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Founders of Venture Home Solar
Alex and Alex are not only business partners, but also best friends since grade school. They brought
their diverse knowledge of politics, economics, finance, and accounting to the solar industry and
founded Venture Home Solar with one goal in mind; the end user. Alex and Alex take a customer
first approach to make sure every project is personal. Communication is key and that’s why they
instituted a dedicated project manager for all Venture customers so that you have a single point of
contact from start to finish to keep you informed and handle all aspects of your project. Having
helped hundreds of New Yorker’s save money by switching to solar they are experts in the New York
marketplace and are involved in every aspect of the day-to-day operations.

Alex Yackery
Alex left the financial sector to enter the solar industry after recognizing that solar energy
wasn’t just for saving the planet but also a way to help homeowner’s save money. Before
Venture, Alex served as the sales director at one of NYC’s largest solar installation
companies for 3 years. Alex is a former Division 1 national champion in lacrosse, and has a
BA in Economics with a Business minor from Loyola University in Maryland

Alex Giles
Alex brings his knowledge of home energy solutions to Venture having played an integral
role at his family’s oil delivery and heating system business, Rowayton Fuel, which is family
owned and operated since 1929. Before Venture, Alex spent 3 years helping New York City
homeowner’s make the switch to solar. Alex has a BA in Political Science from Ohio
Wesleyan University.

Venture Home Solar – Ask About Free Panels and Installation – 800-203-4158


What Makes Venture Home Solar Different?
We’re Local.

Headquarted in Williamsburg, we are New York city born and bred. We are the experts at working in the New
York City metro area. We all know getting things done in New York can be difficult, but we will make the
process simple and pain free for you.

Here for the Long Haul.
Although your install will be complete in under two days, we’re here for the long haul. Our systems come with
an industry leading 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty covering service, parts, and power output. If your
system needs maintenance we’re here for you, and the best part is it costs you nothing.

High Quality.
We strive to deliver you the highest performing system for decades to come so of course we use the highest
quality components. We install SunPower® panels with Maxeon technology that produce 75% more power
energy over the first 25 years than conventional panels.

Designed For You.
Every home and every family’s needs are different. We will work with you to customize a solar solution that
meets your needs. We have a plan that will make sense for everyone, and will customize it to your goals for
your project.

Backed by the Best.
You get the benefit of a local installer backed by a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded company. Our
partnership with SunPower allows us to deliver a world class product with the white glove treatment you
deserve from a local company.

Hands On.
Our panels work hard and so do we. We take a hands on approach to every project, which is why you’ll have a
dedicated project manager to keep you in the loop from day one. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Venture Home Solar – Ask About Free Panels and Installation – 800-203-4158


Reason #1: High Cost of Power
New York City is Expensive

The national average cost of power is around 11 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), but in New York City we pay
more than twice that. We pay two sets of charges in New York- one for supply which is the actual energy that
is being created at the generation plant coming from sources like coal, natural gas, and nuclear power, and
the other is delivery or the price you are paying to have the electricity shipped to your home.

High Cost of Supply
The supply cost is reflective of the cost of the natural resources associated with generating electricity and will
fluctuate throughout the year. You may notice a spike in your electric bills during a very cold winter due to a
scarcity of natural gas or a spike in the summer due to increased demand for electricity. Unfortunately we do
not have a lot of control over the price of this. This comprises about 40% of your monthly electric bill.

The Delivery Cost
The delivery cost is a bit more puzzling, as there is not a physical delivery of power to your home. The
electricity flows over our network of power lines, which conceptually seems to be a one time fixed expense in
the infrastructure. The problem is in NYC we have an outdated infrastructure that requires millions of dollars
every year to maintain, not to mention rising costs of labor. This is why you pay roughly 60% of your monthly
electric bills toward delivery even though ConEdison doesn’t physically come to your house with a box of

Costs Are Increasing
As high as your electric costs are today they will only continue to go higher. ConEdison released that on
January 1, 2016 there will be a 7.9% increase in delivery costs for NYC customers. Electric rates historically
rise anywhere from 3-6% per year. With solar, you can hedge against rising costs through a fixed, predictable
cost of power to save you tens of thousands of dollars.

