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To: Chapel Hill Town Manager
From: Rui Chen
Date: 4/24/2015
Re: Proposed Roberson Square Development

Project Description
Roberson Square is proposed to be a mixed-use development with retail, office and
residential areas. The development plan proposed is to consist of one building with

1st floor: Retail

12,000 square feet
Employ 36 persons

2nd floor: Office

19,000 square feet
Employ 57 persons

3rd – 5th floor: Residential

18 dwelling units
47 residents

The development site is located at a currently vacant lot on the southeast corner of
Roberson Street and Sweet Bay Place. It is within the downtown of Carrboro.
Purpose of Assessment
The following Impact Assessment report details specific areas of concern for
communities when considering a new development: Public Service, Traffic, Water
and Wastewater Service, Stormwater, and Climate Change impact to the
development, the surrounding area, and the Town of Carrboro. The purpose of this
assessment is to evaluate possible impacts that Roberson Square development will
generate, identify their influence on the Town of Carrboro, and provide alternatives to
mitigate adverse effects of this development.
Assessment Procedures
The report evaluates pre-development conditions and post-development conditions
under each impact area. Based on the pre- and post-development comparison, the
report measure whether the project has negative impact on the Town mainly
according to Town standards. In light of the evaluation results, the report identifies
responsibility and possible mitigation measures.