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‫بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم‬
‫السلم عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته‬
This (letter) is for all those who are currently residing amongst the kuffar in the land of war, war
against us, the Muslims and The Islamic State (Khilafah).
As you will be aware: This war against The Islamic State is a war waged by all the enemies of
Islaam, together in one camp. Previously hidden enemies who have now come in the open. This
war has divided and segregated states, nations, tribes, communities, friends and families. To
choose a side, a side that prefers authority and subjugation to the kuffar, and their agents who
fight on their behalf for thier personal gains, Or: the side of the Muslims, who have after 100s of
years of humiliation and suffering, revived the shield of the Muslims, the Khilafah. They have
imposed the jizya, re-established the forgotten ruling of slavery, establislihed the zakat and salat.
Opened up the souks of jihad and conquest. And have rallied around one man, one Imaam who
is tough against the enemies of Islaam and soft on the believers.
A Khilafah for the Muslims that we once dreamed of. But now that it has been established,
planted and by the decree of Allah(swt) to remain, will we be the ones to deny it or disregard it?
Just like the Jews when Allah(swt) said to them in the Qur'an:

‫م ون ن‬
‫من قنب ف ح‬
‫ست ن ف‬
‫ن ذ‬
‫ن ع ننلى ال ل ذ‬
‫كاحنوا ذ‬
‫حو ن‬
‫فت ذ ح‬
‫م ك ذنتا ق‬
‫ما ن‬
‫ل ين ف‬
‫معنهح ف‬
‫ما ن‬
‫صد لقق ل ل ن‬
‫عند ذ الل لهذ ح‬
‫ب ل‬
‫جانءهح ف‬
‫ونل ن ل‬
‫م ن‬
‫ذي ن‬
‫م ف‬
‫ة الل لهذ ع ننلى ال ف ن‬
‫ما ع ننرحفوا ك ن ن‬
‫كن ن‬
‫فحروا ب ذهذ فنل نعفن ن ح‬
‫جانء ح‬
‫ما ن‬
‫هم ل‬
‫فحروا فنل ن ل‬
‫ري ن‬
‫كافذ ذ‬

And when there came to them a Book (this Quran) from Allah confirming that in their
possession- though before that they had invoked Allah in order to gain victory over those who
disbelieved, then when there came to them that which they had recognised, they disbelieved
in it. So let the Curse of Allah be on the disbelievers.
[Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 89]
And yes, there is no grey zone now, or a third camp. We have seen the falsehood of those people
who claim to be fighting for the Muslims, waging there Jihad under the watchful and helpful eye
of the kuffar, even sitting and negotiating with them in their counsels, bending over backwards
to please them and offer them soft words to buy themselves time and protection for a while.
They have accepted the ideas of democracy and nation states that respect the taghoot already in
power and have no intention to replace them, fearing they will cut of their supply lines and face
their bombs. They have coerced the Muslims to accept humiliation and compromise. May
Allah(swt) protect us from the Munafiqeen.
As you may already be aware, hijrah becomes wajib(obligatory) in Islam for many reasons such
as: To get away from major sins; to fight in Jihad; to save yourself and your family from living
under the authority of the kuffar who will make it hard or impossible to practise your deen
sufficiently with all its major commands.
Hijrah is never meant to be an easy transition with the same degree of expectations and lifestyle

