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THE ER N SOCI A L INTER ACTION PR INCIPLES TH AT GOV 1 The contents of this book are protected by copyright laws, and are the property of their owners. When you download copyrighted material you do not obtain any ownership rights in that material. You may freely distribute the contents of our ebook, as long as you do not modify them in any way or use them for commercial purposes. This includes posting any portion out of context. Either you must post the ebook contents in their ENTIRETY or refrain completely from posting or quoting individual, isolated passages or content. The same rule also applies to all Manhood Academy site content. Anything posted from the website REQUIRES a hyperlink back to the original sourced content. When reproducing the material in the ebook or any portion of it, you must also reference its source: This ebook is free to download at If you paid for this material from some other site, get a refund—you got scammed! This work is continually being updated for clarity and accuracy. You are reading version 1.1.8 This book is dedicated to all the embarrassed and frustrated men around the world. Your failures became the impetus for seeking a competent understanding of social interactions. You did not fail in vain. Special thanks to Dr. LeDice who brought much needed clarity to this work. Without him, this would still be just a jungle of disjointed ideas. And thank you to all the students at Manhood 2 ! Some Symptoms How To Spot A Serial Killer Why are you like this?


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