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forums was held in Spanish to ensure that the area’s large Latino population was encouraged to
participate in the planning process.

An electronic survey was also developed to provide the public another alternative for providing
input into the planning process. Between the public forums and the online survey, the CEDS
committee was able to generate significant public participation in the planning process. Public
and CEDS committee input helped shape the key goals and objectives outlined in this plan.
Each year the Counties plan to In March 2013 the CEDS committee evaluated economic
development projects submitted by local governments and non-profit organizations. The group
has also been extremely helpful as reviewers and editors of the final plan.
In April 2013 the draft plan was presented to both County Commissions and posted on each
County’s website (in addition to economic development websites within the region). The public
was again invited to review and comment on the draft plan.
In May 2013 each County Commission held public hearings on the plan before adopting it via
joint resolutions.
refresh their CEDS plan incorporating new goals and projects consistent with the region’s
aspirations for economic vitality.
As we finish the initial 12-month planning period a debt of gratitude goes
to the members of the CEDS steering committee. They spent countless
hours driving the planning process and making it work. Thanks also go to
each County Commission for supporting the CEDS. Each Commission saw
the benefits of regional collaboration and is to be commended for supporting the process. We
also appreciate all the people who participated in public forums during the planning process, or
touched our CEDS development at some point over the last year.