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It’s hard to talk to anyone about what’s going on in the world today. It seems everyone believes
one extreme or another. It’s become a daunting task to have a civil conversation with another
human being and exchange ideas, even opposing ideas, and not have it turn into some kind of
battle royal that only results in disrespect, insults, and a gap further widened by what it means to
be fellow countrymen.
There’s certainly so much going on in the world, so much to understand, and so much to put into
perspective. Every other day in just about all of the media outlets available to us we find disaster,
conflict, and well chaos. Many might think that’s just how the world is, and we have to get used
to it. Others think something needs to be done about it, but which move is the right move to
make? There’s this weight of economic debt, and our economy is in trouble. Corporate bonds are
on the verge of collapse. There’s not enough GDP to support the economic growth we need, and
people are struggling. There exists a population of people in the world that are raging war on
everyone that doesn’t believe what they do. Our country is facing social issues regarding race,
religion, gender, and marriage that are storming the nation- the list goes on. But what do we do
about it? The most common response is an extreme answer coming from multiple places. Maybe
we need extreme to fit in somewhere? But so far, all extreme seems to be doing is tearing us
apart. Quite frankly, it’s heart breaking. It hurts to watch Americans fight each other so much. It
hurts to watch people who have such potential to accomplish greatness together, push each other
away in disgust due to an inability to respectfully come to a middle ground. Maybe that’s a naïve
way to think, but right now, that kind of hope feels so much better than the extremities we’re
faced with every single day, doesn’t it? There’s this sense of disloyalty growing between us. We
all seem so quick to stir up conflict as if it were second nature, and it’s understandable to a pointpeople are just fed up. However, from the outside looking in, the United States doesn’t feel so
united anymore, and that stirs up a special kind of pain inside each and every one of us. It stirs up
this pain because deep down we all know that we are better than that. It doesn’t matter what you
look like, where you come from, or what you believe in- wouldn’t it just be better if instead of
fighting each other, we outdid ourselves in honoring one another? There’s so much to honor
another person for, even when they don’t share the same beliefs and ideology. That’s the thing
about differences, they can create conflict, and divide us. But differences also have the power to
help us see another perspective, and they have the power to unite us.
Going back to one of the issues we’re facing today regarding the population of people known to
most of us as ISIS, there are certainly mixed opinions on how to handle the threat. Who has all of
the answers? Well, no one does. No one is meant to have all of the answers. So in a way, the
nature of mankind is almost forcing us to work together to come to a solution. There are certainly
many paths and choices we can take in regards to what we should to do with our enemy. Maybe
there has to be a starting point though. Our enemy is more than aware of the unity line that is
blurring between Americans. Make no mistake, they will do their best to exploit this advantage.
Why though? Asking why to that statement is a very important question to ask. We’re at war,
there’s certainly no doubt about it. War is a horrible, scary, wretched experience for all involved.
Nevertheless, it’s very real, and we’re in it. The scary thing about this war, is that this time it’s
not just being fought on some far away distant land. The war is here in our home, and our enemy
isn’t here to take resources, or land- they’re here to take our lives.

So, why does our enemy want to exploit the blurred line of unity in our home? Well, how could
they possibly succeed if we were all united? Our enemy isn’t without strategy, they know how to
hit us, and they know where to hit us- and it is working. They just hit us in California, and all of
our love, thoughts, and prayers are with those who suffered and are suffering. But look what
happened after they hit us? The response was nothing short of further disunity and rivalry among
us. They attacked us and succeeded in more ways than one. Everything about that attack was
truly heartbreaking. So about that starting point, maybe that’s where it needs to be. Maybe it’s
time we just come together as brothers and sisters who share a home together, and start
defending it from those who want to destroy it, and defend it together, defend it united. The best
way we can start fighting back is to stop fighting each other, stop blaming each other, and unite
under a common cause that blames the source responsible for hurting our family.
Many would read these words and dismiss them as childish, misinformed, naïve, or maybe even
pick these words apart and decide if they are coming from someone with opposing views or
similar views, so they can decide if they should agree or disagree. If you find yourself reacting
that way, please recognize that pattern in your thought process and do your best to refrain from
the judgement. These words aren’t meant to force beliefs, sway beliefs, challenge anyone, or say
someone is wrong. These words are simply coming from someone who loves America, someone
who loves each and every one of you for you for all that you are, and all that you are not.
Someone that wishes to walk with you through your hardships despite how you look, what you
believe, or where you come from. All these words aim to do is inspire a spark of hope, and the
faith that these words will touch your heart and ignite that hope under the common principle of
unity. However, that hope has to be ignited with a choice. The choice is let’s stop judging each
other, and instead judge ourselves and find ways to improve on who we are individually. Let’s
stop disrespecting each other, and instead honor our differences because there’s knowledge to be
discovered in them. Let’s choose to unite. Of course simply uniting won’t magically solve all of
our problems, but it certainly sounds like a promising start, doesn’t it?
Things seem dark right now. So let’s light that little spark of hope together, and ignite the flames
of unity, strength, and honor in our home of the brave. Because once we do, we’ll change the

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