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_____________  School  District  
Emergency  Medical  Response  

The  following  protocol  should  be  followed  in  response  to  reported  injuries  or  medical  emergencies  
involving  students,  staff  or  community  member.    
Medical  Incident:    
If  ever  in  doubt,  first  step  is  call  911.    
•   In  the  event  a  student,  staff  or  community  member  has  a  medical  issue,  someone  should  
immediately  contact  the  Office  to  report  the  incident.    
•   Office  notifies  the  school  nurse  by  radio.  
•   If  the  nurse  does  not  respond  the  medical  team  will  be  activated.  
•   When  the  med  team  is  activated,  one  member  will  respond  with  the  AED  and  will  be  in  
communication  by  radio  with  the  team  and  office.  
•   If  school  nurse/med  team  unavailable,  call  911  immediately.  
•   The  individual  at  the  scene  should  stay  with  the  injured  until  help  arrives.  
•   The  first  person  arriving  at  the  scene  with  medical  training  will  triage  accordingly,  until  higher  
level  medically  trained  person  arrives  to  take  over/assist  
Upon  receiving  the  call,  the  nurse  will  respond  to  the  scene  with  her  first  aid  bag.  She  will  assess  the  
situation  and  determine  the  appropriate  level  of  response.    
Stay  Put  may  be  activated  depending  on  the  situation  
Medical  Response  Team:  
School  Nurse:  Responds  immediately  to  scene  
Additional  Support:    Building  specific  personnel  report  to  the  scene  
Office  Staff:  Wait  for  directions  from  the  school  nurse  and  follow  protocol  of  flow  chart  
Staff  Member:    Will  be  designated  to  remain  at  the  office  to  facilitate  smooth  flow  of  situation  and  to  
arrange  for  coverage  as  needed  (i.e.  Health  Office,  classroom  etc.)  
 office  #____  /  Health  Office  #___  
 office  #____/  Health  Office  #___  
 office  #____/  Health  office  #___  
Call  parent  using  script  when  directed.  
Print  Biographical  MMS  when  directed  
Copy  emergency  treatment  forms  when  directed  
Lakes  Region  Dispatch:    524-­1545  
Poison  Control:                              1-­800-­222-­1222  
Fire  Dept  :                                              ___________  
Police  Dept  :                                      ___________  
Incident  report/  Workers  Comp  filing  needs  to  be  completed  ASAP.