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Brigadian behavior would have been wrong if it had been done so before January 2014. After
someone gives another person a bitter feeling and memory, one is not expected to show
sensibility, and Nancian family had forfeited the right to judge what was wrong or right because
it was the wrong and sin perpetrated by them. For Brigade, it was like washing off of entire
history of that decade for not even a single fault on his part. His worship and sacrifice was
dubbed as a torture and God will tell them what the torture actually means. Amen!
They shattered his dream and thus none of their dream will ever come true. Brigade is not
frustrated because he is confidant about his future which will never come with cheating or
thuggery; Brigade is already free from all the bonds of Moh and Maya for the last one year with
the only exception that he has not yet learnt to accept the wrong behaviours of others.
Brigade's heart pains when he does such things as to cause mental disturbance to them,
though according to Brigadian philosophy, it is morally right and they have no option but to
accept it because they themselves have left the stigma for him. Despite after such a treachery,
Brigade had ultimately forgiven them with a guarantee that he would not do anything or
speak anything against her. Brigade knows that they can’t live anywhere in peace till eternity
because they can’t get rid of the main thing which is into their DNA; they can’t also change the
whole world to have a peaceful existence. This problem is over; another will come in their life
(afterall Brigade was not the only person they were dealing with or will have to deal with); if
they gained from here, they will lose somewhere else. They cheated Brigade and someone
(including God) will cheat them of the most valuable thing leaving them to wail and cry in
despair just as they had left the Brigade into. God might have already made Nancy learn that it
is impossible to find another brigade in the field she is; for her whole life she would have to
switch jobs so long as she does not become ugly. A woman without a husband is treated like a
“common property” or a thoroughfare where everyone likes to “trespass”, and she will learn it a
hard way. So why will Brigade ever disturb those whose whole life is going to be a
disturbance without his committing a sin?
Brigade also forgave them because he can’t wish something wrong for them, for he knows
that ultimately they all have to leave this world, one by one, and all their self-assumed
happiness arising out of cheating others will turn into ashes with them or will rot in the
grave; nothing will go with them permanently except the karma’s. And whatever they snatched
from Brigade was also mortal - that thing can stay with them for a while. And also that in such a
case he himself would be an ultimate loser because he will have to live with their memory and
with inability to convey his messages to them. They will be reborn somewhere else, away and
unknown from Brigade which Brigade can never accept it even in the wildest of his dreams. Even
if they are his adversaries or they don’t like him after knowing that he would not give them any

benefit and it would be better to entrap another guy by speaking the same things, behaving in
the same manner, Brigades doesn’t give two hoots to them because they are still under the same
sky and the sun and on the same earth. Atleast at present he can think of them, rebuke them,
but, after they are no more or one of them is no more in this cruel world, he will have no
option but to wish God to bring them back to life. He would surely go to offer annually the
flowers/bouquets on their grave or funeral places, with a prayer to meet them in the next
birth but with incorruptible minds. Brigade has not learnt to leave even the dead ones in the
lurch, not to speak of living beings. Unfortunately they never realized that their happiness was
always the happiness of Brigade; their sorrow, the sorrow of Brigade; their loss, the loss of
Brigade; their enemy, the worst creature in the eyes of Brigade. For his Nancy, Brigade could kill
or get killed easily without a second thought.
Brigade never thought in his life that his Nancy was so insecure that she would like to snap ties
of Brigade with the Titan. Idiot she was because she did not know that, the Titan was reigning
supreme and, thus, for Brigade, he was a person worth respecting. Brigade can neither
betray Nancy nor the Titan - atleast not in this life. He contacted them to make them realize
of Titan’s value which was hitherto ignored by them. It is a psychological law that when you
meet someone new you compare him to the previous one you earlier hated and it is the
human tendency to close all earlier fronts (battle fields) or to value/remember the good
deeds of the previous person/enemy when one sees the new front opening onto them. (That
was the real mission/strategy). Titan was never like Brigade in certain matters and his
contacting him would have given Nancian family certain goosebumps due to which they had
been constrained to remember his good deeds to counter Brigadian misdeeds and his habit of
avenging everyone without fail. Brigade’s purpose was something different which was
accomplished successfully.
Now my prayers to God are to send my Nancy as my daughter soon by the end of next year; if
my love for her was true, it will happen. If it does not happen, I allow everyone to treat my
love as a fake and ordinary love. Now having a daughter (Nancy) is better than a son (Brigade)
because women can easily find a rich lover and can extract money with commands, but Brigades
get lost in others’ Nancies and destroy the hard earned money.
Brigadian Little Angel thought that Brigade was up to something sinister or he would do
something which he did with her friend earlier. She was wrong when yesterday she asked the
Titan to withdraw from whatsapp before meeting her. Brigade can never defame his Nancy or
anyone before others except her own people. It is true that, for Brigade, “it” was like a tragedy
but he handled it well otherwise his ruffled feelings would not have been tamed by anyone. He
always kept himself busy with a lot of things to distract his mind and had to spend a lot of money
for this purpose and he is still doing the same even now so that he may be in the company of new
things. It is the free time or boredom which create animosity and when we come across
something new or someone new, only then one does not think of the past/useless things.
Anyways here is the new item for Brigade today and it will keep him busy this month; in the next
month, he would buy something else to keep him engaged. Benefit of it is that he is now reaping
the benefits of all worldly pleasures. It is Brigade’s hard-earned money and not the outcome

of any thuggery or savings due to cheating or thuggery or income earned out of daughters or
sons. BELIEVE HIM, It is also not from even a single penny from his wife’s money..unlike
other women who order their spouses to send this or that or that much of money. Brigade
never did such a thing because Nancy wanted to keep his wife under her control - controlling her
amounted to controlling her finances too. Afterall how long can a frustrated, jealous and
lovelorn woman can live long? Brigade’s “innocent” Nancy would not believe that there are some
women out here in the society who even demand the hard earned money of their husbands for
charity and money-lending on the pretext of birthdays or anniversaries etc. but hardly give
anything in return to their husbands.

For Brigade, the chapter is permanently closed, for he has left everything to God. There is
no hell or heaven away from the earth; it is here, in the same life. His main aim during the
last few weeks was to know their new address of Nancy and he has got the same for the same.
(Now Nancy must have got the idea behind all those strategies and Brigadian acts to distract
their minds to guess what he was up to.) Mere locality name with a little bit of clue as to the
direction was enough for Brigade to jot down the rest of the information through Google and
others. Soon he will be sending a parcel to Nancy anonymously on the address collected to
confirm it (because he believes blindly in none) by tracking the deliver/nondelivery from the
national Speed Post tracking registry. If it fails, he will place a prepaid or CoD order with Flipkart
and the Flipkart executives/courier guys can find her in the entire city, not to speak of just one
area, as they get a commission from every delivery (which they don’t easily reveal to anyone)
and deduction of their incentives if they fail to find the addressee. If she refuses to receive or
receives it, in both cases, her signs will be procured or remarks noted down by the delivery-boy
(in case of refusal of accept) and uploaded onto the website of FedEX/Flipkart delivery website
with complete address which these guys write after delivering the item and reaching back to
their offices after 8 PM before updating status online. (This is called applying knowledge or
education or commonsense in other things of life. Of course, brigade verified this process by
sending them a few little gifts sometime ago.) His Nancy snapped ties from me, he didn’t.

Best wishes for the belated but “reinforced honeymoon” with the Titan tonight! (Nancy
blushes, blushes,, blushes......). Be careful from April through August 2016 to avert a tragedy
(Astrological prediction of 7 astrologers which Brigade has been predicting since 2014). Adios.

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