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27.05.2014 b

Peter's Pill Grimace
version 9.0.4

See Through St. Peter's Basilica Cult

Note. Most down below is a collection from various internet sites, for this pic see g00glemaps...
Scribd.com suddenly started to charge readers from my free documents. This without any notice to
me, all revenue to scribd. Isn't this funny kind of censorship...

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Mother Church - Occult Fertility Fiestas
Basilica: Front square colonnade roof is fenced with myriad mass-acre saint statues.

Osiris court, phallus-obelisk in the midst of woman's sexual organs... erected to shout
obscenities to the sky. Osiris wheel, occult Egyptology and sun clock. etc etc. Court filled with
pine-cone etc. fertility cult objects.
Ugly colossus inside: plastered with 2000 years worth of its embezzlements, gold/art, occult G =
masonry sexual geometry, small boys, warped angelic figures - without clothing.
Down below, myriad grottos filled with its prey: gold teeth, skeletons, stuffed 'Christ's'... embalmed
corpses to be kissed. Secret inquisition chambers, death rite rooms? You bet.

Wanna have a Luxury relaxed holyday? Five Day Tour in Rome? "Meet our all inclusive Saints
with Mary" - on the trip sold by your local church (whatever denomination).
"Come with us to the real pilgrimage into ancient Rome, be a part of this satanic occult worship,
have a real Mass" ... 'audience with' the incest dagon-pope priest of osiris whoredom... receive all
the demons sent.
If not, take this free tour - so that you can shout the Truth from the roofs.

Papal gold-grotto love by night.

FYI for scribd.com -readers :
Scribd.com started to charge from all my free texts. However, you may gain access after
becoming a (all free) member of scribd,com. Then you can freely acces all their free pages... First
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If you are not member, scribd will show only first four pages.

View / Download free from here:

The Heart of Vatican - 'Peter Bacilli'.
Two Latin words Vatis: prophetic/divine, Can: serpent/snake. Combined: 'prophetic/divine serpent'
As the Vatican is a place, so you may say that 'Vatican' means 'the place worshipped serpent'. In NT
you can meet her also as the snake, devil, dragon...
This colossus, resembling a cross was built 324A.D. on top of a hill (small part first). Here
Romans kept their sadistic orgies of killing thousands of Bible believers in a spectacle. Roman
crooks, then like today, have to keep the show on, otherwise the folks will start to think and their
deeds will become too visible.
Its front court, huge osiris cult symbol, is reeking of myriad cult ceremonies. The first illustration
depicts 'whole basilica', the main building on top, below is this court.

Check out the rich linky! saintpetersbasilica org ...Here it depicts the osiris court with all its 140
saint statues. Each statue & saint is explained up to a point. Their Saintly bloodthirsty history gold
plated: like the founder of this vaticanus cult, Constantine excelled in mass killings ... welcome to
the papal mass. Constantine was the first to claim to be world's first Caesar and Pope ... and the
Whata sunkin feelin...

Dagon Fish Priest's 'audience'... Here the Pill Grimaced tens of thousands unawares, flown
around the globe "via papal airways" to participate into ancient occult, worship with him. Each
receiving their poison pill to align with beast thinking. After their osiris portion: "These have one
mind, and they give their power and authority unto the beast. Rev.17:13.
All witches feel already relaxed with his occult cross, fish-dagon-mitre and IHS emblems.
Unawares will receive a new fresh devil into his/her life... I would not be surprised if simultaneous
human sacrifices were going on in the grottos.
Nothing has changed during the last two thousand years.
This hill was the fighting arena for Galicula, Nero etc. This was bible believers mass-acre-age.
They were maimed and bled to death in front of the true Constantinus Christians. They were drunk
of the blood - after circus did not fulfill their lusts anymore.
The Mother church has burned all bible translators in bonfires on marketplaces as heretics,
during jesuital time from 1500 to 1800. Inquisition is well alive today: it is said that millions have
perished in the mother church cellars between 1000-2000AD. This phenomena which mixes the
term Christianity with occult, is used via many knightly clans: Breivik the Norwegian mass
murderer was a mason and Templar Knight - directly under jesuital control. That operation falls in
the category of public disarmament, disabling the slaves. One of the main "Saints in this papal
business" was Thomas Moore. He is honored every year by US aristocracy in a special mass...
An able slave, able to defend his family, eg. gun owner is, a threat for extralegal Knightly terror.
Which in Breivik's case was done as usual - behind blue lodge sea - papal police force. This
Bluelodge history must have roots also in Vatican: globally controlled Knighthood brethren, came
to be in 1800's. Before that, there was only army power - which tends to include patriotic folks who
wont follow papal global orders - against countrymen. On the contrary, these blue brethren are
disciplined via blood oaths, the true global force obeying any order from mystery - above.
Augustinus monasteries main mission, was to form a base. From there surrounding population
was being raided to collect all original bible texts. The missing texts enabled Vatican to push its
own writings as true scripture, operate its directive-machinery to rob nations continuously. All
scriptures today have gone through such papal nihil obstat -sieve. This project will be on as long as

