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Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Website: www.fertilizer-machinery.com
Email: info@fertilizer-machinery.com


Main Products:
Organic Fertilizer Plant Compound Fertilizer Production Line
Compost Turner

Fertilizer Mixer

Fertilizer Crusher

Fertilizer Granulator

Fertilizer Dryer

Fertilizer Cooler

Fertilizer Screener

Fertilizer Polishing Machine

Belt Conveyor

Fertilizer Coating Machine

Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd.

December, 2015

rotary drum screen,fertilizer polishing machine,fertilizer packing machine,fertilizer

Rotary Drum Screener
Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screen Machine Introduction
In fertilizer production, the fertilizer granular shall be screened before packaging to
ensure the uniformity of the finished product. Rotary screener is a common equipment
used in the fertilizer industry for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer production.
Rotary screen is mainly used in the fertilizer production line to separate finished
product and returning materials. The fertilizer sieving machine can also be used for
classifying the finished product.

Features of Rotary Fertilizer Sieving Machine
1. Adopt combined screen which is easy for maintenance and replacement.
2. High screening efficiency, reducing labor intensity.
3. The driving part adopts pin coupling, making it convenient for assembly and
4. Reasonable structure, stable operation, no damage to the rotary machine.
5. Sealed dust cover is installed outside the rotary sieve, eliminating flying dust,
improving the working environment.
6. The sealed dust cover also helps isolate the noise produced during operation.
7. Being used in organic & compound fertilizer production lines, behind fertilizer
Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd.

December, 2015

cooling machine.

Fertilizer Coating Machine
Description of Fertilizer Coating Machine
The organic&compound fertilizer coater machine adopts special spraying process
which is a combination of micronutrients, liquid raw materials and other solid powder
like plastic, resin, paraffin wax, polyethylene, and element sulfur. The coating system
leads to good coating effect, and can enhance fertilizer efficiency. The internal
structure of the rotary fertilizer coater is specially designed according to the process
requirements. During the spraying process, a protective film is formed on the surfaces
of fertilizer particles which is isolated from air and prevented from clumping
effectively. The envelope purposes are to add micro-elements of coated fertilizer, to
prolong shelf life, to slow-release fertilizer, and to improve the surface smoothness
and brightness of the granules. This rotary coating machine can be used individually
as well as operated together with other fertilizer equipment, such as fertilizer
granulator, fertilizer sifting machine etc. If being in conjunction with fertilizer
machines, this compound fertilizer coater usually follows rotary drum screening
machine. Then coated fertilizers are transformed by belt conveyor for further
packaging. Being a popular compound fertilizer production machine.

Features of Fertilizer Coater
Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd.

December, 2015

According to special technological requirement, this fertilizer coating machine is
designed with special internal structure. Our fertilizer coater machine is made up of
main frame, connected with other equipment by belt conveyor.
● Reliable structure: Its mainframe adopts polypropylene lining or acid resistant
stainless steel plate to protect the machine from corrosion.
● Portable: The complete machine will be portable and can be moved to every desired
location by a loader or forklift.
● High capacity: the largest production capacity can arrive 30 tons per hour. Even the
smallest type can also achieve 5 t/h.
● Low malfunction: With certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS, and OEM
service, our products are all with high quality.
● High efficiency & easy operation. Any technical problems, please contact us timely.

Fertilizer Packaging Machine
Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Packager
This organic & compound fertilizer bagging machine uses imported high-precision
sensor, and high intelligent weighing control instrument. It can finish measuring,
pulling, feeding, forming, date printing, and cutting automatically. Feeding height and
length can be customized. The compound fertilizer packaging machine is mainly used
for automatic quantitative weighing & packaging of powder materials, such as flour,
starch, feed, food, fertilizer pellets, chemical industry, light industry, building
materials industries etc. Safety design, aerodynamic components, electrical
instrumentation has security protection features to ensure the safe & normal function
Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd.

December, 2015

of equipment and body.

Application of Compound Fertilizer Packager
※ Used to all kind of grain or granule, desiccant, coffee, sugar, salt, beans, peanuts,
washing powder, seeds, seasoning, pepper etc.
※ Suitable for quantitative weighing particle, block, strip materials like puffing food,
nuts, sweets, biscuits, roasted seeds and nuts, plum, chocolate and hardware.

Features of Organic Fertilizer Packaging Machine
• Perfect automatic alarming protective function; reduce the consumption.
• Screen PLC control instrument: information automatically stored function
•Intelligent temperature controller: ensuring nice & smooth seal.
• High precision: choose high precision weighing controller, good reliability.
• Small footprint, flexible installation, low overall height, small occupation area
• Speed adjustable: Feeding methods of powder type of equipment is the spiral
feeding. Fast and slow feeding are controlled by controller and the speed can set at

Organic Fertilizer Granule Polishing Machine
Organic Fertilizer Granule Polishing Machine Introduction
Organic fertilizer polishing machine is designed based on FY-KP-40 flat die extrusion
granulator. The shaper machine can turn the cylindrical granules from the extrusion
Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd.

December, 2015

granulator into spherical granules, which is easy to apply. The formed round granules
have high strength and nice appearance, greatly improving the quality and image of
the product. High granulation rate and no returning materials, organic fertilizer
polishing machine is ideal for making ball shape organic fertilizer granules. Besides,
the ball shaper can also be used with other kinds of fertilizer granulators.

Organic Fertilizer Shaping Machine Applications
Organic fertilizer shaper machine is suitable for polishing:
1. Organic compound fertilizer using chicken manure or other manure as main
2. Bio-organic fertilizer which uses turf, lignite, sludge, straw as raw material.
3. Cake fertilizer which uses oilseed cake such as soya-bean cake as raw material.
4. Complete feed and mixed feed with corn, beans, grass meal as raw material.
5. Biological feed with crop straw as raw material.

Features of Organic Fertilizer Polishing Machine
1.Easy operation and maintenance
2. Strong overload prevention ability, adaptable to various of working conditions.
3. Uniform size, round and smooth surface, large density, and high granulation rate.
4. Fertilizer ball shaper can be used together with one or several fertilizer granulators.
5. Low power consumption, large capacity, high economic benefit.
6. Nice appearance, simple structure, safe and reliable.

Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd.

December, 2015

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