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Title: Untitled 11

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Since I have heard many stories and lies from many of
you guys that my brothers ex girlfriend has spread and
told, I feel the need to set the record straight. After their
breakup she went to Twitter and tweeted a lot of things
bashing my brother which resulted in me standing up for
him and calling her out. I did not, and still do not, want to
have to call her out and expose her in front of everyone.
However, when you go around running your mouth and
spreading lies then that leaves me with no other option
than to expose the truth. She is telling everyone insane
lies for attention to the point that it has become an issue of
slander against my brothers name, as well as mine.
Usually I would ignore this and let it resolve on its own, but
it is not okay that she is making up all these false
accusations. So I want to take the time to explain
everything and clear up everything most of you have
heard. Usually I don’t care what people think of me and
neither does my brother, but when it comes to something
like this I’m going to do everything I can to tell the truth
and clear our names.
My brother is the most sensitive and caring guy I know. He
is so tender hearted and even though he may come
across very tough on social media, it’s all a front. My
brother has never emotionally nor physically abused any
person in his life. Especially a girl. He has never laid his
hands on her like she is saying. My brother broke up with
her because he found out a lot of stuff that she kept
hidden and lied about. In addition, he believed that she
started abusing Xanax and was not the same person. I

personally listened in through the door when he was
ending it with her. He was nothing but loving and kind as
she was saying things trying to manipulate him into
staying. From the start I didn’t think that she was good for
my brother. She never introduced herself to me. She
would come over and walk right past me and my family
without saying one word to us. She has never
acknowledged my existence and when I would walk past
her in my house I would smile and look at her and say “hi”
but she would do nothing but give me mean looks and
ignore me. I tried to hang out around her because I
wanted to get to know her but she would never say a word
to me so I gave up. For 3 months she would come to my
house and leave without acknowledging or speaking to
anyone in my family. She would bring alcohol in my house
and drink it sitting right next to my parents as well as trying
to drive home under the influence. I was with them one
time and my brother told her she couldn’t drive home
because she wasn’t sober and she said how she had to
drive. She went off on him saying how he was being mean
and asking why she couldn’t drive. His reply was, “
Because I love you.” Doesn’t sound like an abusive
relationship to me. To explain my tweets towards her
saying how she faked being beat up in a club and in a car
accident, I have written proof that it was false. She is
telling everyone so many different stories she can’t even
keep it straight. All of this craziness has happened after
they broke up. I believe she is just trying to reach out to
get a response from my brother. One person sent me
screenshots of her saying how she got beat and left in a

parking lot and that Christian was too selfish to come and
get her. That we are lying and making it up. My mom and
brother got texts from her saying how a guy at the bar
punched her in the face. But the real story, as told directly
from her brother’s girlfriend, is that she was so drugged
out and drunk that she fell face first out of the car. They
told him that.
Part of the message to my mom…

then the conversation with my brother and her brothers

Texts from her and her friend…

A few days later she then had someone, or possibly
herself pretending to be someone else, text my brother
using a number from TextMail to say how she was in a
horrible car accident and that she was in very bad
condition and going into surgery. My brother freaked out
and was very worried so he texted her mom to ensure she
was ok. Her mom replied to Christian telling him it was not

true and even told him to not answer her. After I called her
out on Twitter, she began furthering her lies to play victim
in order to make us appear to be the ones lying.
Texts about the “ accident “ and her mothers reply….

As for what she said about me abusing my dog and
leaving him outside to freeze to death, that is a bold face
lie. This chick stole my dog for like 3 or 4 days!!!!!! I’ve had
him for 7 years. He is an outside dog, he prefers being
outside. He comes inside and lays on the couch with me
when the bigger dogs aren’t home. He sleeps in a closed
garage with two heaters AND has multiple warm hoodies
to wear when he is cold. He also loves to cuddle and sleep
with my cat. If he doesn’t sleep outside, he sleeps in my
living room. She then began to hate on me for not going to

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