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Author: Julie Main

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Specialists in park home insulation and refurbishment since 1993

We work with Councils throughout Britain to ensure
your home is as thermally efficient as possible.

Insulated Homes is nationally renowned for maintenance-free:
Energy-efficient EPS three-layer external wall insulation system
Double glazed windows & doors
Insulated lightweight roofing system
Porches, conservatories, sun lounges & extensions

Insulated Homes EPS insulation is the only external wall insulation system that
has BBA approval for park/mobile homes and has a fire rating class 0.

Who are Insulated Homes Ltd?
Insulated Homes is a company dedicated to improving the
thermal efficiency of your home, lowering your fuel costs,
reducing carbon emissions and making your home
maintenance free.
We have been installing external wall insulation and refurbishing park homes since 1993,
we work for private individuals, Councils and Housing Agencies throughout England, and
Wales and our reputation in unsurpassed within the industry.
Our ideology for a solid and continuous client relationship is an unrivalled service,
combined with the most thermally efficient insulation systems for park homes available.

Raising Standards
We are the ONLY installer of EPS External wall
insulation to carry a full manufactures BBA &
fire rating class 0 certification for Park
Homes. This is supported by a full insurancebacked guarantee covering a period of 25
We were awarded the British Standard
PAS2030 in February of 2013 and became approved Green Deal Installers. In January 2015
we were then awarded the accreditation of
Green Deal Assessor and are qualified to
recommend the best measures for insulating
your property.
As a Company our processes, procedures, insulation system and staff went through a rigorous assessment to as they do each year to
insure all aspects of our work, adheres to the
strict Government guidelines in relation to
the application of external wall insulation.
Our external wall insulation systems can be
applied regardless of construction complexities, has undergone strict testing by BBA
(British Board of Agreement) and carries a
fire rating class 0 the same as a bricks and
mortar house, the
highest that can be

All our products are recycled where possible.
The energy expelled in the manufacturing
process for these systems is more than
recouped in the thermal benefits they
provide and in the reduction of carbon
We have the very highest standards of work
ethics starting from surveying your home,
installing your required works and a full
aftercare service.
All our installation teams are fully approved
by each of the manufacturers systems we
install, be it external wall insulation, or
refurbishment projects.
Our install teams work to a strict code of ethics and carry out all work with as little
disturbance to the home owner as possible,
they are courteous, polite, extremely tidy and
take great pride and care in the work they do.

As a client of Insulated Homes you may decide to use all or a combination of our products
and services to meet your individual requirements. Whichever you decide you can be
assured of 100% security in service, product and installation.

Why Choose External wall Insulation?
Government studies have been carried out on many methods of insulation both
internal and external. These studies have been shown that an exterior insulation
system will radically improve the thermal insulation properties of your home by
reducing heat loss with savings of up to 50% on fuel bills.
A ten year old park home is traditionally built using a 2” X 1” timber
frame, with 1 1/2” fibreglass insulation sandwiched between the

Beware Imitations!

inner and outer sheets of 6mm exterior quality ply. The outer ply sheet
is then coated in a rubberised paint which needs to be repainted ideally
every two years to stop the paint from cracking and moisture getting in
and being trapped between the paint and the ply sheet, which, will
cause the outer ply sheets and frame work of the home to rot through.

Flatteringly, within the park
home industry there are
now many companies who
over the past few years
have tried to copy our
external wall insulation
Over a short period of time all fibreglass insulation starts to sag
system, or who offer an
downwards leaving no insulation in the walls. You only need to turn off
insulation system they have
your central heating to see how quickly your home becomes cold, or on
put together themselves.
a sunny day to feel it can be hotter inside your home than out. You
may have even noticed damp or condensation particularly in a
bedroom and on a corner wall, behind a bed or in a wardrobe. This is
due to the lack of insulation to the walls of your home.

Our external wall insulation has many benefits:

Stops the heat escaping in the winter

Keeps your home cooler in summer

Eradicates damp and condensation

Reduces noise intrusion

Increases your homes aesthetics and value

Protect the outer skin of your home from any
future deterioration

Unfortunately many of
these companies have no
recognised thermal testing
certificates or have not
been properly trained for
the application of installing
external wall insulation on
park homes. In addition,
some companies use
insulation panels that are
thinner or inferior in
quality, provide far less
thermal efficiency and may
often be incorrectly

“Since our installation our gas bottle usage has
more than halved and our home looks wonderful
Mrs Curtis, Church Crookham
Our insulation system has BBA (British Board of Agrement) certification for park homes
and also carries a certified fire rating class 0 specifically for park homes, allowing us to
reduce the distance between homes to 5.25 metres from 6 metres apart.

