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The global electronic drumming e-zine
Edition 25



February 2016


The chosen few

There was a mix of new faces and old hands among the
winners of the 2015 digitalDrummer Readers’ Choice

Making e-drums mainstream

Electronic drums have been in retail stores for more than
30 years, but are still seen by many as a poor substitute
for acoustic drums. This prompted digitalDrummer to ask
some industry leaders if e-drums will ever be mainstream.

Racking up a new module

As module capability improves and pricing drops, Alesis
recently boosted its range with its SampleRack offering.
Allan Leibowitz tested the unconventional arrival.

E-drums get NAMMplified

This will go down as the year of the e-drum at NAMM, as
Allan Leibowitz reports from the biggest-ever show in
Anaheim, California.

A Go-to snare

Taiwan’s Go edrum offers a growing range of products,
and digitalDrummer recently tested its 12” dual-zone
mesh snare.

First Simmons still playing

Jim Barber’s claim to fame is being the very first
drummer to purchase and use Simmons in North America.


Brian Frasier-Moore

Think of the biggest acts around, and Brian Frasier-Moore
is probably driving the beat for them. Usher, Janet
Jackson, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake all rely
on him when they’re touring, and Allan Leibowitz tracked
him down in Paris, where he was playing with Madonna.