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Menopause Help

6 practical steps to
becoming the new you
Shelley Chapman © 2016

Menopause help…
I wrote this mini course to give you an idea that there is
a practical way of dealing with the menopause and fairly
easy steps that you can take.

Because, as a menopausal woman myself, starting

All this can be achieved with as little or as much

and going through ‘the change’ as some people

money as you decide to spend. With, or without

described it, just made me feel different about


myself in a way that I didn’t like!
Ok, the inside of my body was changing (of which
I didn’t have control over), so why couldn’t I do
something about the things that I did have control
over, such as my hair or clothes?
It all boiled down to these 6 steps and what a huge
difference it’s made to how I feel and look, so now
I want to give you an insight into how you can
make a change to your life and get back control

You will feel that control is coming into your life,
that people look and start treating you differently,
asking why you look different, more confident,
happier, stronger!

1 |

Shelley Chapman © 2016

The TIME is NOW!
Let’s get started…

How do we look?
How do people see us?
Do we care?
Funnily enough, deep down, yes we do! We

How often have you looked admiringly at a woman

have every right to want to be noticed, to mean

who you see sat having a coffee? How you envy

something, to have an opinion. What do you see

the way she is dressed how she’s put it all together

when you look in the mirror? Not what’s inside, but

for ‘that look’!

what’s outside, because this is easy to change!

Well now it’s your time.
The first thing that catches our eye when we see
anyone is what they’re wearing - it says so
much about the person! Did you know

Sort your clothes and shoes out, look at them with
critical eyes and put them back neatly. It’s so much
easier to get dressed in the morning when you


know what you’re looking at!
Do you look scruffy? Untidy?
Wearing miss-matched
clothes? You could be
seen as not caring!
Can’t be bothered!
Lazy even! Who
knows what
people think
when they look
at you, but you can
change all that.
They say that first impressions
count - they’re right! How many
times have you made up your mind
about someone before you’ve even spoken
to them? Just by the way they look when they are
walking towards you! We all do it.
Start getting the person you really are (or who is
trying to get out) more noticed “HEY - I’M HERE!”

2 |

Shelley Chapman © 2016

Your face, your hair
This is so important as it’s a true reflection of who
you really are, so make sure that you go about it
the right way and in the right frame of mind.
Pull your hair back, sit in front of the mirror
and take a look at the picture below.

Do you know what your face shape is?
Is your face heart shaped? Long? Square? Oval?
Daft sort of questions, but it makes a huge
difference to the sot of hair style that will
maximise your “new look”.

Do you know what your hair texture is?
Is your hair strong, fine, frizzy, curly, straight?
Again your hair texture makes all the difference to
a successful hair style or one that you spend every
day fighting.

“But it looked so good when I came out of the
hairdressers, why can’t I get it to look the same”!?
How many times have I moaned that same
sentence when I have every product under the
sun on my dressing table, plus all the gadgets
that profess to give me the “look” and it’s just not
Guess what? I asked for the wrong hair style for my
type of hair!

3 |

Shelley Chapman © 2016

Who do you know?
Is this important? Yes it is! It starts you on the
journey to making you the person you want to be,
the one who is lurking inside, trying to get out!
There are many different ways of meeting new
people. Ones that are easy and others that are

Join an evening class meet like-minded people
with the same interests
as you.

more do-able as your confidence grows.
There’s a load of ideas that you can choose from.
All dependent on where you are now, what your
circumstances are, whether you have young
children or not - I’ve got a list that’s nearly endless!
I’ll give you a couple of suggestions…
It can be as simple as inviting some neighbours
around for a coffee or glass of wine.

4 |

Shelley Chapman © 2016

Join a keep fit, gym,
yoga, pilates group.

Do you want to get fitter?
It’s always advisable that you consult your doctor

If you don’t have a dog of your own, maybe

first before you even start on anything that is

suggest that you’ll walk your friends dog for them,

outside of your normal life as you know it now.

or just join them when they walk their’s, they would

You might have high blood pressure and not even

most probably love the company and it gives you

know it and this is something that you have to be

a fantastic time to just chat to each other (you’ll be

aware of before you start anything.

getting fitter too!).

Don’t put it off - you might be surprised
that you are fitter than you think!

It’s amazing how many other people you’ll meet - it
could even turn into a dog walking club where you
meet a few times a week!

Now that you’ve got the green light - again, as in
the step above, there are so many ways to achieve

How about taking up a class that you always

a fitter you.

wished you could do, but it was never the right

These are also dependent on what your life is like
now, the time you have available and if you have

Also, watch what you eat, how much alcohol and

children or not.

possibly how little water you drink! It starts with the
smallest of changes!

None of the above is a problem at all, or even if you
don’t have any money to spend, again, my list is
nearly endless, but I’ll give you a couple
of suggestions…

5 |

Shelley Chapman © 2016

So what about doing
something for you?
Finding a new hobby or interest is maybe
something you haven’t even thought of but it’s
such an important part of discovering the “New
You” because you will be doing something for you,
nobody else, just you!
Bringing things out of ourselves that we didn’t even
know were there is such a positive step to changing
yourself for the better. Again, there are a load of
ideas of what you can do, how you go about it and
how much of a challenge you want it to be.
A couple of suggestions…?

The easiest one is to ask your friends what
they think you’d be good at (you might be
very surprised that they see something in
you that you hadn’t seen yourself!).

Your local hall/college will list all the
courses that they are doing. Take a deep
breath and just pick one - you might find
out that you had no idea candle making
was such fun and brought out a creative
side in you that you didn’t know existed!

6 |

Shelley Chapman © 2016

and now for my favourite…
Treat time
find the hardest to do and that’s some “me” time.

Welcome to the very enjoyable journey to
becoming the “New You”

It’s so important that you take the time to sit or lie

Just remember that the first step is normally the

back and just relax. There are lovely ways to do

hardest because you have to re-educate yourself

this and you should never use the excuse that you

that you’re worth it!

don’t have the time - you’ll be amazed at how easy

it is to make time when you start seeing how much

Girls, the world
is our oyster -

Funnily enough this is the thing that most of us girls

better you feel for a bit of YOU time…
A couple of suggestions…?
Buy a magazine, pour yourself a glass of wine or a
cup of tea and have a lovely bubble bath. Lie back
and think of other ideas of how you can meet more
people or do more things for yourself!
Sit back in the armchair with nice cup of tea, light
those amazing candles you just made and listen to
a relaxing CD.
See! All do-able… just don’t let anyone make you
feel guilty for doing it ok?

7 |

Shelley Chapman © 2016

and be HAPPY x

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