Your Free Surveyor Visit
Before installation can commence, a home visit is arranged with one of our
fully trained park homes surveyors. Each have their ACOPS gas certificate,
are qualified Domestic Energy Advisors and Green Deal Advisors plus have
a wealth of knowledge in the construction complexities of a park home.
Our surveyors will carry out a thorough and detailed survey of your home
and prepare a free of charge written quotation which will clearly show the
costs of your requested works. There are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS, when we
have sent you the quotation they will not be changed. We do not pressure
sell, we will not call you without a valid reason and NO contracts are ever
signed on the day of the survey.

Three-Layer External Wall Insulation System

“It’s like
a padded,
jacket over
your home”

Neopor - The next generation in insulation
For many years we had been installing a 60mm thick white polystyrene, the thermal properties as many
of our customers would know have made a great difference to the thermal properties of their homes,
with savings on fuel bills of up to 35%.
As a company we are constantly striving to improve
the insulation standards and thermal properties of
park homes. After much research we swapped our
insulation from the white EPS to Neopor Premium the
most thermally efficient EPS insulation panel in the
With Neopor, the classic EPS has taken one step
further. The Vital Difference can be seen with the
naked eye in the silver- grey colour. In Neopor
graphite is added to the material, absorbing and
reflecting heat radiation and improving the insulation
performance of white EPS by over 20% and due to the outstanding heat insulation properties of Neopor
insulation panels, better coefficients can be achieved.
Neopor insulation Panels offer greater insulation performance and up to 50% lower use of materials
than conventional EPS, helping environmental conservation and saving money. Environmentally-friendly
Neopor insulation panels do not contain CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs or other halogenated cell gases. They
contain air as the cell gas, which guarantees the preservation of the thermal productivity throughout the
life of the construction. As a product it does not deteriorate and being extremely lightweight will not put
any pressure or stress on your home.
By installing the Neopor insulation panel as opposed to standard white polystyrene means a better
thermal performance than standard white polystyrene, thereby saving you money on fuel costs.
Whatever the substrate, our Neopor insulation panels provide a level surface onto which our breathable
and waterproof render is applied.

Middle Layer of Render
Directly on to the Neopor insulation panel, we apply a first
layer or render into which is trowelled a fibreglass
reinforcing mesh. This reinforcing mesh is overlapped by 4
inches on all joins and another very thin coat of render is
then applied over the embedded fibreglass mesh. By
sandwiching the mesh within the two layers of render
means no future cracking and at the same time binds the
whole system together providing additional strength and no
movement to the walls of your home. Fibreglass stress
panels are also added to all window and door reveals
ensuring absolutely no cracking at the weakest points.
The walls are then
left for the renders
to carbonate and
dry before the top
coat colour can be

The Ultimate Silicone Top Coat
Our unique silicone top coat provides a maintenance free
finish which literally means NO PAINTING every two or
three years.
Unlike grit or shell finishes our silicone top coat is non
abrasive and will not peel or drop off and unlike PVC or
paint will not become brittle and crack.
Our silicone top coat is water repellent and frost resistant
to -60 degrees and is made using only premium raw
materials and contains very high quantities of marble
granules, one of the hardest and finest of natural stone.
This combined with a built-in UV protection insures a
durable, non-abrasive, maintenance free finish, that only
requires a hose pipe or power wash to clean.
The manufacturing process, in which the top coat is
produced, offers and infinite choice of colour, this colour
permeates through the top coat.

Installation of our External
Wall Insulation System
On the day work commences any
rotten ply and frame is removed and
replaced, the site is then
prepared by removing all protruding
trims and objects from the exterior
walls of your home.
An aluminium starter rail is then
mechanically fixed to the base of the
home and the square edged Neopor
insulation panels are then fitted
using EJOT stainless steel fixings that
are sleeved in PVC to prevent rusting
or cold bridging.
Due to movement of a mobile home
it is essential that the insulation
panels are square edged and not
tongue and grooved. The square
edged panels allow any visible gaps
to be filled using expanded fire
proof foam, this foam ensures your
home is completely sealed with
insulation and no movement,
thermal bridging or mortar seepage
can occur.
Recessed reveals are created at
windows and doors due to the
thickness of the Neopor insulation
panel. At all reveals a shock resistant
corner bead that has a built in mesh
is attached to the Neopor insulation
panels. Outer window cills are installed giving the aesthetic look
when completed of any traditionally
built house.

