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platform to try everything possible to get girls b.

I followed these goat 3 steps on

how to get a girl an O.G told me when i first signed up. 1. If a girl pokes you first on facebook
she's interested. 2. If the Poke war goes past 10, make sure to dive in her messages and proceed
to make the move and 3. If she likes more than 6 of your pics, your dating. (Note: These rules
only apply if she looks good.) I was a lowkey thirst bucket accepting every friend request possible
getting my friends numbers up. I received multiple pokes & likes through out this process but 1
girl stood out, we we're having a poke war that she started and she liked more than 6 pics of
mine. That's all 3 steps b, we were in a relationship without me knowing fam. I only had 1 issue
with this chick and it was because she only had 1 picture, it was mad small and blurry so i asked
her to put up more pictures. (Do realize this is before the term 'Catfish' was popular so that
wasn't in my mind b.) She said let's talk on Aim aka Aol Instant Messanger so i gave her my
screen name, she sent me a message on AIM and once i added her to my friend list her buddy
icon immediately popped up next to her name. It was a new picture of her but it was her whole
body in the picture, head to toe with concrete showing beneath her sneakers inside a buddy icon
b. Think about it for a second bruh the dimensions of a Aim Icon is 48x48 pixels

my hand

could barely fit into a icon but meanwhile she's full out comfortably chilling in the middle of a
small ass square on my aol screen throwing up the peace sign. I was lost for words b, this whole
time i was poking and messaging a fucking midget, i failed the OG who taught me the ways of
Facebook. I never blocked a bitch so quick in my life.
2 years later i was more aware of everything and a veteran to Facebook but was still out there
being thirsty posting pics just to build up my likes. I would take the dopest mirror pics ever b,
they were always angled less than 90 degrees like an acute angle. These mirror pics were
averaging 40+ likes and growing with each pic i post until one day I decided to rush and upload
a picture from Facebook Mobile, the app was so bad and confusing back in the day when the first
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