that we enjoy(ed) in the west. Like the time of the Prophet, it was a precarious journey filled
with danger and risks. Many of the sahabah sacrificed their homes, businesses, wealth and even
their families for the sake of Allah(swt), to help His deen thus in return helping themselves and
freeing their necks on the great day of judgement that awaits us all. That is why the reward of
such a journey is; Forgiveness of all sins, like a new born baby or an accepted hajj.
Hijrah was also done by many prophets like Musa , Ibrahim and Nuh to name a few.expand?
Stories of hijrah:
I used to be of the opinion that hijrah needs great time, money and preparation. But after
hearing, seeing and living first hand the experiences and stories of brothers and their families,
their sacrifices and efforts. I am no longer of this opinion. I will relate to you just a handful of
accounts as there are far too many to recall here...
Abu Usamah Khorassani from Denmark. Aged just 20.
He left with a friend for hijrah, leaving behind a nice comfortable lifestyle with potentially a good
western future ahead of him. He first attemptted hijrah in 2014, but was caught in Turkey, after
his friends family quickly reported them missing to the authorities. Subsequently, with the help
of the Turkish taghout, they were both deported back to Denmark, placed on a watchlist and
also banned from travelling to Turkey for 6 months. Dejected and frustrated, but not losing hope
in Allah(swt) and His promise, Usamah patiently waited and tried again the year after. He saved
around €1000 to fund his second journey. So he took another plunge, seeking Allahs(swt)
pleasure and His land of shari'a. After a long precarious journey, he finally made it and was the
most happiest of men alive at that moment in time despite having only €200 left, and he kept
praising Allah(swt) for allowing him to succeed in this hijrah that he long desired.
He was a young man that would always ask before using or taking anything, even the smallest of
seemingly unimportant things, never assuming like most of us that its ok, because he feared
being accounted infront of Allah(swt) for any misdeed. Its as if he wanted to meet Allah(swt) like
a sinless Angel. And so we shall see, maybe, this came true... Usamah was liberated from this
dunya on the last day of his training in an American-led airstrike.
Abu Abdullah Uzbeki. Age: early 20s.
Lived in various western countries. Like Usamah, was also caught in Turkey and deported. Then
was detained in Ukraine and banned from travelling. This didn't stop his will to come. He tried
yet again, this time smuggling himself across various borders and finally made it despite being on
various government watchlists.
He was a brother constantly helping others, always at their service whether through the kitchen
or translating to different languages. He always offered his nasee-ha (advice) when needed on a
one to one basis and never stopped smiling which always encouraged you. What I remember
and love most was his adhan. In a melodious beautiful tone that was mesmerising. He was our
Bilal. He was taken on the same day as Usamah.
Abu Musab Indonesi. Aged 30.
He came alone and left his wife and child, to answer the call of Allah(swt) first. Like Abu Abdullah

Uzbeki, he was always at the service of brothers. He was fluent in arabic and used to translate
and help others in all possible manners. I remember he used to do extra shifts on ribaat(night
duty) when he saw others reluctant or tired, even though he himself was probably the most tired
because of all his other duties. One brother described him as the best person he has ever met,
Abu Musab didn't stop smiling and taking part in the small talk with the brothers. In the last
days, he heard the news that his wife had successfully made hijrah and was awaiting him to
finish his training. Abu Musab was also shaheed insha'Allaah along with the other two
mentioned above. On that day, he was extremely happy and joking alot which stood out along
with quite a few other brothers. Its as if they were sent sakeenah from above on that blessed
day for them.
Another brother from Indonesia, i do not recall his name. Over 50 years old. He had one leg and
travelled with his family. He waited for months, travelling from place to place patiently and with
a constant content smile that followed his facial expressions. On the big day of the final crossing
into Shaam, he hopped on one leg over the rough terrain border under darkness away from the
watchful eyes of the taghoot that patrol it. With great zeal and determination he made it. He
recently appeared in an official video may Allah(swt) preserve him.
Lastly, the group of Sudanese/British student doctors that made a mass hijrah altogether. Putting
their trust in Allah(swt) and with around £500 each, made the sacrifice. Sacrificing a potentially
comfortable well respected life and profession in order to help the Muslims and relieve them of
some of their sufferings, leaving behind their families for the sake of Allah(swt). Not fearing the
taghoot nor the kuffar.
There are far too many stories, more amazing and fascinating however this is not the place to
retell them otherwise we would be flicking through volumes rather than pages. So in shaa
Allaah, the above suffices in getting across whats intended here.
Some of the points and hopefully lessons we should learn are that we put first and foremost,
firm trust in Allah(swt). We depend only on Him for sustenance and well being. In return, He
looks over our affairs, guides us and is pleased with our trade. We should also take many lessons
from the sahabah of rasoolallah. What was their condition before Islam and hijrah, and what was
it like after this significant event?
Likewise, we see similarities today, to those (brothers/sahabah) that went forth, how Allah(swt)
honoured them with jihad and shahadah, and gave them authority in the land. As for those that
stay behind: they have to severely compromise their Islam, hide it and even lie about it. And if
your open about it, you fear arrest, persecution and are disowned by your friends and family. If
you accept that it is worth doing nothing or little for the sake of some worldly benefits that you
enjoy in the west, then your truly misguided and dishonourable in character. May Allah(swt)
forgive us and guide us.
Points to ponder, everyone should question themselves deeply about these alone:

What benefits are you truly getting living amongst the kuffar?
What is your purpose in life? to serve your desires or to serve Allah(swt)(deen/Islam)
and the Muslims.
Have you seen how the kuffar, the taghoot and the shittes are slowly, systematically and
constantly expanding their war against us to include more and more of us in this ever
expanding net?
Do you not see their war against Ahlus Sunnah all around the world?
Are you confident of your Islam and yourself so much that the hands of the kuffar won't
reach you or that you will be free from the great tests the Ummah is facing? Hiding away
cowardly from your duties.