Full Park Home Refurbishment Service
Metrotile Roofing System
Park Homes lose over 30% of their heat through their roof
as they are only insulated using 75mm of Rockwool. Over
time the Rockwool sags, mats and provides little, if any,
thermal performance or heat retention. This is why we use
the same Neopor insulation panels in the roof void as we
do when insulating the walls of your home, as Neopor
provides the highest form of insulation possible and will
not deteriorate over time.
The roof void on a park home MUST BE WELL VENTILATED
to allow air circulation so as not to create
condensation,Neopor being only 60mm thick, allows both air
circulation and maximum heat retention.
All roof trusses we construct are built using 3inch X 2inch timbers and
all batons are 2inch X 1inch, all timbers are tanalized for longevity of
life. The A frames are cross braced for
additional strength and we only use the
highest quality breathable felt as
specified by the tile manufacturer
If your existing roof has no overhang we will extend the roof line by 6” on all sides to make
it look like a brand new home and we install vents along the soffit line and in the gable
At Insulated Homes we automatically install PVCu soffits, fascia, gutters and downpipes,
again ensuring a maintenance free home. Roof tiles are made from the highest grade
roofing steel and coated with Aluzinc R as well a textured granular weatherproof finish.
Unique among this type of roofing material, we offer a forty year guarantee.

UPVCu Fascia, Soffits, Gutters and Downpipes
To protect your existing fascia and soffits from rotting
and to eliminate the need for future maintenance,
we can install new UPVCu fascia, soffits, gutters and

Double Glazed Windows and Doors
Due to the construction of a park home, traditional
windows offer the wrong profile. Basically the PVC
90mm frames are too large for the 70mm overall wall
frame thickness of a park home. A traditional window will protrude and allow water to ingress and rot
the framework and external and internal ply walls.
We only install “odleg,” slim profile windows, which have a 70mm PVC frame. The odleg
frame window is specifically designed for park homes and has a
30mm lip on the outer edge of the PVC frame, which seals to the
external ply skin, guaranteeing no water intrusion.
All our windows have a 28mm double glazed sealed unit made
with Pilkington energy glass and are Argon gas filled for
maximum energy efficiency.

Our window frames are made from quality PVC with a minimum of 8 locking points and all
our windows can be locked open for air ventilation and maximum security.
Bay windows have an 18mm marine ply base with a 9mm marine ply hood. The hood can
be coated in our silicone top coat to match the colour of your external walls or tiled to
match your existing roof. To save the need for internal painting and ease of cleaning we
install a UPVC cill and header over the internal ply. We offer a choice of white, mahogany
or walnut finishes for the frame and sealed units can include leaded or Georgian bars and
even stained glass for that touch of individualism.

Park Home Skirting
Our Fibreglass skirting panels are a durable material that does
not rot or deteriorate and requires no maintenance. If desired
they can be painted to coordinate with the exterior colour of
your home. Our molded corner panels mean no jagged edges or
unsightly gaps. Access panels can be incorporated at any
position and any size opening you require. Our fiberglass skirting
costs only a fraction of the price of traditional Cotswold Stone or
Brick to install yet have the same visual appearance.

Again made of Fiberglass and in a Cotswold stone
effect our quoinins will enhance the external appearance of your home. They can be applied in a number
of ways to achieve your individual look and style.
“You are the first ever company we have dealt with who
have done exactly what they said they would!”
Mrs Staniforth, Bath

Porches, Sun Lounges and Extensions
Insulated Homes reputation for outstanding workmanship and only the best quality materials in unsurpassed within the park home industry. We provide a full design and build service specific to your individual requirements, and work on a fixed fee contract basis, with
absolutely no hidden costs.
Every Insulated Homes build project is carried out with maximum insulation and minimal
maintenance in mind.
All timbers are tanalized, all floors are 18mm marine ply and all frame cavities are filled
with our amazing thermally efficient, Neopor insulation panels inside and out.
When you need extra space, an extension, porch or sun lounge is the obvious choice if surrounding space permits.
The first thing to decide is what the new space will
be used for and where it will be positioned in relation to your home. We offer help and guidance
with planning and layout, such as, where to position lighting, sockets, switches, radiators and even
the best place to position furniture. You may even
wish to change a flat window into a set of French
doors to allow easy access for furniture or onto a

What our customers say...

“We are so pleased

With Thanks

“A big thanks for
the fantastic

Your workmen
were very good
and lots of our
neighbours have
commented just
how fantastic our
home now looks!

Thank you

company in all
aspects of communication and workmanship.
Mr & Mrs Porter,

Mr & Mrs Sawford,

Mrs Laker, Essex

Mr and Mrs Rosenbach, Dawlish

You are a very

with the Insulation
system it has made
such a huge
difference to our
home, we are now
finally warm!”

I am extremely
pleased with the
look of my home .
Mr Woods , Essex

“I now have a brand new
home that is so cheap to
heat we rarely even turn
the heating on, my home
is so warm now the
works have been done.
Again a big, big thank
you to you and your
Mr Watson, Guildford

“I have recently had a £600 gas rebate and have halved my direct
debits for fuel bills. I would highly recommend your insulation
system to other park home owners. “ Mr & Mrs Freeston, Devon

Insulated Homes Ltd.
Horselake Farm Cheriton Bishop Exeter Devon EX6 6HD
tel: 01647 24599 email:

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