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ProjectOnlineIncome2010 .pdf

Original filename: ProjectOnlineIncome2010.pdf
Title: Project Online Income '2010
Author: Cole N

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My experience in making money online

A Free eBook report by ColeN, author of the ProjectOnlineIncome blog. You are free to
reprint and give this report away for free as long as all links and content remains intact.

The PROJECT ONLINE INCOME '2010 free ebook report contains original articles of
ProjectOnlineIncome blog, not yet published texts and links as well links to third party
sites and programs. All content provided is FREE and most of the sites offer free
membership for their programs.
I suggest You to read the whole report once before starting to join selected programs.
Hope You'll find this eBook report interesting and usefull.
To start your own online success, just follow some rules – the bold text. Bold red texts
you'll find in this report are DO's and DONT's of what should and what should't do to
achive the goal of this project – TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Not having a job is a very frustrating thing in a country with high unemployment rate.
During few months without appropriate job and having too much spare time and
internet, I was (same as You) searching for strategies of making money online and have
find a few ways that might work. An easy ways, some even interesting and fun, and the
best is - they cost nothing.
I decided to try all of them, starting from absolute ZERO, with no funds, no investments
at all. With few ideas, some knowledge of web design and graphics, ZERO funds, only
an internet connection, enough spare time and a will to accomplish the task.

Before the Start
Every start is hard, mine was too. The worst was the mistake I did – I quit my underpaid
job. DONT DO THIS unless you already have an alternative income/s that brings the
same amount of money (or more) than your current daily job.
With a lot of spare time I was sitting behind my computer, surfing the net in search of a
new job. While surfing I've found a several articles about Multiple Streams of Income.
In short, they suggest generating income from multiple sources – several different
opportunities to earn money with little or no effort, each not too much time consuming,
all together working in the same time. This sounds like a dream of a lazy man, but
makes sense in a way. Generating a fortune (100-200K in 3 months or less, as some
internet gurus says, is impossible when starting from nothing), but making a steady 3-5
different income streams that together replace your monthly salary month after
month is a realistic objective to achieve.
After 2-3 months of extensive internet research and many hours behind a computer, I
had a plan where to start and how, and it will cost me nothing.

The Plan
During the months of research I've gathered a list of possible ways to earn money online
and put them on an EXCELL spreadsheet. When categorized from simplest to the most
complex the list looks like this:
– PTC, PTR, PTP, Paid to surf programs, HYIPs, online competitions
(advertized as “Get paid for something you already doing”)
– Earn by using your skills and expertize (also known as work from home) e.g.
Freelancing, counseling, writing, typing, virtual assistance and helpdesk
– Selling my own, or other people's products and services
– Building a network of sites that offer some or all above
With a list created and double checked, I have all the tools I need:

A computer with internet connection
Web browser (Firefox preferred for its many add-ons that can help a lot)
My list of sites to visit, review, and join
Some common software as notepad, calculator and image viewer.
A will to achieve the goal – to make money online

I was in lack of money and a payment processor as my credit card was empty and
blocked by the bank, but it was not a big problem since the sites on my list were
absolutely free to join and do not need to pay anything Although paid upgrades was
available for later. With the upgraded membership many useful benefits come, but when
starting a free membership is always a good solution.
Before starting, I need one more thing.

Payment Service Provider (PSP)
If you want to buy/sell on the internet you'll need a credit card or other conventional
method/currency!? Credit cards are widely used everywhere but what if you don't have
one or don't want to use it online.
There are online payment systems (web currencies or a virtual money) that can be used
for payments. They offer a fast way for sending and receiving money, transaction
security as credit card processors and usually a low fees. Joining them is free and most
of them have not monthly or setup fees, just a small transaction fee.
PayPal is widely used in online shopping carts, usage is easy as all major e-shops have it
integrated. There is a BUY NOW and Donation buttons as option which are as easy to
set up - copy/paste a few lines of code into your site. With it can add/receive funds
directly to a credit card. Largest sites use and accept PayPal.
Another widely used payment method is Moneybookers. It works similar as PayPal
with little differences. It is used worldwide and you can receive fund to your bank
account directly or by check.
WebMoney is a payment solution found and operated in Russia. It has more advanced
security than previous.
AlertPay is another online payment system that complements with previous. Mostly used

in PTC programs.
Beside those, there are many more online payment service providers, some offered by
the search engines themself such as Google checkout and Yahoo Wallet. A complete list
of online payment systems can be found here.

