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The AQS Beat


Nov/Dec 2015 - 28th Edition

Nov/Dec 2015 - 28th Edition

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lease excuse any smudges
you find in this edition - we
have been dancing in the rain!
Speak to any South African
and they will tell you that the heat
is unbearable this season. After
historically low rainfalls and a
record strong El Nino event (the
increase in surface temperature
of the Pacific Ocean), the country
is in the grips of a drought. The
reality of this is scary; read more
on pg 4, 9 and 11, and get tips on
responsible water usage on pg 13.
On a lighter note, this
festive edition of the Beat is packed

full of gifts for you; celebrate our
champions with us (pg 7), salute
the Mo Bro’s and Sista’s (pg17),
unwrap some Christmas functions
(pg 21) and tick off your naughty
list with our New Year’s resolutions
on pg 25.
We have a few Christmas
wishes we would like to bestow:
Gerhard, may you have a
memorable Christmas while the
grass grows greener.
Diana, we have sent our request to
Santa that you find your voice in
your Christmas stocking.
André, may you find a way to get



t’s official; five of South
Africa’s nine provinces
have been declared drought
disaster areas for agriculture
and 2.7 million households are
being affected by the strain on
water supplies. If that is not
reason enough to take notice,
our Minister of Water Affairs
and Sanitation feels that R670
billion is urgently needed to
modernize the country’s water
and waste-water infrastructure
in order to cope with the crisis.
The impact of this
drought on the country, AQS
and our clients is undeniable.
“I’ve never seen the quantities
of pumps we are selling now,
as a result of the drought.”,
says André Nagel, an AQS
director who has been in the
pump industry for 25 years.
The Hazelmere dam
which supplies areas of
KwaZulu-Natal with water is
at a critical 26% (you have
to see it to believe it – watch
the video alongside). Due to
the subsequent severe water
restrictions (some regions
only getting two hours per
day), clients are desperate
to become self-sufficient as
soon as possible. Pumps are
purchased to boost water from
tanks into homes and some are
even using their pools in an
attempt to treat and store water
– “these guys are becoming

rid of those heavy metals and keep
your mother happy in the process
(see page 9 for tips).
Peet, we hope all the labels on
your gifts will be in LARGE FONT
this Christmas.
Leon, may the Master of Relaxation
teach you his wise ways amidst
the chaos of the holidays.
And to you, our dear reader, we
wish you safe travels and happy
memories (and loads of gifts!)
over this festive season.

See you again
next year.

Mercifully, KwaDukuza
Municipality is aiding the
community by providing water
for collection (alongside). But
as the public facilities become
unusable and people wait in
endless queues for a day’s
supply of water, one cannot help
but wonder about the impact of
this crisis on local tourism as
thousands of holiday makers
are flooding to the coast.
And the drastic effects
are not exclusive to KwaZuluNatal. AQS Liquid Solutions’
clients in Phalaborwa are
having to drop their boreholes
as underground water levels
take strain too, some boreholes
collapsing completely from the
dry conditions. This dealer also
supplied 18 borehole sets in
one month to the Kruger Park
as they attempt to get water to
their camps, water holes and
other facilities.
As good as it is for
business, let us do what we
can to mitigate the devastating
effects of this drought.

a national crisis

creative team



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seriously enough



The AQS Beat


Hazelmere dam:
Blue = ideal level
Photograph underneath = current level