At first they used to kill and imprison the real scholars and mujahideen, then the activists. And
now being a Sunni is enough to get you killed or imprisoned. Or at the very least, you will be
under extreme suspicion that you are with the Muslims. It has and will reach a stage that you
will be forced to denounce your beliefs and fundamentals of Islam, thus apostatizing from the
fold of Islam.
What we have seen is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, what is coming is far more
Didn't we learn our lessons from Bosnia, or maybe Kosovo, or perhaps Algeria in the 90s? Or
after September 11, 2001 when their hatred became more apparent and widespread? Didn't our
black hearts feel any remorse when the nuclear tipped depleted uranium bombs and
ammunition that rained down on Fallujah? And the daisy cutters on the farmlands of
Then we saw the unprecedented atrocities of Bashar, Maliki, the Americans and the Arab
regimes against the Sunni people of Iraq and Syria. Where the shittes from all over the world
(Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi, Afghanistan, Pakistan) have answered the calls of Sistani
and Khomeni, have gathered to feast on the blood and flesh of the Muslims. According to
western silence on this, their hijrah for this "Jihad" is halal.
And when we played by their democratic rules, like the ignorant donkeys in Egypt did, look how
Allah(swt) disgraced them. Being slaughtered like cattle and locked up in masses under brutal
The kuffar didn't "wake up" and do anything about these crimes, and why would they? They
were the ones what orchestrated and managed this savagery. BUT, when they saw the Muslims
united and starting to behead the filthy perpetrators of these crimes. And we started breaking
the walls of the prisons established by the filthy Rawafid and Americans that chained our
brothers and sisters. The camps of kuffar and taghoot united once again under their latest
crusade. Does this surprise you? Does this not wake you up? Do we not see this clear reality?
How about what we now see on our very doorsteps. In France. Where masses of Muslims are
being arrested(even as we speak) on an unprecedented scale. France having the largest Muslim
community in Europe. It wasn't enough to insult the Messenger, it wasn't enough to ban the
Muslimahs covering, and start new wars against us in Mali, Iraq and Syria. So now we see open
hatred, vicious nazi-esque propaganda and crimes being committed against the Muslims of

Most wouldn't have thought this would be happening in one of the most "democratic" and
"advanced civilisation" in the western world. Where having a beard, scarf, wrong skin colour or
even a Muslim name will get you into great trouble.
Shoudn't we now finally wake up? Or are we still safe, under the pervasive watchful eye of the
So, be prepared and make your moves now, line up the chess pieces before you are cornered,
help yourself by doing something for the deen of Allah(swt) now so he will help you when you
need Him and call upon Him.
Save yourselves and your families from ultimate humiliation and do not fear the kuffar by
remaining silent. Fear Allah(swt) - who has the greatest right to be feared.

‫ل ل نهم ك ح ف ن‬
‫صنلة ن نوآحتوا اللز ن‬
‫قنتا ح‬
‫م ال ف ذ‬
‫م ت ننر إ ذنلى ال ل ذ‬
‫ما ك حت ذ ن‬
‫ب ع نل ني فهذ ح‬
‫كاة ن فنل ن ل‬
‫م ونأذقي ح‬
‫فوا أي فد ذي نك ح ف‬
‫ن ذقي ن ح ف‬
‫أل ن ف‬
‫موا ال ل‬
‫ذي ن‬
‫قنتا ن‬
‫خ ف‬
‫شي نةذ الل لهذ أوف أ ن‬
‫خ ف‬
‫خ ن‬
‫إذ ن‬
‫شد ل ن‬
‫س كن ن‬
‫م ين ف‬
‫شي ن ة‬
‫ت ع نل ني فننا ال ف ذ‬
‫شو ف ن‬
‫م ك نت نب ف ن‬
‫ة وننقاحلوا نرب لننا ل ذ ن‬
‫من فهح ف‬
‫ريقق ل‬
‫ن اللنا ن‬
‫ذا فن ذ‬
‫ن فنذتيلة‬
‫منتاع ح الد فن فنيا قنذلي ق‬
‫ب قح ف‬
‫ن ات ل ن‬
‫خنرة ح ن‬
‫ل نوفل أ ل‬
‫ل نوال ذ‬
‫مو ن‬
‫ىأ ن‬
‫ى ونل ت حظل ح‬
‫خي فقر ل ن‬
‫ل ن‬
‫ري ب‬
‫ج ب‬
‫ل قن ذ‬
‫ق ى‬
‫م ذ‬
‫خفرت نننا إ ذل ى‬

