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Executive Summary

Is Recession Coming?
Are your growth plans aligned
with the current economic reality?
Inflation @ 4.4% all time high
Growth forecast cut to 3.5%, down from 3.7%

Question - Why should you care about these

ominous economic markers?
As a SME Business Owner, what is the
relevance of an all time high inflation of 4.4%?
What is the significance of growth forecast
cut by 0.2%, down from 3.7% to 3.5%?
We read these figures in the financial papers
and more often than not, our eyes glaze over
and we can’t comprehend how this is going
to impact our life.
Well here is the low down:

Liquidity is drying up.
Collections will become difficult and tough.
Credit from suppliers will start to shrink.
Sales will slow down. Raising finance will
become difficult. Some economists call this
a silent recession.
Within this toughening scenario, are your
business growth plans aligned with the
reality of Dubai 2016?

When liquidity is drying up, it would be wise to
shift focus to “Growing the Bottom Line (Profit)”
as opposed to “Growing the Top Line (Sales
Pay careful attention to 5 deadly sins that can
easily sink your boat. In the current economic
scenario, if you don’t attend to these 5 deadly
sins, you will be so far off course a year from
now - it could be deadly to your business.
Companies that read the signs and adjust
quickly are those that make it to safe harbour
in the storms. You may be able to survive the
rough seas, but it will take a huge toll.


Ignorance and delusion is disease.
Awareness is cure.
- Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

These economic forces are acting on your
business whether you can comprehend the
impact or not; like the strength of the tide
and wind act on a sailing boat whether the
captain grasps the impact or not.
So how does one trim the sails to negotiate
these tricky waters? The Ostrich has a
great strategy - bury it’s head when it feels
threatened. Most business owners bury their
heads in the business, fussing about all the
things they can fuss about, instead of taking
a deep look at the unfolding scenario and
crafting a strategy that will help them sail
safely through the storm.


The CEO’s Business Growth Program : Volume 1 - Issue 1

The CEO’s Business Growth Program : Volume 1 - Issue 1