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Section 4 - About this document

This document will be distributed in printed format, but is also available for
inspection and download on the internet via my website –
Online versions are in Adobe .pdf format and hence printable. Adobe reader
will be required to open and print the document.
It should be noted that only basic information in each section can be included
so as to keep the document reasonably succinct, but the website contains
more detailed evidence relating specifically to each section of this document. If
a section is not directly referenced on the website at this time, it will be very
soon, as and when I have the time to update it.
Version 1 of the document will be delivered to No. 10 Downing Street. Some
sections may be incomplete as some investigations are still underway, and
information is being received on a daily basis, but it does contain sufficient
evidence, I feel, to be submitted as a formal demand to our Prime Minister and
Deputy Prime Minister to investigate and take urgent action in the matters
detailed within it. The evidence presented herein is still being refined and
under constant review, and hence being updated regularly. Further updates
will also be handed into Downing Street in printed format, as and when
published, so as to ensure updated information is seen by the Prime Minister
and Deputy Prime Minister.
This document will be circulated widely as detailed in Section 3- list of
intended recipients. The list of intended recipients itself may also be updated
at any time in line with new versions.
Each printed document will be labelled with a version number and a date. Each
time a revision is made a new version of the online document will be
published, with all previous versions remaining available.
The URL for download of the online version is: