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Word Power Made Easy IRDA English Preparation .pdf

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Fully Revised and Expanded!
The Most Effective Vocabulary
Builder in the English Language!

Word Power
lade Easy
Nonnan Lewis

The simple, step-by-step method
that will increase your knowledge and
mastery of the English Language.

The Coml!lete Handbook for
Building aSuperior Vocabulary

Speak and write with confidence.
Read more effectively and efficiently.
Learn quickly.
Develop social contacts.
Increase your earning power.

Ea,ch of these phrases contains one italicized
word. Check the closest definition of each
such word. To keep your score valid, refrain,
as far as possible, from wild guessing.
1. disheveled



appearance: (a) untidy, (b) fierce, (c) foolish, (d)
pecul"ar, (e) unhappy
a baffling problem: (a) difficult, (b) simple, (c) puzzling, (d)
long, (e) new
lenient parent: (a) tall, (b) not strict, (c) wise, (d) foolish,
(e) severe
repulsive personality: (a) disgusting, (b) attractive, (c) normal,
(d) confused, (e) conceited
audacious attempt: (a) useless, (b) bold, (c)foolish, (d) crazy,
(e) necessary
parry a blow: (a) ward off, (b) fear, (c) expect, (d) invite,
(e) ignore
prevalent disease: (a) dangerous, (b) catching, (c) childhood,
(d) fatal, (e) widespread
ominous report: (a) loud, (b) threatening, (c) untrue, (d)
serious, (e) unpleasant
an incredible story: (a) true, (b) interesting, (c) well-known,
(d) unbelievable,- (e) unknown
an ophthalmologist: (a) eye doctor, (b) skin doctor, (c) foot
doctor, (d) heart doctor, (e) cancer specialist
will supersede the old law: (a) enforce, {b) specify penalties
for, (c) take the place of, {d) repeal, (el continue
an anonymous donor: (a) generous, (b) stingy, (c) well-known,
(d) one whose name is not known, (e) reluctant
performed an autopsy: (a) exam.ination of living tissue, (b)
examination of a corpse to determine the cause of death, (c)
process in the manufacture of optical lenses, (d) operation
to cure an organic disease, (e) series of questions to determine
the causes of delinquent behavior
an indefatigable worker: (a) well-paid, (b) tired, (c) skillful,
(d) tireless, (e) pleasant
a confirmed atheist: (a) ba:helor, (b) disbeliever in God, (c)
believer in religion, (d) believer in science, (e) priest

Books by Norman Lewis

30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary
(written with Wl1fred Funk)
Word Power Made Easy
Published by POCKET BOOKS

-Norman Lewis

Word Power
Made Easy
The Complete Handbook for
Building A Superior Vocabulary
Expanded and Completely Revised Edition

New York London Toronto Sydney

The sale of this book without its cover is unauthorized. If you purchased
this book without a cover, you should be aware that it was reported to
the publisher as "unsold and destroyed." Neither the author nor the
publisher has received payment for the sale of this "stripped book ...

For information regarding special discounts for bulk purchases,
please contact Simon & Schuster Special Sales at
1-800-456-6798 or business@simonandschuster.com
The extract from "Be a Perfect Speller in 30 Minutes," by Norman Lewis, is
copyright, 1946, by Esquire, Inc. Reprinted from February 1946 Coronet.
The extract from "How to Spell a Word," by Norman Lewis, is copyright, 1948,
by Esquire, Inc. Reprinted from January 1949 Coronet.
The extract from "Mind Over Grammar," by Norman Lewis, is copyright, 1947,
by Fawcett Publications, Inc.
The extract from "Can You Catch a Misspelled Word," by Norman Lewis, is
copyright, 1948, by Fawcett Publications, Inc.
The extract from "Watch That Word," by Norman Lewis, is copyright, 1948, by
Fawcett Publications, Inc.

POCKET BOOKS, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY I 0020

Copyright 1949, © 1978 by Norman Lewis
All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce
this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.
For information address Doubleday and Company, Inc.,
245 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
ISBN -13: 978-0-671-74190-7
ISBN -10:
First Pocket Books printing



Augu~t 1979

50 49 48
POCKET and colophon are registered trademarks of
Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Printed in the U.S.A.

