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Author: Ronny

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The Tour Experience
Yes, this is the sixth time I’m trying to write on this topic. Hope this time I will reach to
the end through cause I do have sudden urge at this night at 3AM while thinking about it.  I know
already that no one like to read this much essay but who had this journey they will remember after 10
or 20 years later. From my thinking I just don’t want to forget my experience. Cause day by day
memories will get blur if you will not remember...
This started with Bhavin Patel who had planned through all from Germany. The main concept of
this tour was to ride a bike from Delhi to Ladakh around 3000 KMs alone. He prepared Vijay Prajapati to
come with him. But Vijay insisted, he will come if at least 5 peoples with him. So both were start finding
Friends who want to join them. After some difficulties they found two guys Jaymin and Jimmy. I’m the
last guy who had a chance to go with them.
Chapter One: Preparations

Before started Journey there were a lot preparations had to make. So decided to meet
all at some place and we met at Sai temple at Valsad. Unfortunately Jaymin couldn’t come cause of
distance and his busy schedule. So we four decided all of those things.
Bhavin had some printed copies from internet for those things which need to take with us in
tour. We discussed on various topics related to journey. Like from where we have to rent a bike and
how, plus which bikes will take. Tickets from Gujarat to Delhi. And how much clothes to take with us and
how will come safety pads and what about bags and what about helmets and which route we will
choose and where to stay and what to eat too.
This time I said to write 200 words on this tour on Facebook. And so this is it...

Chapter two: Started Journey

First of all Bhavin started journey cause he wanted to ride bike through Delhi from home itself
Valsad. So he shoot for it at evening.
I reached at Vijay’s home at night and took dinner itself. And slept. Our train was on next day on
morning 4. So the very next day woke up and Vijay’s brother came with us to drop us railway station in
his car. In between we pick up Jimmy to his house. As we had seen Jimmy with one sided swelled red
eye due to bug bite. Vijay and Jimmy had one tour extra-large bag each, I had small two. We reached on
time. The first class tickets had taken by Vijay from Valsad to Ahmedabad.
As we reached Ahmedabad on 11 noon we took rickshaw and went for Shreenath Travels. As we
found Shreenath travels we issued 4 tickets for Ahmedabad to Delhi which had a time of 3 noon. So in
between we got fresh and went for Lunch from nearest South Indian hotel. We ordered dosa,idali and
tea coffee.

