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WE START THE year with a bang. This edition includes the
announcement of our annual Readers’ Choice awards, with
some new appearances in the e-drum hardware, software and
retailer categories. This shows the dynamism of the industry –
and the impact being made by smaller players like Pintech and
Drum Drops. It is indeed refreshing to see recognition for
manufacturers that aren’t household names.
This edition also includes coverage of some of the new
products which were shown off at the recent NAMM trade
show in California. As we have seen in the past, some of these
innovative instruments will be on shop floors within the next
few months, but others may take a while to make it into
production. There is still plenty of value in reporting on those
products not yet market-ready because they show what’s
possible, what’s looming and what to look out for.
We also include a few product reviews – a new snare drum
from Go edrums, Alesis’ Sample Rack module and the new
expansion pack for Superior Drummer 2. And our DIY
coverage shows how Zildjian’s popular practice cymbals can
be used with triggers.

digitalDrummer is the result of a dialogue with our readers,
and we include two reader articles which are sure to attract
attention. First, we hear from the owner of the first Simmons
kit in the US – a kit that is still in working order more than 30
years after its purchase. Then there’s an account from a UK
drummer who has embraced multi-pads for a compact,
versatile drumming solution as part of the growing movement
towards tiny kits.
On the pro scene, we talk to one of the busiest drummers on
the planet, Brian Frasier-Moore, the drummer currently
touring with Madonna. Brian is a well-versed e-drummer who
knows his way around some of the most complex gear. He
shares some insights into performance and drumming
success in an inspirational exchange.

We also include a personal account from multi-instrumentalist
Scott Albert, widely known by his stage name Klayton. He is
best known for his current project, Celldweller, for which edrums are an essential element.
So, there’s plenty to read and we hope you enjoy this edition.
Even more so since we have begun implementing many of the
suggestions which were contributed in our survey at the end
of last year. And you’ll notice even more of the ideas making
their way into our website, our Facebook group and future
So, thanks for keeping up the dialogue.
digitalDRUMMER, February 2016