My family and friends, who accepted, without apparent resentment and with barely audible complaint, my complete self-isolation during the many months in which I totally and shamefully
neglected them while working on the revision of this book.
Especially: Mary; Margie Baldinger and the kids; Debbie and
Allen Hubbert; Milton Lewis; Karen and Bob Kopfstein; Leonard
Vogel, one of America's great painters, and Shirley; gourmet
cooks David and Janice Potts; Seymour and Nan Prog; Ruth and
Leo; Dave and Jan Hopkins; Carol and Mazyin Colter; Bob Finnerty, my chess opponent, who says that winning is all that
counts; Doris Garcia; Eleanor and Robert Poitou; Mary El and
Dick GaymanWalter Garcia, Len Grandy, Don Jenkins; Sally Landsburg;
Ted and Margaret Snyder; Jean Bryan; Rhoda and Ralph Duenewald; George and Phyllis Juric; Bob and Monica Myers, Tony
and Kathy Garcia, Jean Kachaturian; Margie Lopez and Jo WatsonMyrtle and Ace, Donny and Estelle, Helen and Ben, Judy and
Bob, Doris and Muriel, Danny and Mary; in memoriam, Max and
FrancesLarry Scher, Chuck Nichamin, Sue Sullivan, Rosemary and
Debbie Greenman, Alice Hessing, Dave and Lynn Bisset, Danny
Hernandez, John Arcadi and Peggy Arcadi, Norm Ashley, Aaron
BreitbartLorin and Gloria Warner, Marty and Ros Chodos, Mahlon and
Gwen Woirhaye, Leon and Kay East, Marijane and Paul Paulsen,
Helen and Russ Hurford, Elior and Sally Kinarthy_

Carolyn Russell, Rod Sciborski, Vera Laushkin, John Hahn,
Liz Johnson, Leonora Davila, Jim Hawley, Jerry Lenington, Jay
Loughran, Susan Obler, Marilyn Houseman, Rita Scott, Chris
Hamilton, Joan Nay, Mary Lewis, Virginia Sandoval, Hazel
HaasThe staff and all my students at Rio Hondo CollegeMy editor at Doubleday, Jean Anne Vincent, who so patiently
anq cheerfully goaded, prodded, pushed, wheedled, and cajoled
me into finishing on time.
Also: I wish to thank Karen Kopfstein and Peggy Chulack for
their promptness and care in typing the manuscript.
Whittier, California
January 1978


How to Use This Book for Maximum Benefit


Why this is not a book to be read; how to
learn to pronounce the new words correctly; how the etymological approach
works better than any other method for
learning words quickly .and permanently;
how to master nouns, verbs, adjectives,
and adverbs in five to ten minutes; how to
use the psychological principles of learning
to sharpen your verbal skills.

1. How to Test Your Present Vocabulary


How vocabulary growth of the average
adult compares with that of children; a
simple. test to show you whether your vocabulary is below average, average, above
average, excellent, or superior in range,
verbal speed, and responsiveness; important evidence of the close relationship between vocabulary and success.

2. How to Start Building Your Vocabulary


How building your vocabulary will enrich
your thinking, increase your self-assurance
in speaking and writing, and give you a
better understanding of the world and of
yourself; why it is necessary to recapture
the "powerful urge to learn"; why your age
makes little difference; how this book is
designed to build a college-size vocabulary
in two to three months.

3. How to Talk about Personality Types
(Sessions 1-3)


Words that describe all kinds and sorts of
people, including terms for self-interest, reactions to the world, attitudes to others,
skill and awkwardness, marital states,
hatred of man, of woman, and of marriage.
How one session of pleasant work can add
more words to your vocabulary than the
average adult learns in an entire year; why
it is necessary to develop a comfortable
·time schedule and then stick to it.

4. How to Talk About Doctors (Sessions 4-6)


Words that relate to medical specialists
and specialties. Terms for experts in disorders of the female organs; childhood
diseases; skin ailments; skeletal deformities; heart ailments; disorders of the
nerves, mind, and personality. How selfdiscipline and persistence will ultimately
lead to complete mastery over words.

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