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My Own Story
By Esker A. Babb Jr.

I Esker, son of Esker, the son of Joseph make an abridgement of the records of my
proceedings in my days. I do it in the language of the English and in the traditions of the
Americans and the Protestants…and the Mormons. I do this so that all those of my seed
may know that their father knew that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the real,
true, and living God. And that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God. And that the
Book of Mormon is the true word of that God, and he who brought that book forth in this
time, Joseph Smith, was and ever will be a true prophet. And that the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of God on earth today. That knowledge was
given me when I was just a teenager and it has been tested through many years of life
now and it still stands as the truth, stronger than ever.
I will write much in these pages of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and experiences,
but if you learn nothing more of me than this, that I know that God is real and that His
church is on the earth today, for the Holy Spirit testified to me of this, then it is enough.
However, if you would like to know how I came to know these things then you may want
to continue reading, for although this knowledge can come to you in one moment of time
(and often does, as it did for me in late December of 1979), the things that prepare your
mind, heart, and soul to receive it can take years, or a lifetime,…or even more.
As you will see in this narrative, I have made many mistakes. I am a frail and
flawed being who very often feels unworthy to call himself the servant of the most high
God, yet God has been merciful to me and has never in all my stumblings taken away
from me this testimony, my most precious possession on this earth. Now I leave this
testimony with you, my posterity. My most earnest hope is that you too will be given this
gift, and that you will honor and cherish it as I strive to do. To the best of my knowledge
I am the first of my bloodline to have this testimony in our times…and I pray with all my
heart that I will not be the last. I bear in these pages as much as I can remember of the
man that I was, the man that I am, and the man that I hope to be, and I do this in the hope
that somehow it may be a help to those who follow, that these words may somehow help
you to share in my strengths and avoid my weaknesses. I hope that we may all share in a
great victory that this life can be if we with the Lord’s help make it happen, and that we
will meet again someday in the better world that awaits us.