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natural fitness studio.



“The Natural Alternative To
Fitness & Health


The Natural LBody Diet




'the natural body diet

The following information was not written by a doctor,
professionally trained nutritionist, naturopath or dietician. The
information contained in this program is for recommendations and
guidelines only. No claim or opinion in this guide is intended to be,
nor should be construed to be, medical advice. You should not rely
on the information or products mentioned as a substitute for
professional medical advice, diagnosis, cure or treatment of any
disease. You should consult with a physician or other healthcare
professional before beginning any diet and exercise program. The
respective authors of this document make no representations
about the suitability of the information contained in this program
for any purpose. The entire risk arising out of the use of this
document's content remains with the recipient. In no event shall
the respective authors of this document be liable for any direct,
consequential, incidental, special, punitive or other damages
whatsoever. By reading and following the principles in this guide,
you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to be
bound by these terms and conditions.


The Natural Body Diet: Introduction

the natural body diet

Welcome to the Natural Body Diet. We are about to go on a
journey that will involve the science of releasing excess body fat
to create an atmosphere in which a lean physique, peak
performance and optimum mental health work in unison to
deliver overall quality of life.
To begin this program you must have completed our Natural
Detox Program which sets the foundations for the nutritional
journey you are about to embark. All content within this program
is backed by science and has been tested on all shapes, sizes and
fitness types, to which we have obtained effective results every
time. We can attest that if you follow the steps laid out within this
program you too will obtain your optimum physique and peak
health levels. We recommend you run this diet in conjunction with
the Natural Body Program with either private training or small
group classes. This program is designed to trigger and elevate
natural hormones via functional training which will build lean
healthy physique as well as trigger and increase your metabolism,
via metabolic conditioning (explained later) which will contribute
to intense lowering body fat levels. All training programs can only
work to a certain level without the correct nutrition formula.
Therefore this program will provide the foundation for you to be
able to make advances in your physique, overall performance and
mental health.
The Natural Body Diet works because it is designed for our DNA
(biological information storage centre) that has only changed a
small percentage (around 0.02%) in 2.5 million years. Our
surroundings may have changed, however our bodies are still
designed to receive natural sources of food, sunlight, air and
water the way it was millions of years ago. Today, with more than
90,000 chemicals in our diet alone, you can understand why so
many find it hard to positively change/develop their physique and
why so many people are unhealthy. At the core of this program
you will be eliminating toxic materials such as chemicals added to
food and liquids, which will enable your body to thrive and
The intention of this program is to learn how to implement this
nutrition formula as a lifestyle, further past the 10 weeks of focus
(explained later).


'the natural body diet

Once you have completed a full revolution (10 weeks) you will
have the complete mental and physical understanding of how
your body reacts to certain foods/macronutrients and how to
positively manipulate your body composition and peak
So let’s begin...


Creating the Foundation: Sugar vs Fats

the natural body diet

Your body is so smart it can choose what fuel it will use to power
your active lifestyle. The choices are sugar (carbohydrates) or
healthy fats . There was a time only a few hundred years back
when we did not have processed carbohydrates in our diets such
as processed sugar, bread, cereal and pasta. This is important to
understand in order to realise that you do need these highly
processed and harmful carbohydrates to thrive.
Grain and processed sugar based foods contain an harmful
amount of sugar in them, in comparison to natural carbohydrates
such as fruits and vegetables. We have a hormone operating
inside our bodies called insulin (we explored this in the Natural
Detox). Insulin's two main roles are to transport nutrients around
the body, delivering them where necessary and the regulation
(washing away) of sugar from the blood so that we maintain
normal and safe sugar levels inside our body. We are most
interested in the latter as it plays a crucial role in how your body
uses certain macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates etc).
When we have an abnormally high amounts of sugar in the body,
such as when we consume processed/artificial sugar as well as
grain based foods we get what is called a sugar ‘spike’. With this
sugar spike comes a spike in insulin to regulate the sugar that has
been released in the blood. When insulin is spiked (high) it signals
your body to use sugar for fuel. This is not an optimum position
for your body to be in as the energy output that you get from
sugar is a quick burst and then you are left on a low and craving
more sugar.
Our muscles contain a high amount of naturally occurring body
sugar known as glycogen. Glycogen makes up around 60% of
your muscle mass. When you create this insulin spike from eating
processed sugars (grains, cereals, sugar) your body will use sugar
to fuel your training and daily activity. Once the food you
consumed has been burnt your body will look for more fuel in the
form of sugar. Your body will grab this sugar from your muscles.
This means you are essentially burning muscle for a period of
time after consuming processed sugar.


the natural body diet

On the flip side when you consume animal meat, seafood, nuts &
seeds, vegetables and small amounts of fruit your body will be
releasing only a natural amount of sugar into your blood and
therefore your insulin will be kept at normally low levels. When
your insulin is low your body is signalled to burn body fat. This fat
burning state is the optimum state to be in as it allows your body
to shed fat revealing a lean physique. This is because your body is
not grabbing stored sugar from within your muscles to fuel your
training or daily activities. By consuming foods we ate thousands
of years ago you are creating the foundation for a positive
physique change and peak performance.