The Good News!
Here’s the good news: solar helps with both sets of charges. Both supply and delivery are a reflection of the
number of kilowatt-hours that you consume from the grid. When you go solar we will eliminate as much of
your utility demand as possible, which will offset both supply and delivery. Say goodbye to high electric costs.

Venture Home Solar – Ask About Free Panels and Installation – 800-203-4158


Reason #2: Tax Incentives

Many people know that solar will ultimately save them money, but they think that solar has a large upfront
cost. With financing and leasing programs available homeowners can now go solar for $0 upfront and
recognize an immediate savings versus their traditional ConEdison bill. Whether you choose to own or lease
your system there are several incentives that lower the cost to pennies on the dollar.

In New York State we have a program to lower the initial cost of a system to make the economics more
attractive to the end user called the Megawatt Block Program. NYSERDA will reserve your incentive based on
the size of your system and the current incentive level. This is great news as it lowers the gross cost by
thousands of dollars, but is a time sensitive rebate and as more homeowners choose to switch to solar the
incentive continues to decrease in value. ConEdison territory has the highest incentive level in the state which
also means you stand to save more than your friend’s upstate or on Long Island.

Federal Investment Tax Credit
All 50 states are eligible for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to reduce the cost of the system. This
is calculated as 30% of the value of your system after the upfront NYSERDA rebate. If you choose to purchase
or finance your system this tax credit goes to you directly through your federal tax return, and if you choose to
lease your system will be assigned to your leasing partner which ultimately lowers your cost. Your solar
specialist will calculate this for you and can consult with your accountant to fill out Form 5695 to claim your

NY State Personal Tax Credit
New York State also has a personal tax credit (PTC) of up to $5,000 for homeowners who choose to purchase,
finance, or lease their system. It is calculated as 25% of your cost after the NYSERDA rebate with a $5,000
maximum amount. Most systems will qualify for the full amount, and your solar specialist will calculate their for
your system.

NYC Property Tax Abatement
In October 2014 the New York State Senate passed Bill S0746A to extend and increase the property tax
abatement for solar energy systems made on buildings in cities with 1 million or more people, which is
currently only New York City. The property tax abatement (PTA) is calculated as 20% of your system value
after your NYSERDA rebate, paid out equally over 4-years through a line item reduction in your property
taxes. Whether you choose to purchase, finance, or lease your system you are entitled to this abatement.

Venture Home Solar – Ask About Free Panels and Installation – 800-203-4158


Reason #3: SunPower Advantage
SunPower® panels generate more power per square foot than any other panel available. Our panels are more
efficient so we can offset more of your electric bill and save you more money right away. Not only can we
generate more power right away, but we can generate significantly more power over the life of your system
because our panels stand the test of time. Watt for watt SunPower® panels generate 20% more power over
the life of your system, and over 60% more power on the same roof space. Check out how we stack up
against the competition.
Peace of M ind
SunPower is 100% committed to innovative solar solutions. They are a publicly traded company backed by Total,
the 11th largest company in the world, so you know that SunPower is here for the long haul. With over 7 million
panels installed worldwide and an industry leading 25 year bumper-to-bumper warranty it’s no wonder SunPower
panels are the most popular choice in the United States.

M ore power means m ore savings
SunPower’s Maxeon cell technology is the highest efficiency solar panel available which means we can generate
more power and save you more money. In fact, a SunPower system will produce 75% more power than a
conventional solar energy system over it’s life! More power today, more power for life.

Lower your energy costs, not your curb appeal
SunPower Signature Black solar panels make a statement about your good taste while reducing your monthly
energy statement. SunPower offers a sleek, black profile with no gridlines. Not to mention SunPower’s
new Invisimount racking system. You’ll have the most efficient and sleek solar energy system on the block.

Proven experience
With a 30-year track record of innovation and performance SunPower is the clear cut leader in solar technology.
Other manufactures try to imitate while SunPower continues to break efficiency records. More major corporations
and homeowners are choosing SunPower as their trusted solar solution.

Our high efficiency panel leaves room for expansion and more options for complex roofs with multiple
obstructions. Roof space is a valuable commodity and SunPower panels help you maximize your roof’s potential
with our smaller footprint and bypass diode technology to mediate real life conditions.