Have you not seen those who were told to hold back their hands (from fighting) and perform
As-Salat, and give Zakat, but when the fighting was ordained for them, behold! a section of
them fear men as they fear Allah or even more. They say: "Our Lord! Why have you ordained
for us fighting? Would that you had granted us respite for a short period?" Say: "Short is the
enjoyment of this world. The Hereafter is (far) better for him who fears Allah, and you shall
not be dealt with unjustly even equal to the (hair of a date-stone).
[Surah An-Nisa, Verse 77]

You are aware that Jihad is fard upon every individual and has been for quite some time. Since
our lands were occupied centuries ago and our women imprisoned. And now more so, now that
the head of the Ummah has been reinstated and the Khilafah is harshly under attack by the
enemies of Allah(swt). How will you relieve this critical duty?
That you may have an answer infront of Allah(swt) on a day that is near... That you are able to
say to Allah(swt), i struggled with my health, my wealth and my tongue. So i urge you sincerely
to take action if not physical, then at the very least dedicate your lives for Allah(swt) and support
his deen and Muslims with the wealth you have been given by Allah(swt) and do your best with
your tongue(this could include online activities) to support the deen of Allah(swt) with
everything you can muster.

‫ل الل لهذ وننل ت حل ف ح‬
‫ف ح‬
‫ه يح ذ‬
‫ح ذ‬
‫ح ذ‬
‫قوا ب ذأي ف ذ‬
‫ونأن ذ‬
‫م ف‬
‫ح ف‬
‫سحنوا إ ذ ل‬
‫م إ ذنلى الت لهفل حك نةذ ونأ ف‬
‫قوا ذفي ن‬
‫ب ال ف ح‬
‫ن الل ل ن‬
‫ديك ح ف‬
‫سذني ن‬
‫سذبي ذ‬

And spend in the Cause of Allah (i.e. Jihad of all kinds, etc.) and do not throw yourselves into
destruction (by not spending your wealth in the Cause of Allah), and do good. Truly, Allah
loves Al-Muhsinun (the good-doers).

[Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 195]

‫ن ن‬
‫من ح‬
‫خ ح‬
‫خ ف‬
‫خ ح‬
‫ف ح‬
‫ل ن‬
‫ما ي نب ف ن‬
‫من ي نب ف ن‬
‫من ي نب ف ن‬
‫ل الل لهذ فن ذ‬
‫ن ل ذحتن ذ‬
‫م هىنؤ حنلذء ت حد فع نوف ن‬
‫قوا ذفي ن‬
‫ل فنإ ذن ل ن‬
‫ل ون ن‬
‫كم ل‬
‫ها أنت ح ف‬
‫سذبي ذ‬
‫منثال ن ح‬
‫م نل ي ن ح‬
‫ست نب فد ذ ف‬
‫ف ن‬
‫م ال ف ح‬
‫نل ف‬
‫ف ذ‬
‫وا ي ن ف‬
‫كوحنوا أ ف‬
‫م ثح ل‬
‫ما غ ني فنرك ح ف‬
‫ل قنوف ة‬
‫ي ونأنت ح ح‬
‫سهذ نوالل ل ح‬
‫قنراحء ونذإن ت نت نونل ل ف‬
‫ه ال فغنن ذ ف‬

Behold! You are those who are called to spend in the Cause of Allah, yet among you are some
who are niggardly{stingy}. And whoever is niggardly, it is only at the expense of his ownself.
But Allah is Rich (Free of all wants), and you (mankind) are poor. And if you turn away (from
Islam and the obedience of Allah), He will exchange you for some other people, and they will
not be your likes.
[Surah Muhammad, Verse 38]
By doing so, you will have a just portion of reward, as in everytime the state expands, educates
and relieves Muslims of their misery, you get the reward for your investment. The families that
make hijrah, then establish their lives and the lives of the next generation to come, you will get
your portion of reward also insha'Allaah. This is the REAL lasting investment that only grows. Not
the deceptive investment in bricks, mortar and speculation. Leave that way for the folks of old
(past generations) who had but a little vision for the future of Islam.

