Departments of Anesthesia and Surgery, 1947-1948.
New York University Medical College,
Physiology, with Dr. Homer Smith, 1954-1956.


Medical Service, The Johns Hopkins Hospital,
Baltimore, Maryland, April 1946-July 1947.


Resident in Urology, Duke Hospital,
Durham, North Carolina, July 1950-July, 1954.

Law School:

J.D., Washington University School of Law,
St. Louis, Missouri, May 22, 1981.

Honors and Awards
College of Arts & Sciences
University of Vermont:

College of Medicine
University of Vermont:

B.S., Magna Cum Laude, 1944
Phi Beta Kappa
Graduation Prize for 1st standing in class
M.D., Cum Laude, 1946
Graduation Prize for 2nd standing in class


William P. Burpeau Award for Service to Urology


Alpha Omega Alpha, University of Vermont College of Medicine


Award for pioneering work in Urodynamics, as founder and first
president of the Urodynamics Society at the 2nd Joint International
Meeting of the Urodynamics Society and International Continence

Society; Aachen, Germany.

Distinguished Academic Achievement Award
University of Vermont Medical Alumni Association


Missouri House of Representatives, Resolution #236.


Physician's Recognition Award 5/1/93-6/1/96


Cash award and honorable mention for presentation at 10th World
Congress on Medical Law, Jerusalem, Israel 8/28-9/1/94.

1st Lt. and Captain, Medical Corps, A.U.S., 1948-1950, including:
Medical Field Service School, Fort Sam Houston,Texas.
Dispensary Officer, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.
General Surgery & Orthopedic Ward Officer, 15th Evacuation
Hospital, Nurnberg, Germany.
Acting Chief of Surgery, Station Hospital, Wurzberg, Germany,
Temporary Duty.
Assistant Attending Urologist
Dec. 1954 - July 1956

Bellevue Hospital, New York, New York

Assisting Attending Urologist
April 1956 - 1963

New York University Hospital, New York, New York

Assistant Chief of Urology
July 1956 - Sept., 1956

Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, Bronx, New York

Associate Attending Urologist
July 1956 - 1962

Bronx Municipal Hospital Center, Bronx, New York

Visiting Urologist
July 1962 - 1963

Bronx Municipal Center, Bronx, New York

Adjunct Urologist
1960 - 1963

New Rochelle Hospital, New Rochelle, New York

Attending Urologist
1960 - 1963

Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, Bronx, New York

1963 - 1970

Duke Hospital, Durham, North Carolina

Chief of Urology
1963 - 1968
Consultant in Urology
1963 - 1970
1963 - 1970
1969 - 1970
Urologic Surgeon-in-Chief
St. Louis, Missouri
1970 - 1973
1970 - 1984
1970 - 1973
1970 - 1984
1970 - 1984
1970 - 1989

Emeritus Urologist

Veterans Administration Hospital, Durham, North Carolina

Watts Hospital, Durham, North Carolina
Lincoln Hospital, Durham, North Carolina
Veterans Administration Hospital, Oteen, North Carolina
Barnes Hospital and Washington University Teaching Hospitals,

Veterans Administration Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis City Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis County Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri

Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
Children's Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri
Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri

Research Associate honoris

Center for Jewish Studies, Duke University, 2006-present

Senior Research Associate

Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University, 2005-present

Clinical Professor of Urology
Department of Surgery

St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri
1992 - 1999

Professor of Genitourinary Surgery

Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri
1970 - 1989

Head, Division of
Genitourinary Surgery

Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri
1970 - 1973

Professor of Biomedical
Engineering, Department
of Mechanical and Aerospace

Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
1970 - 1984

Associate Professor of

Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri
1970 to 1980

Professor of Urology,
Assistant Professor of Physiology
Director of Urologic Research

Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina
1962 -1970

Chief of Urology

Durham VA Hospital 1963-1965

Director of Rehabilitation

Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
1969 - 1970

Instructor in Physiology

New York University College of Medicine, New York, New
1955 - 1956

Assistant and Associate
Professor of Urology

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, New York
1956 - 1963


National Board of Medical Examiners
American Board of Urology
American College of Surgeons
New York Academy of Sciences
American College of Legal Medicine
Missouri State Medical Association
American Academy of Forensic Sciences
American Association of GenitoUrinary Surgeons


American Association for Advancement of Science
American Association of Clinical Urologists 1972
American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons
American College of Surgeons, Fellow
American Medical Association
American Physicians Fellowship, Inc.
American Physiologic Society
American Urological Association
International Continence Society
Missouri State Medical Association, Honor Member
Missouri Urologic Society
Pan American Medical Association
St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society, Life Member
St. Louis Urological Society

1964 - 1975
1988 - 1990



Medical-Legal and Forensic:

Sigma Xi
Societe Internationale D'Urologie
Society for Urology and Engineering, Inc.
Society of University Urologists
Urodynamics Society--Honorary/Inactive
American Association of University Professors
American Fertility Society
American Nephrology Society
Andrology Society
Biomedical Engineering Society
Carolina Urological Society
Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine

American Arbitration Association
American Bar Association (98675188QW)
American College of Legal Medicine
Bar Association of Metropolitan St.Louis (4909)
Defense Research Institute
Missouri Bar Association (29362)
Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers
National Health Lawyers Association (through 1986)
American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Fellow
American College of Legal Medicine, Fellow
American Society of Law and Medicine
St. Louis Association of Hospital Risk Managers
Urology Lawyers Council, President and Founder
Urodynamics Society


Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity

Listed in:

American Men and Women of Science
International Biographical Centre
Marquis Who's Who in American Law
Marquis Who's Who in the Midwest
Marquis Who’s Who in the World
Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory
National Forensic Center
West's Legal Directoy Online
Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology

Private Practice in Urology:

New Rochelle, New York, 1956-1963

State of Missouri, R3829
State of Vermont


State of New Jersey
State of North Carolina
State of New York
State of North Carolina


Inactive, senior

Missouri Bar MD R3829, 1983

American Academy of Forensic Sciences - Secretary of Jurisprudence Section.
American College of Legal Medicine - Chairman of Audit Committee.
American College of Surgeons - Committee for the Forum on Fundamental Surgical Problems.
American Urological Association, Inc. - Chairman, Biomedical Engineering Committee, 1975 to present.
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technology Assessment Reference Panel, American Medical Association.
Editorial Advisory Board - Courts, Health Science & the Law.
Editorial Advisory Board - Insight into Courts.
Editorial Board - Journal of Legal Medicine, 1981 to 2003.
Editorial Board - Neurourology & Urodynamics, 1982 to 1992.
Editorial Consultant - Urology, 1996.
Food and Drug Administration Department of Health, Education and Welfare
-Member, Urology Panel of Center for Radiological Health and Medical Devices, 1985 to 1989.
-Consultant, Gastroenterology and Urology Devices Panel and the Medical Devices Advisory
Paraquad - Honorary Board, 1988 .
St. Louis Conservatory and Schools for the Arts - Board of Directors, 1972 .
St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society - Medical/Legal Committee.
Veterans Administration - Cooperative Study, Randomized Study of Cost Effectiveness of TURP for BPH,
Chairman, Operations Committee, CSP #246.
F4.11., 1980-1987.
American Association of Clinical Urologists, Inc. - Interprofessional Committee, 1978-1981.
American Association of Medical Assistants St. Louis Chapter - Advisor, 1978-1981
American College of Legal Medicine - Board of Governors, 1985-1987.
-Chairman, Ad Hoc Legislative Committee, 1987.
American College of Surgeons - Executive Committee of Medical Device Committee, 1983-1987.
- Operating Room Environment Committee, 1973-1977.
American Medical Association - Vietnam Medical School Project, Urology Consultant.
American Urological Association, Inc. - Prize Essay Committee, 1971-1972.
-Ad Hoc Committee on Male Reproduction, 1977-1978
-Chairman , Biomedical Engineering Committee 15 years.
American Society for Testing and Materials - Chairman, Task Force on Foley Catheter, f04.80.01.
- Chairman, 1977-1980.
- Urology Subcommittee.

Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, until 1988.
- Representative of American Urological Association.
- Co-chairman Government Relations and Public Policy Committee, 1985.
- Center for Population Research.
- National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
- Contraceptive Research Evaluation Review Contract Committee.
Consultant in Urology - International Medical Society of Paraplegia.
Editorial Advisory Board - Sexual Medicine Today.
Editorial Board - Archives of Andrology.
Food and Drug Administration: Department of Health, Education and Welfare
- member, Advisory Committee, Cardiovascular and Renal Disorders, 1969 - 72.
Glaucoma Support Group - Organizer, 1985-1986.
Kidney Foundation of Eastern Missouri and Metro-East.
Medical Advisory Committee - Visiting Nurses Association, St. Louis.
Medical Society of the State of North Carolina - Committee on Physical and Vocational Rehabilitation.
Missouri Crippled Children's Service, Columbia, Missouri - consultant.
Missouri Organization for Defense Lawyers - Legislative Committee, 1986.
Multiple Sclerosis Society Advisory Committee - President's Commission 1973
- Committee on Research on the Etiology, Diagnosis, Natural
History, Prevention and Therapy of Multiple Sclerosis.
National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council.
- 1968 Program Committee member.
- Workshop: Hydrodynamics of the Bladder, 1969.
- Chairman, Ad Hoc Program Committee, 1969.
- Workshop on Hydrodynamics of the Ureter, 1970.
National Institute on Aging - Ad Hoc Consultant, 1982.
National Institutes of Health - Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases
- Chairman, Renal Disease and Urology Training Grants (1986), member 1964-68.
Paraquad - Board of Directors, 1985.
- Program Committee, 1985.
- Executive Committee, 1985.
- Vice-president Programs, 1986.
Paralyzed Veterans of America - Research Guidance Committee Chairman.
- Legislative Liaison Committee.
- Medical Advisory Board.
Regional Medical Program of North Carolina: Committee on Rehabilitation - Consultant.
St. Louis Conservatory and Schools for the Arts, St. Louis, Missouri
- Chairman, Academic Council 1972-1975.
- Vice-president, Board of Directors, 1982.
- Executive Committee, 1980-1987.
St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society - Library Committee.
- Program Committee.
- Medical-legal Committee, Chairman 1985-1987.

St. Louis Urological Society - Chairman, Nominating Committee, 1983, 1988.
Southern Medical Association - Chairman, Urology Section, 1969.

The American Fertility Society - Urology Committee, 1972-1976.
United States Pharmacopeia Convention, Inc. - Chairman, Urology Panel, until 1987.
United States Public Health Service Chronic Disease Control Program - Consultant.
Urodynamics Society - Founder and past President.
Veterans Administration Central Office - Spinal Cord Injury Service consultant, to 1970.

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1.. There Are No Cripples.
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An optimistic plea for holistic care and rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injured

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