Unlocking the Power of Macronutrients

the natural
natural body

The 3 macronutrients that we will examine closely are proteins,
carbohydrates and fats. This is completed in order to understand
how they can be utilised in our diet to effectively create lean
physique and also release excess amounts of body fat. We will also
take a look at the consumption of certain macronutrients in order to
enhance our training to gain greater physical output.

The first macronutrient we will look at is protein. Proteins are
organic compounds that contain amino acids and are essential to all
living organisms. Proteins are essential for the components of the
body such as muscle, hair and skin. Without adequate intake of
protein muscle, hair and skin cannot be at their optimum. Therefore
as one of the main components of program is to build lean
physique, it could be stated that protein is one of if not the most
important macronutrient to ensure we consume adequate levels of.
However, there has been a lot of misinformation out there as to just
how much protein we should consume to build muscle. In our
findings, the correct amount is going to completely differ from
person to person and also in accordance with your fitness goals.
With this said a healthy consumption of protein at breakfast, lunch
and dinner will be suffice and allow for muscle growth and
development. Protein supplementation in the form of whey protein
isolate powder (heal protein) or plant based protein powders (earth
protein) can also be consumed to ensure we have essential protein
intake. As previously stated the consumption of protein in every
meal is anabolic and fat burning by nature as it signals the body to
burn fat instead of muscle. This will allow muscle to be built and
kept and excess body fat to be burned for fuel.

All carbohydrates are sugars. However there are natural sugars and
artificial/processed sugars. An easy way to tell if a carbohydrate is
natural or not is does is come straight from the ground or not?
Natural sugars are also anabolic by nature as previously mentioned
your muscle store up to 40% sugar in them. When a natural sugar in
the form of fruit and vegetables is consumed there is a natural
sugar release in the blood and therefore a low insulin release. When
insulin is kept low it will distribute the sugar into muscles where it
will be stored for use during intense physical exercise.


Fats (Essential Fatty Acids)

the natural
natural body

Fats are grossly misunderstood by the general public. We have been
lead to believe that a high consumption of fat is what leads to being
overweight as well as health problems such as heart disease high
cholesterol etc. This is not the case however, your organs are made
of up around 70% fat, and if you control your fat intake and
significantly lower the amount of fat in your diet you will first notice
your skin and eyes become excessively dry. Fats are essential for us
to survive and thrive hence the name; essential fatty acids.
When it comes to performance fats are an exceptional fuel source.
Here is the breakdown of energy that you will get from eating 1 gram
of the following macronutrients:

Protein = 4 calories of energy
Carbohydrate = 4 calories of energy
Fat = 9 calories of energy
Therefore for every 1 gram of fat your consume you are getting 2
and 1⁄4 times the amount of energy output than you would get from
protein and sugar.
By increasing your intake of natural, healthy fats you will
automatically lower your insulin levels as fat blunts insulin. This will
result in three positive outcomes:

Your body will be signalled to burn fat for fuel instead of
muscle. This increase of natural fats in your diet will allow for
even greater amounts of body fat to be released revealing
your optimum physique.


Your athletic performance will be greatly increased as you
will not have an energy low as we all have more than enough
body fat stored to fuel our athletic activities. Even a male
athlete that has 4% body fat has more than enough fat to
fuel a whole ironman event


Your body will geared to build lean muscle as you are not
continuously ripping glycogen from the muscles to fuel your
training. Your body will also preserve this hard earned muscle
when it is being fuelled by body fat.


Overview of Effective and Ineffective

the natural
natural body

The following is a general overview of each macronutrient and
the most commonly consumed foods for each. The list will
preview effective macronutrient food types and its ineffective
counterpart. The foods listed as ineffective are proven to become
road blocks in reaching our goals of building lean muscle and
body fat loss. Therefore their removal from your shopping list will
ensure we reach our goals.




Grass-fed Animal Meat

Corn and grain fed meat

Free Range Chicken

Caged & grain fed poultry

Free Range Eggs

Caged eggs

Wild Caught Fish

Farmed fish

Shell Fish (oysters etc)

Protein with added carbs

Prawns, Squid, Octopus

Yoghurt with added sugar

Animal Organs

Soy products

Fibirous Vegetables

Processed chesses

Raw Chesses

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