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Product Details

13 powerful motors
157 precision airbags
3 speed and intensity settings

levels of airbag strength


track able massage rollers featuring 3D Massage technology

Our NEW flagship model, the SMC-6850 represents the apex of modern
massage chair engineering, a perfect combination of power and
comfort. Featuring astonishingly thorough, laser-precise pneumatic
massage techniques and our own unique 3D massage system with builtin heat pad technology (which delivers the deepest, strongest massage
of any chair in the industry), this chair testifies to the beauty of
technology and the joy of healthy living. An ergonomic design
dramatically improves your comfort and the Zero Gravity one-touch
automatic reclining system takes weight and pressure off of your bones
and joints. The SMC-6850 can recline as far back as 170 degrees?
Making you feel light as a feather, and so comfortable you might be
tempted to take a nap. Your massage experience is controlled by a
sophisticated series of advanced microprocessors that scan and map

The topology of your back? Detecting every bump, curve, and
indentation? And then re-calibrates the rollers to give you an accurate,
efficient, and perfectly tailored massage session.

Never before has one robotic massage chair offered so many features,
functions, styles, and benefits in one sophisticated, luxurious package.
Cutting edge therapeutic technology can be yours today? Call us and
learn more!

From Head to Toe:

This sophisticated robotic massage chair covers a full 31 inches of travel
up and down your back, from the top of your neck to the base of your
sacral vertebrae. It starts with gentle kneading and tapping at your
neck, and utilizes the patented 3D massage technology to its fullest
effect, digging deep into the muscles around your neck and shoulders
for fast and powerful relief. The heated backrest adds more luxury.

Next, outer shoulder airbags apply pressure and stretching technology
to your body while the 3D massage rollers move out to your shoulder
blades, pressing into your back and stretching your rhomboid muscles
and chest.

9 airbags built into the seat apply kneading, rolling pressure to your
thighs, hips, waist, and buttocks to relax and de-toxify the muscles and
skin. Proprietary waist torsion technology rotates and stretches out
your oblique’s, and provides soothing care to your sensitive hip joints
and lower spine.
The extensible ottoman is automatically adjustable for a relaxed fit, and
our totally unique ankle and calf stretching function will rotate and
press your calves and feet for maximum stretch, and maximum relief.
This can increase your flexibility and reduce pains associated with
standing on your feet all day long.
Each built-in arm massage features 3 airbags that act independently of
one another, expanding to apply pressure to specific ace-points on your
arm as the need arises. This is what creates the SMC-6850's unique arm

Massage" effect, which can drastically improve circulation to your
hands and forearms, mitigating pains commonly associated with
arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Meanwhile, the massage rollers
move down your spine toward your lumbar and sacral vertebrae,
kneading and pressing these commonly-overlooked areas and giving
instant relief.
3D Massage Technology: 3D pneumatic massage technique "pops out"
further than any other massage roller? Almost 3" of roller depth grants
you the fullest and deepest massage possible with modern technology

Shoulder Wrap Pressure Massage: Rollers actually move up and over
your shoulder, at the base of your neck, and will knead the muscles and
tendons that exist between your trapezoidal muscles and your lower
neck (an area overlooked by other massage chairs, but an area that
endures lots of stress daily!). The rollers feel like palms applying strong
pressure on your shoulders and neck to really stretch out your muscles

Heated Massage Pads: Heated pads in the backrest will warm and
loosen your muscles for luxurious comfort. Loose muscles also allow for
a deeper, more robust massage - get more out of your rollers and relax
all at the same time!

3D Air Massage: : Unlike other massage chairs, which feature airbags
that compress and decompress in a uniform way, the SMC-6850
features sophisticated airbag cartridges aligned throughout the chair
that act independently of one another, allowing for 'wave-like' air
massage motions that stimulate individual muscles
Ankle and Calf Stretching Massage: : The leg rests move independently
of one another and will stretch, contract, and expand your ankles and
calves for maximum flexibility, circulation control, and comfort. Unique
torsion effect will rotate your ankle in multiple directions, improving
your flexibility and give you relief after a day of standing on your feet

9 distinct 3D Massage styles: 3D massage roller technology delivers
many different types of massage: kneading, knocking, finger pressing
(Acupressure), tapping, rolling, pushing, compression, tracking, and
Thai stretching. These roller massages target your neck, shoulders,
back, hips, and waist.

Zero Gravity Reclining: Levitate and elevate your body and feel
weightless with One-Touch automated Zero Gravity reclining
technology, designed to take strain, pressure, and weight off your
sensitive joints and muscles. This increases comfort, and allows for a
deeper massage. Feel like you are floating on a cloud while the rollers
work their magic.

3D Body Scan System: Intelligent microprocessors and advanced optic
sensors assess and map your body's shape, especially on your back, and
then adjusts the massage rollers accordingly. It starts with scanning the
length of your spine and the length of your legs. This delivers an
unprecedented personal massage that is unique to you and your body's

Massive total target area: The flexible 3D massage roller has an area of
travel that is unmatched in the industry; moving up to 31" up and down
your back, and with a fully-extended wingspan of 7.5", this roller unit

Covers more hard-to-reach areas on your back than any other massage
chair for the most complete therapeutic experience imaginable

Thai Stretching Massage: Fully covers your ENTIRE back, including
hardtop-reach places, and delivers a complete Thai massage that
stretches your back and muscles for intense flexibility and muscle relief
caused by common back pain

Ankle and Foot Compression Massage: Utilizes a series of individual
accuracies airbags to target specific acupressure points on the soles of
your feet and around your ankle, providing an exemplary reflexology
massage. This kneads and presses your feet for fast relief from a long
day of standing and walking. It can relieve foot swelling and relax your
leg muscles, and reflexology has been shown to improve an overall
sense of well-being

Full-Function Arm Massage: Independent armrest unit allows for the
armrest to move in conjunction with the chair while continuously
delivering a circulation-improving massage; the arm massage features
independent airbag technology for an invigorating wave compression
massage that will improve circulation in your arms and can provide
relief from ailments like carpal tunnel

Full Stereo Entertainment System: With built-in stereo speakers and
Mp3 decoder, all you have to do is jack in your headphones and upload
your favorite songs on a thumb drive and the SMC-6850 will customize
your massage in sync with your best tunes. It's the world's finest
example of therapeutic entertainment, stimulating your muscles with a
comforting and relaxing massage while stimulating your senses with the
sound of music

Built for Comfort and Quality: Beautiful stitched synthetic leather is
very pliable and resilient, but also very comfortable and aesthetically
appealing. Back pads are designed with you in mind, and your comfort
is the primary priority.


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