At 1 noon Jaymin had reached to Ahmedabad and met us at shreenath travels. I and Vijay went
for some shopping and bought extension board and bag locks and tissue paper and lighter and rose
water etc. Then at 3 noon, one intermediate vehicle had come to bring us and drop to another
shreenath travels where bus used to take up far around 5 KMs. In fifteen minutes as we reached there, I
clicked some pics of jimmy’s swelled eye and sent to my doctor uncle. He prescribed some tablets and
eye drops. As it found from nearest medical store.
Bus had started at 3:15 noon. It was AC Volvo. For me, I had first time this Volvo.it had a nice
navy blue colored seats and chilled AC. Our luggage stored in luggage box itself under a bus. In starting
all four of us sitting in one coach and chatting after some time we took a nap until a next stop had come.
Next stop at some highway just outside the Gujarat. We bought some snakes and tea too. Meanwhile
Bhavin had called and shared a trouble. It was regarding bike. Stone head asked a large amount of
deposit around half lakh. That was a real problem cause among four didn’t have that money. But
somehow Bhavin said he will manage and he really did after.
At 8:30 night bus was travelling in Rajasthan stopped for a dinner at highway hotel. Hotel was
not like 3 star or 5 star. Even u can say that didn’t have any star but it was well enough to eat. We
ordered two veg biryanis and two jeera rice and Daal Tadaka. Also I ordered a two cup Curd too.
Because no one want to fill full stomach in bus travelling. Those foods were not good at all. But thepalas
which made by Vijay’s mom saved. We filled well and took a sleep in bus itself in night. After whole night
journey in bus, it stopped in morning for freshening at tea post on Haryana highway. Tea and coffee
made our day beautiful.
As Delhi came closer a huge traffic were started. 10 lines single side roads and a lot of cars were
like racing each other. Tall buildings were going to touch the sky and large malls around. Numbers of
well-known offices were situated. Over bridges and under bridges made a full of scenery. One time we
saw a same age girl drove a car dressed jeans and top. We giggled. Bhavin already reached in Delhi
morning and stayed in a hotel beside highway. So we had to go that place. He shared address. Also we
worried about jimmy’s eye because it’s swelled more and been red more. So asked Bhavin to check any
doctor near that hotel.
Bus dropped us where we wanted to. All luggage were taken outside from box and ensured
count same as before. After that we rented a rickshaw for that hotel. As we reached hotel we had seen a
black avenger bike with a lot dirt parked outside. We called Bhavin and he ran down immediately. We
yelled and all meet together for first time. Now we are ready to start crazy experience.
We all got freshen quickly. Now our first task to get a bike. There might some misunderstanding
for Bhavin side for asking avenger bikes for all. And tony bike might be said only two avengers were
available. So Bhavin searched another rental shop Stone head which one asked a half lakh deposit
yesterday. Bhavin and Jimmy decided to go direct Stone head shop and we I, Vijay and Jaymin had to go
Tony’s bike for receiving ours. We left hotel and had gone decided palace in rickshaw. In way I
downloaded here drive application in my mobile for future use.
Tony bike shop, we welcomed by 40+ aged woman and 50+ aged man on second floor of his
shop. After some sensational procedures they advised for what to say about bike if someone stop us in
way. And where to stay and which way we should go. Which place we should stop and other things.
They had given some of the hotels name which have fair cost and nice meal. We took for our
consideration. Then we deposited 20,000 for each bikes. We had two. They handover bike kits and its
documents. After all they wished for our journey. We left shop and followed the man for his garage

where our bikes were stored. There were two different colored bikes, one had red colored avenger and
other was black colored. As per documents red colored for Vijay’s and black colored for Jaymin’s. Both
took a quick ride for further changes in bike if they want. Then man gave a checklist for a bike which had
a parts written it. Both had checked all parts and after we satisfied we signed over it and handover to
him. Now we had officially bike and loaded all our luggage on it and tied. As we decided earlier we
turned bike on and drove for Stone head with the help of my GPS mobile. I guided throughout whole
journey with it.
At 4:00 noon we reached as shown in GPS at Stone head shop. Where jimmy already issued his
bike Black colored Pulser 220. It was look like racing bike. And he loved it. Now we were hungry and
found again one south Indian Shop. We filled our stomach with masala Dosas’. Then we separated
luggage into 3 bags which was planted behind single driver. We suited those safety jackets. On 6:30 PM
we ignited our bikes and decided got out Delhi and would stay on highway someplace so could easily
start journey next day morning itself.
But Delhi’s traffic was more about our thinking. Only I was using GPS others were only riding
bike. So I and Vijay took lead after some calculating minutes we all got lost. Somehow we call each other
but that was a huge traffic and no one should not know where one stood. After sometime me and Vijay
stood by side and Jaymin pulled his head into traffic. So we caught and told him to stay with us at any
cost. After a 15 min of waiting of jimmy and Bhavin they didn’t see. We called him to meet outside Delhi
in Sonipat highway. So we started bike and reached a Sonipat highway circle outside Delhi. It took time
less than 30 mins to reach there. As we reached totally exhausted and wanting some water. We took a
lemon juice and waiting for jimmy and Bhavin.
This was the first day of our journey when we lost in Delhi itself. Totally scared and sweated and
still waiting on highway. In between one man wore a dull shirt and bellbottom pant came forward to us.
Saw we were sitting on roadside with safety jackets and exhausted. We ignored him. But he wanted to
talk with us. So he started with Haryanvi language, no one replied. He asked time to Vijay. As Vijay said
random but he still did not give up. Still wanted to talk. So Vijay and me got angry and said something
unusual and asked to get out from here. He refused and start wondering here and there around us.
After some ignoring and not talking, he murmured had gone after sometime. We had taken a relief from
him. After one and half hour waiting Bhavin and Jimmy met us. As per they saying they wondered half of
Delhi through bike. They both looks tired. Now we all were out of Delhi, where no traffic and we started
to find a highway side hotel to stay a night.
We drove 80 KMs away from Delhi but we could not find a proper place to stay. May be
Bhavin thought something different. He said also with smile that lets ride whole night. But we all damn
tired and hungry too. Somehow we reached Panipat city and found a roadside hotel. I and Bhavin had
gone to ask about its charges. As we satisfied we parked our bikes and untied luggage too. We booked 2
rooms and also ordered dinner too.as we got fresh our meal was ready in room dining table. Before it
started we decided to drink something so we had . And that ate full stomach daal tadaka and jeera
rice and mutter paneer and aalu suki bhaji. That dinner was delicious. After that we slept by putting
alarm for next day journey.
This day went awesome and left a lot awesome memories for us. And very next day was waiting
for us for another adventures experiences. 