humankind is on the planet: latest operation was 26-Jan-2013 in Timbuktu, Mali, where papal
jihadists burned over 60.000 ancient scriptures to prohibit newlyfound(?) leaks. As usual, the
doubleheaded eagle had its forces controlling the operation: French knights surrounded the city...
(Actually I have no proof of details, but this is the way all operations are machined, behind papal
controlled fascia, via foreign forces, always armed, in 'news' but still out of public sight.)
The Grimacing fairytale of Christians: The folks escaping into Rome's catacombs, called
Christians may actually have been roman mass murderers escaping their justice.
Some of their cult drawings have leaked, mainly the pisces , is known from Greek sexual occult
To keep their occult hidden, the jesuit programmers are working 24/7 with Hollywood
machinery. The main goal is to hide Adolph, Stalin, Mao, Roosevelt, Churchill, Reagan etc
Roman Catholy jesuital mass murder roots. See more at Table of Contents at

In the Center of the cult square is the enormous phallus symbol, stolen from Egypt. It sits inside
the woman genitals - preaching incestevangelium?(...this interpretation is NOT my invention).
Around the square on top of the surrounding buildings, the 'saint' statues peer like dead vultures.
Reminds of the sins of Jerobeam, Son of Nebat.
The sin itself was hidden from public eye, 'you just dont know'...: The papal edu-program says to
everyone that it is not possible to find out these ancient facts... The more 'researchers' claim this
attitude, the deeper the claimer trots in this Caesarean motherly dirt.
The common nominator for all kingdoms sits here: The emblem of power for all kings on earth,
the Vatican osiris cult phallus-fag obelisk, the totem of all sex-cults - sits in this garden of love-god.
Ashera. Every kingdom, falsely called democratic, has its miniature copy to display obedience.
Today the Papal worship directives commands all mushrooms to obey its fag cult liturgy - or face
jail time for blasphemy ...of this bloody incest &blasphemy. It is an offence to utter a word against
this Vatican incest from pulpit or street.
King Jerobeam - AND - whole nation: "And he did that which was evil in the sight
of the LORD, and followed the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, which made Israel
to sin; he departed not therefrom. 2King13
The holy decree of inquisition used to 'build comradeship' in brethren: if some individuals fell
out of line and didnt obey, the last rite for him/her was the Sunday sermon. This poor fella was
taken into the cellar, attached into wall irons. The whole congregation came one by one, each
adding some mortar and a new tile until the cursed was masoned in behind a funny curving brick
wall. Wall of plenty... This truly knits the society together - keep smiling and having next mass
thinking of... what? This phenomena is today well and alive.

Seek out the obelisk from your city and be surprised: a miniobelisk can be found in every city
and around the globe: 'From Pyonyang N.Korea to Jerusalem'. "These have one mind, and shall
give their power and strength unto the beast." Rev.17. (J'lem High Court, built by satanic Rothchild
to fulfill every Tammus-dream of the satan cult worshipper - from judge to a visitor.)

Brilliant Mass murder cult as entertainment for the enlightened. The Roman osiris cult is the
bloodiest in human history: they call emselves now Christians, Knights of Hospitallier and
whatever: the cross-killing process was their meanest invention. Papal love of art: 'at best' their
master torturers could keep their 'customers alive up to two weeks...

This is how the site looked some 2000 yrs ago they say.

Past the Obelisk, into the beast heart.

Note: For Finland obelisks, see The Finnish SA-army photos (finn text)
www.slideshare.net/syottovasikka/pyramid-pla (english)

From pinecone fertility theater to the Dome: all is filled with pagan idolatry and symbols of
orgies. Dome is topped with a immense cross, embedded with bones of the so called saints. Check
out the history (NOT r0man version) and see how many thousand Bible believers they mass-acred...
Here I must remind you that this occult machinery deceptively uses the word "Christian" of
every imaginable mass orgy operation. In Britain, Jesuits were defeated of their papal ordered 16o5
gunpowder pl0t. At that time, having a mass meant abhorring sin, All MASS -practitioners were
jailed... Thus Mr. Breivik, a roman Rosicrucian jesuit operative is hideously called a "Christian" in
the papal mass ... media. However, Bible following Believer read and practice his/her Bible: Thou
Shalt Not Kill, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery ... etcetc

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