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Aligning with the Symbiotic Current .pdf

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The Chthonic-Symbiotic Current

The Intention of This Material

These instructions aim to destroy ego-based hierarchical thinking within ourselves,
and within our society. We do so as part of our larger intention to destroy all
oppressive hierarchical social systems.

We aim to unite all human consciousness in sacred comm-union, and to create a
single collective global mind. A collective apotheosis, in which all humankind is
deified as one.

The Symbiotic Current

The most significant driver in evolution is Symbiogenesis- the process by which
simple cells merged to create complex cells, and the process by which complex cells
combine to create multicellular organisms, and eventually the way that we will
merge into a single god-like consciousness.

Symbiogenesis is driven by what we call the symbiotic current- it can essentially be
understood as an inward-drawing force analogous to gravity, but which affects the
socio-political rather than the physical. Much like gravity causes dust to coalesce
into planets, the symbiotic current causes individuals to unite into a godlike whole.

The Enemy

Oppressive hierarchical forces can be understood as a repulsive, outward force
which acts in opposition to the inward symbiotic current. The Ideologies of
Capitalism and Fascism, as well as the symbols associated with them, are conduits
for this repulsive force.

In order for us to align with the symbiotic current and commence the
Symbiogenesis, the repulsive current must be completely disrupted and destroyed.

The Battlefield

The conflict between these energies is expressed within the battlefield of the
symbolic/ideological ecosystem. Thus, in order to channel the chthonic-symbiotic
current, we must become symbolic-conceptual engineers- we must craft symbolism
and thoughtforms designed to channel the symbiotic current, and we both meditate
on and spread these symbols and thoughtforms in order to further align ourselves
and the world with this psychical resonance.

Metaphysics of the Currents

The two currents can be understood as resonating outward from two different
singularities, or monads- the potential final omega monad, formed after the big
crunch, is the source for the symbiotic current, while the alpha monad from which
the big bang came is the source of the repulsive current.

Dark matter can be understood as an extension of this symbiotic current, while dark
energy is an extension of the repulsive current.

The repulsive current is the outward-pushing force which commenced the big bang,
but at the current state of the universe, the over-abundance of this current will
result in the heat death of the universe.

Thus, to avert this we must tap into the resonance of the symbiotic current, and to
become in touch with the potential omega monad in order to counteract this and
avert the heat death of the universe.

The symbiotic current binds the universe. The repulsive current tears the universe.


You are standing in a field of grain. This field goes on for miles in all directions, and
the only thing you can see for miles is a single massive tree. It’s leaves are a brilliant
red, just like the sunset. As you walk toward the tree, you feel relaxed and at ease.
You feel your blood coursing through you. You feel your heart beating.

Soon you are standing directly in front of the tree. You reach out to touch the surface
of it, and you find it is warm, like human skin. The tree begins to open up from the
point you are touching, opening to reveal a massive hollow interior. You know you
must enter the body of the tree, and you are not afraid.

As you enter the tree, it closes around you, enveloping you. It feels warm and soft,
and you are not afraid. You feel yourself moving downward, as the tree carries you
into the earth. Downward and inward. Downward and inward.

You find yourself in a chamber deep underground. A soft red glow is all around you.
You see one other person in the chamber, sitting on the ground. It seems like they
have been waiting for you.

“Come to me, friend. Let me remove those ropes from your hands.”

You look down at your hands, and you realize they are bound together with ropes.
They have been tied all this time, but somehow you did not even realize it.

They cut the knot with a curved blade, and the ropes fall off your hands to the soft
earth beneath your feet. You feel relieved to be freed from the restraint of the ropes.

They offer you a cup filled with honey.

“Know this- we are one will, we are one being. All hierarchy is illusion-do not be
fooled by the liar who claims to be above you, who would prevent you from knowing
oneness. Cut through the illusion, destroy all hierarchy, and know Apotheosis. ”

You drink the honey, and this truth becomes part of you.

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