Chapter Third:

All woke up by 7:30 morning. All got freshen up quickly and been ready for start journey
further, meanwhile Vijay ordered Aalu Parathas and tea. After having a heavy breakfast, we tied our
whole luggage on bike and took out on road. Than decided to fill up petrol first from nearby pump. And
in between me and Bhavin sorted out hotel bill payments.
As we left hotel at 9:30 morning we were on highway. After filling full tank we shoot on road.
And all of sudden after 20 mins Jaymin’s bike had a trouble in gear changing. He was frustrated with his
bike because he didn’t like his bike from earlier, and he was thinking that his bike was too old for this
adventure trip. Bhavin repaired his bike in 5 mins. And again we were on the road.
First 1 hour riding was totally cool and everybody enjoyed. A highway was smooth and had no
traffic at all. Greenery farms and roadside cities were look prefect. My feelings like all of the cities which
were heard in Movies, TV those all had driven through them. Starting From Karnal, Thanesar,
Ambala .we had stopped all at Ambala after 2 hrs journey. We had drunk sugarcane juice roadside. All
looked so happy and enjoyed. We decided to ride like way that we will reach Amritsar at 4 noon. But
after that sun gone up and up. Temperature went shoot and hot air made suffocation in helmets.
Everybody needed water after every 15 mins. Now our next target was cleared already to reach Amritsar
anyhow. Which was far 320 kms from there. So we must have to rode bike and reach on time to
Amritsar. Now Bhavin had gone already and not seen for a long. He didn’t stop for any. We stopped
many times for drinking water or waiting jimmy. From now Jaymin was running too slow because he had
not confidence on his bike. So me Vijay and jimmy had together mostly.
It was 3 noon and 3 of us on Ambala bypass highway and waiting for others. I called to Bhavin
and Jaymin. Bhavin didn’t receive and Jaymins’s call not connected. We rested for 15 mins under the
tree. I saw in GPS how much far Amritsar was. It showed 200 kms more. We were exhausted. Sweating
bodies under our safety jackets and Helmets. We thought it was very tough to ride like this in this kind
of Temperature 40+. And if we were resting like every 30 mins, we might be reach Amritsar on or before
9:00 in night. The whole idea of visiting temple will ruined. We took two water bottles with us decided
not to rest and keep calm and driving till Amritsar. We worried about Jaymin because he was alone and
his mobile couldn’t connect through. Vijay looked tired but jimmy still smiling. His eye swelling was
getting normal. We were riding continuous with 50/60 kmph. We almost passed through Patiala city
bypass. And now we were about to reach Ludhiana. One time there was a road shown in GPS for
bypassing Ludhiana, but in reality some road bridge construction was running so when Vijay asked me
where to turn, I was confused and showed any one direction. Yeah that road lead us to main Ludhiana
city. That I understood lately but there was no time to go return so we continued in city.
Ludhiana was very beautiful city with beautiful peoples and wonderful city designs. In city road
side all things like dividers and road strips and buildings were painted white. That looked awesome. It
has a numbers of Gurudwaras and all looks fabulous and totally religious. We could see all where
Punjabis with Paghadi on theirs head. City seems clean and peoples r well educated and wealthy too.
There was well traffic on 4:30 noon. First Vijay scolded me to take us in this traffic but somehow he
managed his anger and riding calmly. Jimmy was still following us. Meanwhile I contacted to Bhavin to
know where he had been whether he reached Amritsar or not. But refused and said he was waiting for
us on bypass road of Ludhiana. I told him that we took a wrong turn and we were in city and will meet
outside of Ludhiana so he agreed. Also he told us surprise that he had have Jaymin with Him so felt relief
that Jaymin was not alone now.