And I've started with the most simple ones, the ones that require no technical skills at
all: PTC, PTR, auto surf programs, HYIPs, freerolls, paid to play games and

PTC (Paid to click) and PayToView is a usually a site where you register for free and
after that you start browsing the sites advertized by the PTC site and get paid for it.
You'll have to click on an advertisement, view the adds ore a site for 10-30 second and
click the appropriate image or text get credited for your click and to go to next. Some
sites get you back on the browse ads page.
For every click you are paid in credits/points or in cash. Points sometimes may be
exchanged for cash or You may use them as advertising credits to put your site/s to be
viewed by other members of the PTC to get views and visitors. This might be useful
for getting visitors and building traffic for your site.
Payment rates are usually 0.01$ (eg 1 cent) per click/view or less, so don't expect too
much. As the payment rates are low another way to increase earnings is to get referrals
– members that signed membership on a site under your recommendation (you as the
referrer, refer them to join and get a percentage or a fix amount for this). Acquiring
a referrals is another way to make money which will be discussed later in another
There are many PTC and some have worked. But is that really profitable to click
hundreds of sites for 1 dollar!?? Don't think so. Personally I've skipped this method.
But if you still want to start with PTC, I recommend you these ones:

NeoBux is a PTC site where you click on adds , they open in new window and You have
view the site for 30 seconds and be paid 0.01$ per clicked add. Reviews and research
says that NeoBux is working and pays its member thru Alertpay or PayPal but the real
income potential of this site is to build referral network. More referrals – more income
thru commissions as this site have several referral levels and you can even buy
“clicksters” (other member to click adds for you). As a free member you have only 4
clicks a day (0.04$)!!!
ClixSense is more traditional PTC. You'll have to click on the Browse ads button to see
the list of available ads and by clicking an ad an advertized site will open in new
window. Wait for 30 seconds to be credited for viewing it and to click the next ad. Since
the clicks are valued at 0.01$ (eg 1 cent).The site offers a PPC campaigns and you can
convert your earnings into clicks and start promoting your site/s.
This site also offers an affiliate program and a paid membership (10$ fee). Paid
members have a lot more ads to click and a potential to earn more (up to 5$ daily from
clicks only). Referral program gives even more earning potential. Payments and
upgrades are made thru Alertpay.
At WordLinx you can also get paid 0.01$ per clicked ad.
There are many more PTC sites but don't expect to earn more than a buck daily from a
PTC if you don't upgrade your membership and have referred many new members.

Autosurf & Paid to Surf program (PTS)
Same as PTC, but you don't have to click, the advertised sites rotate automatically after
some time interval. In fact you're paid for surfing. This kind of sites are rare and the
existing one are often SCAM.
Very similar to PTC and PTS are traffic exchange sites where instead of earning money
for surfing or clicking and viewing ads, you earn credits/points which can be exchanged
for traffic to your site/s. This is very useful for building traffic.

PTR (PaidToRead) sites are similar to PTC but you're reading instead of clicking.
LinkReferral is a site of this type in a matter of fact. WordLinx also have this option.
There are lot of sites that pays for reading e-mails but your mailbox will filled with
mails and a payment may not come.

PTP (PaidToPromote) sites have elements of all previous. Their purpose is to promote
rotated sites thru clicking ads, surfing, reading ads and e-mails, vote and rate sites etc.
Payment for these tasks is in cash or points.
LinkReferral is one site of this type. It is good for a traffic exchange with other
members. You click and browse other member's sites rate them and write a reviews,
getting same for your site/s and building links but the amount of traffic is not so large.
Have an affiliate program.
WordLinx is another good PTP site
But the same rule applies: You'll not get earn much unless have a lot of referrals.

