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Pencil drawing, vector illustration, concept art, animation assets, Prisma-colored pencils, Copic marker,
gray-scale sketches, character design, storyboarding, typography, children’s book illustrations. Cartoon,
comic strip, product prototype sketches, vector environment scene, Watercolor painting,

Traditional 2D classical animation, stop-motion, storyboarding, character design and
development, digital 2D animation, 3D digital animation - strictly asset creations, 3D
modeling, rigging, short-film animations, cut-out animation, typography animation.

Custom web design, CMS backend up support and structuring, SEO, online stores ecommerce site and support, website redesign, custom front-end design, PPC campaigns,
blog support and custom design, landing page construction, long-term support.

Social media marketing, marketing campaigns, website
assets creation, social media branded content, email
design | drip campaigns, customized digital asset creation.

Logo, brochure, identity branding, folder, flyer, trade show assests, direct mail, media kits,
newsletters | press release, annual reports, signage, labels, custom design, packaging, ads(magazine
& other), banner, books | book cover, apparel, misc.