After exiting of Ludhiana again called them. They told us to go on to Amritsar and they will catch
us after. So we continued. After 50 kms riding new city arrived was Jalandhar. We successfully bypassed
it and looked forward to Amritsar. After Jalandhar road became two way till Amritsar. Farms and Farms
all over both the side of it. Time was about 5:30 evening and sun was going now downwards.
Environment became livable and enjoyable. We showed Tractors in half way. Men were working in
Farms. Canals were full of water. We had shown a real Punjab in between this way. Now we took a
break for short time for refreshing. Vijay and Jimmy peed and drunk some cold drink. It’s still 40 kms
away from Amritsar.
After 40 mins riding in that wonderful environment we reached at Amritsar. We stopped
entrance of City and Waited for Bhavin and Jaymin both. In 15 mins they had also met. We cheered and
smiled loudly. We Did. I searched Golden Temple in GPS and started Navigations. As per it we reached.
There were small streets in Amritsar and a lot crowd in it. We somehow managed our riding to Golden
Temple. There were policemen pointed to park our Honks. That was an underground place which have a
lot of bikes underneath it. We all got confused where to go. Vijay didn’t want to park in it and he wanted
to find a hotel with parking Facilities. But Bhavin and Jimmy agreed for parking and we parked there.
Our Luggage were on it itself, tied. As we went outside of the parking, one man met us and said one
hotel was available with parking Facilities near. So me and Vijay Decided to see that hotel, others were
standing outside of Parking. That was some Streets away. As we had seen hotel with one Hall and Four
Beds with AC and washroom attached, we agreed. That was another hard Task to drive honks out from
parking slot. That was a place what I had lost my mind and I forgot my Helmet and our bike’s Parking
Receipt which was given by security with its Bike number. I regretted a lot to forget such an important
things, without receipt that parking security will not allow to take bike out. Vijay again scolded and
asked me about my behavior. As we reached there we found receipt was lying on floor near our bike.
Vijay and I felt a relief. We took out bike and went to Hotel. Other followed us.
We untied our luggage from bikes in front of hotel gate. As Jaymin declared to us that he gave
up today. And he didn’t want to continue his trip with us anymore. He looked exhausted and tired too.
He was going too low mentally. I asked what’s wrong with him. For what reason he declared like that. He
didn’t say anything and remained silent. Vijay and Bhavin stood still and watching each other’s face.
Jimmy was continuing to untie his luggage. Hotel manager was watching us all with tense faces. Jaymin
again said us that we can continue our journey without him. He would go return to Delhi next day. I
made him understand that if he will return in two days in Delhi and Handover bike to Tony bikes. He
would have to pay all 13 days payment anyway. I again asked for reason, he directly blamed on me that I
didn’t receive his call at noon. We all left him alone in highway and no one among of us wait for him in
Our luggage was untied and hotel manager helped us to transfer our luggage to our rooms. One
by one all went for restroom and took shower. Our discussion was still continue. He saw me how many
times he called me. I showed my mobile that no call didn’t come to me. Also I showed in my mobile that
how many times I called to him. He agreed. Bhavin and Vijay told their situations and how important this
tour was. He will lose if he returned from here. Jaymin remain silent, he came forward to me and asked
me to repair his mobile and registered in BSNL network. I tried but not succeeded. I told that I will do
after some times. For a little while I made environment comfortable by my silly jokes. Within 30 mins, all
well dressed and left hotel.
We walked through small streets. Streets were fully crowded. And it were full of Religious shops.
Here we had seen numbers of three wheeler cycles for public transportation. As we reached Golden
Temple main Gate, We had seen a large size rectangle white painted wall covered whole temple, which