HYIP stands for High Yield Invesment Programs. HYIP is way of investment thru a web
site to get you a high profit. You pay 100$ and in 10 days you get 200$ or something
like that. This sounds good, but be very carefull with these sites, 99% are SCAMs and
after you join and deposit amount you get nothing, not even the money you have
invested or even worse the site doesn't disappears in a week. To avoid fraud and not get
burnt, simply forget this method.

Freerolls and get paid to play programs and competitions
FREEROLL - as the name says it all, its a free competition for real prizes. Competition
varies from poker tournaments, to competitions in some not so popular games such as
Yahtzee, backgammon and Mahjong. A bit hard to find, there are some really good
freerolls on the net (on the betting sites).
There are sites where you get paid for playing games. One of these places is
PaidGamePlayer where you play games in a competitions and win prizes and points.
If you're a soccer fan or a tipster you can find a list of free tipster competitions and a lot
more related info at: Soccer tips - Sportska.

There are many competitions in many categories other than games and gambling such
as: photo contests, logo contests, a best article, the funniest photo etc. You'll have to
search for a particular type and join the contest to win some of the prizes. Even some
large sites are making contests from time to time.
All the above methods are free to join and doesn't require any knowledge and
particular skills. But be aware that you'll not earn more then a buck a day (except for
contests and freerolls if you qualify for a prize).

While the previous methods are easy and You don't need any skills to participate, their
earning potential is sometimes questionable.
Now its time to get a real hard work and use all your professional skills, knowledge and
experience. You will do the work you usually do at your workplace but this time from a
comfort of your home. These opportunities are: freelancing, counseling, writing, typing,
virtual assistance and help desk support.

Freelancing e.g. working as a freelancer means working something you want to do,
using your skills and expertize. If you have skills in writing, programming, graphic and
web design, data entry jobs, consulting, tech support, marketing and promoting etc.
freelancing is the right opportunity for you to make an extra income online.
What do you need? Almost nothing - just your skills (a computer and internet if needed)
and after a registration (which is free) you'll be able to apply for jobs and projects and
get paid for it.

Some of the best places to start as a freelancer are:
Freelancer.com (previously known as GetAFreelancer) is one of the largest sites of its
kind and growing. Its very easy and intuitive to use, so I recommend you to start on this
one. Several hundred new projects in many categories are posted every day and
possibilities are many. Registration is free and you can use it to bid (apply) on projects.
In the start you are limited in the number of bids you can placed but that number will
grow with every month and with every project you'll win and successfully completed or
you can upgrade to Gold member and avoid this limit. For every successful job you'll
finish you get a review from a buyer and a payment thru the site's escrow system which
money can be transferred from your account at Freelancer to your PayPal,
Moneybookers, or a debit card issued thru the site which can be very handy because it is
accepted online and on every ATM worldwide.
Scriptlance.com is another great site for a freelancer's start. Very similar to previous and
with almost same functionality and even easier to use. You're not limited in bidding
quota (I think).
oDesk is another freelance site, a bit different from the previous two. Beside the weekly
quota of 20 bids the site offers its custom software for communication between
freelancer and the buyer and provides the buyer abbility to monitor the freelancer's
work. This is so, because on oDesk the jobs are classified as fixed (with a fixed price per
project) and hourly (buyer is billed hourly, depending of the lenght of the work
freelancer is payed by hour). Payment is thru escrow and a freelancer have several
options to withdraw his money just as on Freelancer and Scriptlance
vWorker (formerly Rent A Coder) is one of the oldest sites of its kind. Have simmillar
functionality and a little different look. Although it is very easy to search for projects
and bid on it, providing samples if necessary. All conversation between buyer and the
freelancer including sending files is thru the site' s interface.
Other sites worth to be mentioned but some additional rules may apply:
Get a Coder - similar to above
Guru - is a great place to find computer related jobs (20 bids quota)
EU Freelance - a division of Freelancer
iFreelance - good place to search for jobs but think it requires paid membership
eLance - offers many different job categories but small bid quota (10 a month)

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