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11. The super wealthy believe that the ability to create wealth comes from __________.
a. Working hard
b. Genetics
c. Intelligence
12. Members of secret societies kept the secrets between which two groups?
a. Family and their peers in the same genetic makeup.
b. Bilderberg members and Illuminati members.
c. Themselves and the government
13. In these societies, how is training done?
a. Some seminars and workshops, books, audios, observing other people, from your own
experience, one on one communication, member to member, being an apprentice to a
b. Being an apprentice to a mentor
c. Intuition
14. What are the two variables in the teachability index?
a. Willingness to make money and willingness to accept change
b. Willingness to learn and willingness to accept change
c. Willingness to learn and willingness to accept the teacher as a mentor
15. I don’t know what __________
a. Everyone else is talking about.
b. Is next in my life.
c. I don’t know.
16. Will you ever totally “get it”?
a. Yes. Eventually you definitely will.
b. No. You’re always getting it.
17. If you want things in your life to change, you’re going to have to ______________________.
a. Change things in your life.
b. Make more money
c. Get smarter
18. The most important thing you need to change is what?
a. The way you dress
b. The way you achieve your goal
c. The way you think
19. Does your teachability index change from time to time?
a. Yes
b. No
20. Should you listen or should you wait for your turn to talk?
a. Listen
b. Wait for your turn to talk