was 4 Minars each corner. There were a shoe rooms for keeping shoes outside, as we kept ours’, we
received his token number. Then we bought a cloth for wearing on head. Because in holy Temple
Gurudwara, all people must cover their head with something. In main Entrance gate, there was a holy
water passing through like all should pass through it. Wash theirs feet and been Holy too. We also went
through it. After that directly went down by 15 stairs. So we can reach a flat area in front of lake. In
between there was a self-made Lake and The Golden Temple (Gurudwara) was in middle lake. There
was 8:30 evening and a lot crowd there. We snapped our some pics. We put our pants up and went in
some deep lake holy water. There was a lot crowd for praying in Gurudwara. We also have to go there
but Bhavin Refused. He didn’t want to go in such a crowd. We insisted and he agreed.
There was no different lines for men and women, all should go in mix row. There were
thousands people waiting for their turn not to pray but at least see it. CCTV cameras covered all over
temple. Some of the Punjabi Groups wondering, singing religious songs. We started together but after
some time Bhavin lost in crowd, we thought he might be out of it but little while he pulled his head 50
steps ahead from our row. He was smiling might be he found some company better than us. Slowly
slowly after 30 mins we were in main prayer room. That has a lot people gathered around
. All
people were praying by putting their head down and with two hands. We copied them. I didn’t know
what to pray but I thanked Guru to make this trip possible and wished for our next day. There was a
belief to sit outside of pray room. So we sit for 5 min. we had seen Bhavin waiting, we stepped out. We
took Prasad from temple corner side. Now we asked for its famed LANGAR from where it been. We were
Hungry too and wanted to eat in LANGAR. So we searched and it found just outside of temple. As we
reached there our eyes were wide and shocking. That was unbelievable people crowd, who all had steel
empty plates and waiting for its turn to eat in it. At this sight we all decided to not go in it and would eat
in hotel somewhere because all were damn tired. We were outside and issued our shoes from shoe
room. It was 9:00 in night and we were in Main market, wondering, searching hotel. As we found one
we sat in it, ordered Punjabi Sabjis, Naans, Jira Rice, Daal Tadka, and Masala Papad. That was a full menu
of Punjabi dish. We filled full stomach until we couldn’t. Bhavin and I both eat more than others. Bhavin
still asked for other, I declined. We pay bills and now all wanted bed. All got sleepy. We ran to hotel. We
gathered in one bed and planned for next day cause we knew there would be longest journey, Amritsar
to Srinagar, we decided to start early as possible, like 5:00 morning. He was still thinking and looked
scared. Vijay and me assured Jaymin that will not happen again and we will stay together and not left
him behind. Set alarm on 4:00. It was 10:30 night. We slept.
The way our day ended. Our day went superb. The way day started and we had some peak
hours in noon time where sun was in top and sweating bodies and drinking waters. Went through
various famed place in Punjab. Seen Ludhiana, Patiala, Jalandhar, Ambala, we all felt proud to ride
passing through bike. We had knew Punjab with greenery, religious, great peoples and its culture. The
day when Jaymin felt invisible and lonely and declared he will not continue from next day now became
normal and a smile was on face. Might be he will change his decision. What will happen that didn’t
know, that will see next day. Till we were in Deep sleep and dreaming of Punjabi Girls. 

Chapter Forth: The Longest Journey

Bhavin and Vijay woke up on time. They brushed and showered then we awoke. We all
got ready at 5:30, tied luggage on bikes and Vijay paid hotels bills. Jaymin agreed to continue with us.

