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The author wishes to thank the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for its kind
permission to reproduce two figures from their report, Tritium in the Canadian Environment:
Levels and Health Effects. Report RSP-0153-1. Prepared for the Canadian Nuclear Safety
Commission under CNSC contract no. 87055-01-0184 by Ranasara Consultants and Richard
Osborne. The author wishes to acknowledge that the approach used in chapters 5 to 8 below
is adapted from that used in the CNSC report. However the dosimetric conclusions in the
present report differ considerably from those in the CNSC report.
The author thanks Norm Rubin, Shawn-Patrick Stensil, David Martin, Jake Torrie and the
librarians at the Scitech department of the British Library for helping to obtain references. The
author also thanks a number of scientists who have provided insights and help in their
reviews of drafts of this report, but who wish to remain anonymous.
Any mistakes, of course, remain the sole responsibility of the author.
Dr Ian Fairlie
United Kingdom
May 2007