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15 January 2016
Since time immemorial, the Dutch Stichting Popmuziek Limburg has organised the “Limburg
get-together” during the Eurosonic No orderslag Festival in Groningen. This year, however,
for the first time also colleagues from Belgium and Germany are invited. Why were they
Our Euregio is of interest to professionals from the music sector, who —while leaving the
familiarity of their own country— would like to explore the neighbouring countries just
across the border. A pathway to an international collaboration.
Stichting Popmuziek Limburg, Kulturraum Niederrhein and PXL-Music co-authored the idea
of mapping out the stages, festivals, and in the future, the complete Euregio pop music
sector in order to help music professionals with playing the Euregio. Moreover, this fits
perfectly in the international and intercultural activities of PXL-Music and the new pop
music policy of the Dutch province of Limburg.
In front of you lies the first version, which undoubtedly contains gaps and errors —due to
the fact that the idea of publishing this guide originated not to o long ago, so it all happened
in a short period of time. On top of that, the pop and rock sectors are continuously evolving
and a list like this quickly becomes obsolete.
Let us know (*) what is missing and where there are any errors. There is always ro om for
improvement! Lo oking forward to beautiful collaborations.

Stichting Popmuziek Limburg


Kulturraum Niederrhein

Herman van Asselt
Gert Stinckens
Ingrid Misterek-Plagge
Head of department

* Please contact us via Huis vo or de Kunsten Limburg:
Paul Moerel, +31 475 399263 / pmoerel@hklimburg.nl