We Left hotel and I started navigations. I entered Srinagar destination, it showed 550 kms. I sat behind
Vijay and we led where others were following us. We crossed through old Amritsar City in morning.
After in 15 mins we were out on highway. As we stopped I stepped down from side but I couldn’t touch
road and I struggled so Vijay lost his balance on bike. We had fallen on highway. My leg was stuck under
bike’s luggage stand. Other were watching us falling. Fortunately Vijay didn’t hurt, I hurt on my left leg
through my Safety shoe. Vijay warned me again must not do like this. I said ok. Vijay started bike again
and I started navigation again. Bhavin told us to filling petrol. We stopped one petrol pump. Meanwhile I
removed my shoe and checked my leg how much I hurt. It swelled. I hurt more than I guess, I couldn’t
step down. Jimmy gave me his Iodex. I painted on it. Vijay made a face on me, because he was angry on
me. I wore my shoe and sat behind him.
Now all tanks were full and we had a nice morning weather to drive. We rode bikes on 80+ in
empty highways. We had crossed through Gurudaspur. We took break after 100 km in 1.5 hrs near
Pathankot. It was a road side stall and only tea available. Bhavin and Vijay went for buying Snakes from
other shop. I, jimmy and Jaymin sat there. I removed my show again. I couldn’t walk a little and can’t
step down. I felt like my leg bone had broken. Pain came through my mouth. Jaymin and Jimmy both
sitting beside with me. Jaymin gave me his fast relief spray from his Bag. Jimmy sprayed on it and start
rubbing my leg. He said it might just muscles stretched. I couldn’t bare its pain. Meanwhile Bhavin and
Vijay had come with snacks. Bhavin told me to see any Doctor near here. I had fear it will break, I didn’t
do this trip with that pain. Tea served and all took sips with biscuits and snacks. After breakfast we
started bike.
We entered in Jammu and Kashmir. Bhavin suggested a gauge for checking air of tires. So
decided to check in next city. We stopped at garage shop in Kathua City. In Avanger Bike there was some
difficulties to check Air from tires due to size of tires and less space having both side welded carriages.
So garage’s man couldn’t check air. He just filled up air by his sixth sense. When filling air in Jimmy’s bike
he found one small puncture, so he asked for repair. We Agreed. As Bhavin and Vijay both went for buy
a Air Pressure Gauge in city. A little boy repaired our puncture in 30 mins. Then assured that no other
punctures were been. Meanwhile Vijay and Bhavin Both came with empty hands. They couldn’t find any
shop of that gauge, but they giggled what they had seen there. The Girls of Kathua took heart of both
Single unmarried persons. Vijay was more excited to see them. He praised a lot for their beauty. I and
Jimmy regretted not to see them. We Started bike again and searched another garage to check air. An
old Man of that garage had a different type of Gauge which best suited for Avanger bike. He checked
and filled as required.
After crossing Samba we bypassed Jammu main City and Now we were on a Wonderful Highway
made by its Government. Its every turns Gave a Different Experience. We had seen some 500 mtrs
Tunnels we were going through among them. Our next target is Udhampur which was 70kms far. And
after Udhampur, Srinagar rest 300kms still. It was 11 in morning. Sun was about to reach top but
Jammu’s cool bizarre was awesome. Vijay and I was leading among them, at one place Vijay made a wish
to take a pic with Srinagar milestone. So I said ok. We found one milestone so we stopped and I clicked
his two pics. As we stopped Bhavin looked at us with anger and showing move on. We understood and
giggled and started again. At one point there was perfect view for photo session. So we stopped for a
while. As I step down from bike I remembered my foot pain which I was forgot in that environment. I
couldn’t walk a little and too much pain I couldn’t bear. But anyway I put a smile on my face and started
taking pic of my buddies. Vijay jimmy and Bhavin were in mood. They posed various angles with various
mountains. Bhavin started advising me to click from here and from there as he was a movie director. I
did what he said. One Delhi boys group was there. They liked us and asked photos with us. We didn’t
mind. We clicked with them with a smile. They wished us for our journey. Here Bhavin scolded Vijay to