‫قو ن‬
‫ل ذفي ك ح ل‬
‫سنناب ذ ن‬
‫مث ن ح‬
‫مائ ن ح‬
‫ن حين ذ‬
‫ل ال ل ذ‬
‫ل ن‬
‫ف ح ن‬
‫ل ح‬
‫سب فعن ن‬
‫ت ن‬
‫م ذفي ن‬
‫سنب حل نةب ل‬
‫حب لةب أنب نت ن ف‬
‫ل الل لهذ ك ن ن‬
‫وال نهح ف‬
‫نأ ف‬
‫مث ن ذ‬
‫سذبي ذ‬
‫م ن‬
‫ذي ن‬
‫من ي ن ن‬
‫ع ح‬
‫ضا ذ‬
‫ه نوا ذ‬
‫ه يح ن‬
‫سعق ع نذلي ق‬
‫شاحء نوالل ح‬
‫ف لذ ن‬
‫حب لةب نوالل ح‬

The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah, is as the likeness of a grain
(of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives manifold
increase to whom He pleases. And Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower.
[Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 261]
Suffering for Allahs(swt) sake is a merit, an honour and guaranteed to happen for the chosen
slaves of Allah(swt). Even if we are imprisoned; our rank, status and reward is multiplied many
folds like Yusuf . If we are killed, we have achieved the ultimate reward, as a shaheed, residing
next to Allah(swt), with no accounting of our deeds. Don't we recall what Allah(swt) said:

‫فسك حم ول نتسمعن من ال لذي ح‬
‫ن ال ل ذ‬
‫م ون ذ‬
‫ب ذ‬
‫ن أوحتوا ال فك ذنتا ن‬
‫ل نت حب فل نوح ل‬
‫من قنب فل ذك ح ف‬
‫وال ذك ح ف‬
‫ن ذفي أ ف‬
‫ذي ن‬
‫م ن‬
‫م نونأن ح ذ ف ن ن ف ن ح ل ذ ن ذ ن‬
‫م ن‬
‫شنر ح‬
‫ن ذ ىنل ذ ن‬
‫كوا أ ة‬
‫أ ف‬
‫صب ذحروا ونت نت ل ح‬
‫ك ذ‬
‫قوا فنإ ذ ل‬
‫ن ع نفزم ذ افل ح‬
‫ذى ك نذثيةرا ونذإن ت ن ف‬
‫م ف‬

You shall certainly be tried and tested in your wealth and properties and in your personal
selves, and you shall certainly hear much that will grieve you from those who received the
Scripture before you (Jews and Christians) and from those who ascribe partners to Allah, but if
you persevere patiently, and guard against evil- then verily, that will be a determining factor
in all affairs.
[Surah Aal-e-Imran, Verse 186]
So let us rise up like lions, putting our trust in Allah(swt), fearing none but Him, and doing as
much as we can for this blessed cause, dedicating our lives around this and not the other way
where its a part time struggle. Every move and step we take should be questioned, think: Will
this help the Ummah? Will Allah(swt) be pleased with this action? Have i done enough today to
relieve the Ummah?
And when you have made your niyyah correct, you will see your heart content, and the blessings

come down from avenues you don't know, the Angels by your side and a content heart not
fearing anyone or anything but waiting patiently to meet his Lord with wide open arms having
little or no regrets....

‫ومن أ نظ فل نم ممن ذ حك لر بآيات ربه ث ح ن‬
‫منت ن ذ‬
‫جرذ ذ‬
‫ض ع نن فنها إ ذلنا ذ‬
‫مو ن‬
‫م ف‬
‫ق ح‬
‫ن ح‬
‫ن ال ف ح‬
‫ن ذ ن ذ ن ل ذ ل‬
‫ح ذ ل‬
‫م أع فنر ن‬
‫مي ن‬
‫م ن‬
‫ن ن ف‬

And who does more wrong than he who is reminded of the Ayats of his Lord, then he turns
aside therefrom? Verily, We shall exact retribution from the Mujrimun.
[Surah As-Sajda, Verse 22]

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