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No Delay

n A problem occurs, requiring immediate attention on site
Grab the sturdy handle and go. The tough construction can
take a few knocks.
n Start measurement without reading through the manual
The Help Wizard assists you to do exactly what you want.
n Print out results on the spot
Load printer paper with a simple one-touch operation.
High printing speed gives you a hard copy in a snap.

High Speed

n High-speed sampling up to 20 MS/s
Full isolation for all channels and simultaneous sampling
n Save 30MB to a CF Card: Max. 40 seconds
Data save speed may vary, depending on conditions.
n High speed FFT calculation
n 20 MS/s High-speed waveform judgment function
n For maintenance, production line monitoring or pre-shipment


n Multi-channel X-Y recorder with electronic data log
n Simultaneous recording over 16 analog + 16 logic channels
n Simultaneous recording over 64 logic + 10 analog channels
Plug-in modules provide the flexibility to match most
channel and signal configuration requirements.

n Easy storage of recorded data
USB memory stick / CF card / internal hard disk
n HTTP/FTP server function and remote operation capability
provide easy access to data