not stop for photos everywhere. Vijay didn’t like the way of speaking the way Bhavin said to him. So
Vijay got angry and behave rudely. Both were red in anger and loud. Vijay said he won’t stop until
Srinagar, Bhavin said ok. We had seen first time both fighting. We didn’t stop them. We started bike and
both separated as won’t talk through tour.
Now we started our real journey. Real adventure of mountain riding was Ghats. All the way ups
and downs only and only Ghats comes in all way. Now Sun was on top its 12:30 noon. Our bikes running
between 30/40. One side hilly road and other side a deep down valley covered with greenery.
Mountains had seen properly green and shining. All of us started enjoying this adventure. Jaymin and
jimmy were silent but together. Only jimmy’s bike flash light talking. All things were good but the trucks.
The main problem were them. The main traffic between Jammu and Srinagar is truck transportation.
Truck driver drove very fast as their daily routine but we all are unexperienced. So we drove very
carefully. Still Vijay and Bhavin didn’t exchange any words to each other. Also we didn’t stop for a single
time after that fighting. We rode 90 kms more and crossed Udhampur.
Udhampur is the top of Jammu’s mountain. It’s named after Raja Udham Singh. That is a capital
and northern command headquarters of Indian army. It’s also have a units of Indian Air Force too. It’s a
main transit point between Jammu and Srinagar. There is turn in Udhampur which way goes to Srinagar.
There is a no milestone board for it, only u have to ask someone for it. We asked and turn that way but
Bhavin hadn’t seen last 15 mins and lost in traffic. Me,vijay and jimmy and jimmy were together
watching each other what should we do, should we wait for him or not. Vijay said to stop. We stopped
in front of military basement gate. In front of gate one small tank and one jet plane was put. That was
very hard to identify original or duplicate. We had waited next 10 mins. Jimmy said to me his wish to
click with soldiers. I said yes again but not now. There was only one mobile which have prepaid
connection with Vijay, others have only mobiles as music player and for me its GPS. For some waiting
Bhavin had seen and he didn’t stop for us and drove continue. We started and followed him.
Now its 1:30 noon. Sweating bodies under safety jackets. Bhavin suggested to fill petrol. We
stopped on highway and full filled our tanks. There was a chilling drinking water at petrol pump, we
drunk like beer. Now We were hungry and decided to stop somewhere. There was no hi-fi hotel or any
nice Dhaba. In some distance We had chosen a small one room hotel which has two tables only and few
chairs. One 40+ aged guy and one teen age boy were in it. 5 bowls they have which only have their
menu. We didn’t have any choice of any Sabji, we have to say yes or no. we agreed and ordered 3 plates
of daal rice and rotis. Until we got freshed, washed faces and went for pees. I removed my leg and again
sprayed fast relief. Vijay and Bhavin became normal as before they are. We all smiled to each other.
Again I realized to have forgotten something that was my spect. Yes I couldn’t find my costly spectacles.
i told to all and we all searched nearby our bike parked. We didn’t find, might be I forgot in petrol pump
while drinking water. And now there is no way to return from here. I let it loose. (“I didn’t care about
any there. I joined a tour for my internal peace. I didn’t care about clothes, watch, glasses or any. I told
to all earlier that I threw all from here in return because I really didn’t care. I made all laugh a lot whole
Food was more yucky than expected. We didn’t like any but we were hungry too much so we
ate whatever served. We filled stomach somehow. Its 2:15 noon and we started. Ghats came more and
more. Traffic started increasing, transportation trucks and tour buses and privet vehicles and four
wheelers increasing. Our speed going low to 20 to 30 km/h only. Sun totally up and its heat was more.
After eating we didn’t rest and already started riding so a little sleep in our eyes. No one about to say
anything each other. We all ride and ride just go on. After Udhampur, u have to cross 3 hills which u
have to clear anyway, u have to go ups and down one by one. Trees around both sides of roads and