Venture Home Solar – Ask About Free Panels and Installation – 800-203-4158


Reason #4: Flexible financing options for homeowners
Saving With Solar Purchase
When you purchase a solar energy system you are essentially buying your electricity for the next 3 decades
today at a massive discount. After incentives you will pay about 25% of what the system costs, and save
thousands every year on your electric bill. Since all of the energy your system generates is free you no longer
have to deal with rising electric rates with the utility company. Homeowners like owning their system because
they know they have made a sound investment that increases the value of their home, lowers their monthly
expenses, and will save tens of thousands of dollars on their electricity for the life of their system with the
peace of mind of SunPower’s 25-year warranty.

Saving With Solar Financing
We have terms of 5, 10, 15, and 20 years so you can choose whether you want more of your savings upfront
with a lower monthly payment or more savings in the long term by paying off your panels sooner. The good
news is that you can have your system installed with $0 out of pocket and start saving on your monthly electric
bill right away. With solar financing you know exactly what you will pay for your panels every month, and you
can choose how quickly you’d like to pay them off. The beauty of solar financing is that once your panels are
paid off you own the system outright so no more monthly payments! Solar ownership has become an
increasingly popular option as homeowners have become more familiar with solar and are choosing to own
their system instead of lease it. Financing a system is not only a way to lower your electric expenses but also
an investment in your home. In fact, homes with solar sell faster and for more money.

Saving With Solar Leasing
Solar leasing in New York City has made going solar both easy and affordable. Most people think that going
solar requires a large out of pocket expense, but with solar leasing New York City homeowners can now go
solar for $0 out of pocket, immediately lower their electric bill, and lock in their price of electricity for the next
20 years! Your leasing company covers all of the upfront costs including equipment, engineering, permitting,
and installation. Additionally, your leasing partner will take complete care of your system, which includes any
required maintenance, they will insure the system, monitor the production 24/7, and give you an annual
production guarantee. When you go solar with a lease you know exactly what you are getting; a cheaper,
fixed cost of power for the next 20 years with no unexpected costs or hassle.

Venture Home Solar – Ask About Free Panels and Installation – 800-203-4158


Reason #5: Your Money
Start saving from day one
Pay nothing out of pocket and immediately lower your monthly electric cost, it’s that simple. We will
design, permit, install, and maintain your system with $0 out of pocket. As soon as we turn the
system on, you start saving money.
Resale Value
Houses with solar sell faster and for more money. According to the New York Times every 3.6 kW
increased a home’s value by roughly $15,000.
Lock in your savings
Utility prices continue to rise, just check out the latest from ConEdison. Solar allows you to have a
low, predictable cost of power for decades to come. Know anywhere else you can guarantee your
cost of anything for the next few decades? Didn’t think so.
They’re basically throwing money at you to do this. An average homeowner receives $5,000 from
New York State and between $3,000-$6,000 from New York City just for installing the panels. These
programs don’t last forever so cash in while you can.
Peace of mind
With guaranteed performance and no-cost maintenance your biggest worry should be if the sun is
going to come up tomorrow. With solar you know exactly what your cost is, unlike the utility
company who can raise your rates at a moments notice. Here’s to no more crazy summer electric

Venture Home Solar – Ask About Free Panels and Installation – 800-203-4158


Reason #6: Mr. Popular
Superior looks, performance, and warranty- it shouldn’t be a surprise that SunPower is the most
popular choice for US homeowners looking to make the switch to solar. You’re in good company
installing a SunPower system. Chances are your neighbors will ask you about it, so your system can
not only save you money but earn you money with our referral program.
Go Green
For most people, making the switch to solar is about the green in your back pocket it feels pretty
good to know that for every system we install we are offsetting about 5,000 pounds of carbon
dioxide every year. Making the switch to solar is a great way to save money, but also to do your part
to reduce our environmental impact.
Your Neighbors Will Be Jealous
Once the other houses on the block see your new solar panels – jealousy will be a likely result! Be
the trendsetting, the eco-friendly, green, financially sound homeowner and set the example for all of
you neighbors. Once you get your panels installed, don’t be surprised when you see them going up
all around your block.
We Pay You For Referrals!
Bring us your friends, family and neighbors and we will compensate you for each one who ends up
installing solar panels on their property.

Venture Home Solar – Ask About Free Panels and Installation – 800-203-4158


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