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Documentation of Elle Bee

C, C, A, Z, J and T.

Funding Information
Author’s Preface
Editorial Notes on Nature of This First Edition
Part One: The Exterior
§ 1 - Redacted Full Timeline
§2 - Selected Posted Images
Part Two: The Interior
All messages archived from account up until the evening I posted the login. All names and
personal information is redacted.
Part Three: The Epilogue
§ 1 - Conversation I had with Elle Bee 2.0 from my personal account after I posted the
login info and abandoned the Elle Bee Facebook account.
§ 2 - Conversation I had from my personal account with the personal account of a friend
who referred to themselves as LB 2.1
§ 3 - Conversation I had with Elle Bee 2.0. They messaged my personal account from a
new, different account.

Funding Information
I am broke right now. The only reason I’ve been making rent and tuition this year has been the
kindness of friends and the absurd sacrifice of my destitute mother. I work two jobs, and live very
frugally, but as anyone who has gotten close to the bottom knows, shit can get really tough.
I’ve never charged for art, and I would much rather people widely distribute this and discuss it than
restrict access to it by means of forcing people to pay to have this PDF.
So a compromise between me giving this away, and me wanting to be rid of the shame and
insecurity that my current financial position imposes, is a request for donations from whoever has
some funds to give and feels like this is worth paying for.
I would love to create a printed second edition that had things like a fold out massive poster of the
timeline, but I want to see how much interest there is before attempting something like that on
kickstarter or however else people fund projects like that.

I am contactable by email at
-If you want me to email you an invoice
with paypal, shoot me an email at with the amount
you want to give, so I know what address to
send the invoice to, and how much to
charge you. Paypal invoices are pretty selfexplanatory. I have included an example on
the right.

-You can use google wallet to send funds to
-My venmo name is Elle Bee (my handle is @Lordblanc)
-My bitcoin wallet address: 12Uk3xhda2ir6HWj1gud8vx2bmZFkBqKry
If none of these methods work for you, but you do want to send funds my way, feel free to email
me at and we can work something out. 

Author’s Preface
November 30th, 2015
All my life I've wanted to create something great--something beautiful.
I was trying to write a novel over the summer of 2015, but I couldn't get it right. I tortured
myself over ten pages of the beginning— writing draft, after draft, after draft. I wrote while I
walked to my car, I wrote at work, I wrote while I pissed, I wrote while I walked to my apartment, I
wrote until I fell asleep. But I couldn't get it right. The prose wasn't clear, the idea was muddled, and
the harder I pushed, the more frustrated I got.
That summer I made a Facebook profile under a different name. At some point I put away
the drafts of the beginning of my novel, and started free writing on this other profile. I felt like I
was giving up on my actual project (the novel), but the small, stream-of-consciousness pieces were
better than anything I had ever written before. So, I decided to keep at it. I just wrote little bits and
pieces and posted them to this Facebook profile that only my closest friends could see.
The anonymity was just for my privacy; I wanted to be uncensored and unconcerned while
doing that. I liked the feel of the anonymity, and I would play with it by using a new voice and
imagining myself as a new character with each post.
One evening, while bored, I friended a few people who weren't in my immediate social
circle, and the messages they sent cracked me up. So, I blacked out peoples’ names, and started
posting message conversations. I liked how those posts looked, and after posting a few, I started
becoming more attracted to that layout for art; dialogues as message threads.
When people asked me who I was, I almost never gave an honest answer because I simply
didn’t want people who weren’t my friends to know. The best way to make people stop asking is to
make them feel dumb for asking, either by putting their message on display, or alluding to some
complex “project” that requires me not to answer.
There was no project. I simply started using that word when evading answering questions
about my name. The truth of what I was doing was so uninteresting to me, that rather than giving
an honest answer to questions about why and what this was, I just evaded, and then I found which
evasions were more successful than others. I wanted people to keep talking to me, so I had to make
them interested in interacting with me, but I didn’t have much to say besides, “I’m bored, anxious,
and need an outlet of expression besides my larger goals because I feel too inept to master them
right now.”
After I started saying this was a project to enough people, they started to believe it. Then,
with so many people eagerly messaging or talking to me offline about it, I also started to believe it
was a project.
I started friending my artistic idols, and people I could name-drop in conversation. I then
raised the stakes for myself with the content. I spent hours and hours on this, exploring the website,
messaging people, friending the people etc. I spent so long on this, and talked to so many intrigued
people, that I got lost in it. I began to think that this was the great art I always wanted to make.