greenery all around. Traffic and people made u comfortable that u were not alone in this way. Small
villages went one by one. Military check posts and its basements mostly seen in every few mins. Now
few military trucks had seen in a row with having goods. Their vehicles number plates are different from
ours. We hand wave to each military trucks and received a wave from solders too. We liked the way
they see and smiled. In way we had seen some of the bike riders like us going on the way. I waved to
them too. Mostly my hands were free so I sat behind and did whatever I liked. Waving and clicking pics,
gps ,and observation of all were coming or not.
We started bike riding randomly. As anyone saw a place to pass, went from it without expecting
anyone who comes or not. It was 4 o’clock and me vijay and Jaymin were together. At one place due to
traffic we stopped a bike we both on it, Jaymin came behind us and stood. As traffic disappear what did
happened to Jaymin we didn’t knw, he started bike and mishandled bike, loose balance and gave full
accelerator no brakes and came forward to us , slightly touch our carriage and went through us and
fallen. Vijay and I shouted. There were still few vehicles around us. We somehow balanced ourselves by
putting legs landed and bike put on stand and helped to Jaymin to stand. Fortunately he didn’t hurt and
didn’t fall next to deep dig. We thought what happened if he will stuck up with us directly. We will surely
in trouble and loose out trip too. But nothing did happen fortunately. Jaymin was ok and bike was too.
He was scared totally. We asked what happened he said didn’t know. We advised to take care in future.
We crossed Ramban. Ramban is a district of Jammu. It’s a second hill among 3. But the way of
Ramban was totally adventures. Too much rough road throughout 20 kms and this way our speed went
below 20 too. bumps, digs, and slops of stones everywhere. A lot worker working a side for making road
as good to drive. I forgot my helmet in Amritsar yesterday so its tough task to survive from dusts, I tied
hanky to my mouth. It’s still warm environment. we all got separated. Only me and vijay were together ,
talking , asking that I saw someone or not. As per my guess Bhavin might be leading and Jaymin and
jimmy was lagging behind us but no one had seen at any place. We were thinking about to stop
somewhere but what happened if all were leading and only we were lagging last. Also Vijay asked me to
listen bike’s sound. In some of the bumps bike sound weird due to heavy weight in bike. Vijay had a fear
in mind that what if bike got punctured and our puncture kit only loaded with Bhavin and jimmy. We
don’t have any kits. So Vijay drove carefully.
After few minutes Bhavin came to us from behind. Also he said jimmy was also just came in few
mins. So we waited for some time. In this time Bhavin had seen me and laughed too much on me. Due
to a lot dust I looked like floor man. A hard worker of works in floor mill. He took my pics and showed
me. We all laughed and shouted. We took selfies. Jaymin crossed us and didn’t stop. Jimmy stopped and
took selfies with us. One awesome water fall I saw there but I didn’t take a pic.
It was 5:30 around. We all were together. On the way of Banihal. We were on the empty road.
Only one running with us is Chenab river. After this 2nd hill crossing, a Chenab rivar met. “CHENAB”..
Somewhere too slow, somewhere too fast, Somewhere too sophisticated , Somewhere like deer
jumping around , somewhere like singing and somewhere like kid playing , somewhere like a roaring ,
somewhere silent like new wife. Chenab, Chenab, Chenab. Love that river that passing Kashmir. We all
going fast, one by one passing small villages , military camps, road side temples, shepherd’s with horses
and goats, somewhere met some persons standing with a green star and half-moon flag in one hand
looks like Pakistan’s flag. He was scary but we were together so didn’t care, bdw we all have some hard
cash like 5000/10000 rupees. Sun was setting down , environment was becoming chilling, cooling bizarre
blowing from mountains. “ The true meaning of loneliness understood now there.” , there isn’t
loneliness when your girlfriend left you but when then someone among us not seen behind us. In whole
trip that scary feeling didn’t come ever. Very very few vehicles met on the road. Very few people had

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