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Packaging Overview


ackaging is one of the cornerstones to the success of any product, especially in the beauty industry. However,
having creative packaging for a private label program can be limiting due to the smaller quantities required by
most of our clients. This is why we scour the market to find suppliers with innovative packaging solutions that will set
your products apart. We have access to a large variety of containers from high quality PET-Plastic to beautiful glass all
available in a variety of sizes and colours – and all available in low minimums.
Looking to keep your costs down? We offer a unique selection of recyclable plastic containers suitable for a variety of
bath and body care products that are both cost effective and high quality in appearance and performance.
Looking to develop a high end skin care line? We have access to elegant glass and plastic jars, serum dropper bottles
and airless containers – perfect solutions for conveying a high end look to match your brand image.
If you don’t find what you are looking for in our selection, just let us know - we can source other styles for you!

Important Considerations in Packaging Choice
The following provides just a brief summary of what we feel are the 5 most important considerations when choosing the
packaging for your products.
Commercial Appeal & Brand

Product Stability:

Shipping Convenience:
Government Regulations:

Packaging Availability &

There is no industry that spends more on packaging design than the beauty industry, as “they” say - “the first
time they buy your package, the second time they buy your product”. Make sure you don’t skimp on packaging
and label design - as attracting your customers and supporting your brand image is key to success
Quality containers are important to making sure your products stay as fresh as possible. While it is never
advisable to display your products in direct sunlight, if you do have bright light it is recommended to use
acrylic, colored glass or colored plastic containers. To keep products as fresh as possible, airless containers are
recommended over jars.
Effective and convenient packaging also helps in reducing shipping costs, more so when the packaging design
is light. This also becomes very handy in mail order purchases.
There are a great deal of regulations that have to be adhered to by companies, from agencies like the FDA,
the FTC and Health Canada. Through the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act and Health Canada there are strict
safety and standards that must be followed in terms of information required on cosmetic labels. It is important
that the owner of any cosmetic line is aware of and adheres to these standards. As such, consideration must be
given to the size of the container and how it will be decorated or labelled to ensure all the required information
can be accommodated.
While we try to offer as many options as possible with low minimums, some containers are only available in case
sizes. If you choose packaging that only comes in case sizes, you do have the option to purchase a case of
containers, but have us fill only what you require for your orders. Arrangements can then be made to send the
excess packaging to you or to store in our facilities for nominal fee.

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