What was it? What did it mean? What was the idea? I didn’t have a way to express any of my
ideas in a way I was satisfied with, so I spent my time creating while I ignoring the fact that I
couldn’t answer these questions. I just kept insisting that it was something, but that I did not yet
know what it was.
One day, in November, the degree to which this was eating at me spiked. On Tuesday,
November 10th, a lot happened in my personal life that made it clear that I couldn’t keep going with
this. I had, and am, slowly beginning to develop a clearer understanding of what all this is, and what
I did.
I have been told that Elle Bee validates the entire generation. I have been told that I have a
voice that no one else has. I've been told that I am needed. These things got to my head.
After I stopped using Elle Bee, I had a series of conversations with those closest to me
about it. It made my closest friend uncomfortable for a reason that was hard to articulate. At some
point she said, "You put yourself in a glass box and displayed it to 3,000 people, but I don't want to
see you in a box, I want to be with you."
For a moment we thought that that was what I had done. It scared me.
I told her that one of the first conversations I had in college was telling someone how badly
I want to create something that allows people to feel what it is like to be inside my head. I really
thought I managed that with Elle, but I didn't.
We talked about it until it became more clear.
When Satan gave birth to Sin, she burst out of his head like a vocalized idea. The horrifying
and twisted thought. She was birthed when Satan wanted to be the greatest; he was jealous of God
for favoring Christ.
Art should communicate an idea. All art is subject to interpretation, but interpretation of
content that exists within the piece. Since there was no idea I was working to give form to, almost all
interpretations of this piece have pulled too much from the outside, and simply pasted it onto the
empty spaces here. I made room for people to place meaning in something, but gave no direction at
all. The result is something hundreds of people found incredibly important, but they just projected
their own messages into the void that I opened.
I am proud of what I have done, I cannot help it, for so many people expressed such
admiration because of this.
I hate what I have done, I cannot help it, for I lied to so many people, and I lied to myself
for months. This is not a great piece of art, but it might at least serve to be informative or
entertaining. I want to be the artist who creates a movement, the great that symbolizes a generation,
the one who understands and captures. It is time for me to move on and try to learn from this,
despite how painful the process was and is. I hope that distributing Para.docx allows others to learn
as well. An empty image itself cannot be cherished, for there is no idea and content being expressed.
I apologize for how rushed this edition is; I cannot bare to look at it much longer.

Editorial Notes on Nature of This First Edition
1. The screenshot of the timeline in Part One has some imperfections; I failed to have every single
comment thread open at the time of taking this screenshot. Therefore, there are a few, though
not many, posts that are unfortunately abbreviated. I did religiously document information from
this project, so images and text of every post is findable somewhere on my computer. I have not
yet taken the time to stitch together a absolutely complete image of the timeline, but, if I ever
decide to revisit this project—either for print or a second edition PDF— I will put together
everything I have to be as comprehensive as possible.
2. All names and profile pictures have been redacted (i.e. blacked out) in the image of the timeline.
Obviously this was not the case when the profile was viewable online. Unfortunately this editing
makes conversations difficult to make sense of. The option to retain privacy and offer some
enhanced readability that I know of is marking accounts in some way (like color coding), which
I have not yet done. I will investigate how doable this is if I choose to make another edition.
3. In section 2 of Part One, there are images that were posted to the account as status updates.
Most of these contain message threads. All of the names and profile pictures were redacted
from the threads prior to them being posted to the timeline. I have not done any additional
redaction or editing of these images.
4. The collection of messages in Part Two is incomplete for two reasons. First: At some point in
the summer I offered the password to someone, but deleted certain conversations prior to
giving them access to the account. Most of the conversations I deleted contained some
identifying information, or otherwise had things I didn’t want that person to have access to. I
did not save those messages prior to deleting them. Second: On the evening of Tuesday,
November 10th, I was in a hurry to tie up loose ends before posting the login info to the
account, and I wanted to archive and delete all the messages from the account prior to doing
that. I was only able to download an archive of messages sent from earlier that day. I did receive
a flood of messages from people once I announced that I would be posting the login info and
abandoning the account. I copied those messages into a word document, but have not merged
them into the threads shown in Part Two. Snippets of those threads can be found in section 2
of Part One, since I posted many screenshots that evening. If I decide to create a more
comprehensive document at some point, I will take the time to add this second group of
missing messages to Part Two.
5. This document is rather long, but it doesn’t come close to a holistic report of all account
activity. I think I have saved a document that includes the activity log from the account. That
might be an interesting addition to a later edition of this text. There one could find posts in
groups, the liking of statuses, and any other minute actions taken that are not found in this
6. In Part Two, each message thread is bookended by this symbol:⇅
7. For reasons stated in the preface, I wanted to get this done as quickly as possible. I have done
my best to ensure clarity with layout and formatting, but a second edition may be more
meaningful and understandable with the aid of margin notes.


§ 1 - Timeline

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