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Purpose of this Project
The customer is looking to identify to what level the data in their database is valid. We
will classify each company record as one of six designations.

Project Rules

We are trying to classify each record into one of six designations. These are:
L1 – This designation is “Level 1” and means that the record is as accurate as possible.
This means you have opened the L1 Search and have found that there is evidence that
the company exists at the address. This is the same as “VALID” in our past company
validation HITs.
L2 – This designation is “Level 2” and means that the company exists in the city of
record. This is given when you open either the L1 Search or L2 Search and see
evidence that the company exists in the city, but not at the address of record. This is
same as “DIFFERENT LOCATION” in our past company validation HITs.
L3 – This designation is “Level 3” and means that the company exists in the
state/province of record. If at any point you open the L1 Search, L2 Search, or L3
Search and find that the company exists in the state/province of record, but not in the
city of record, it is marked as this designation. Many countries (and therefore records)
do not have State data. This means you can skip considering L3 as an option.
L4 – This designation is “Level 4” and is the lowest accuracy designation. This means
you can only find evidence of the company existing in the country of record.
NO EVIDENCE – This designation should be selected when there is no record of the
company existing in the country of record.
SHUT DOWN – Just like in past company validation HITs, if you find evidence that the
company at the address of record has been permanently closed, you can select this

After you have decided on one of the six designations you must then submit the
Evidence URL that brought you to this decision. Unlike in the past, a single data mart is
acceptable. Submitting a company website is of the highest priority, but if validation data
is only available on a data mart, you can select the appropriate designation and submit
the data mart URL as evidence. If the designation you have chosen is “NO EVIDENCE”
you can leave this box blank.
The last step is to choose what type of evidence you have submitted. This is simply
determining if the evidence URL is from the Company website or from a data mart. If
you have chosen any designation other than “NO EVIDENCE” you must choose either
“Company Website” or “Data Mart”. If you have selected “NO EVIDENCE” you can
leave this box blank.

Step by Step Instructions
1. Open the HIT.
2. Quickly familiarize yourself with the company name and its physical location
(address, city, state, country) of record.
3. Open L1 Search (this search uses the company name, the address, and the city).
a. Look for evidence of the company existing at the address, in the city, in
the state, or in the country. If you can determine L1 through L4 from just
opening this search, you can submit everything (evidence URL and type)
and move on.
4. Open L2 Search, L3 Search, and L4 Search if necessary.
a. If you can determine L2 through L4 from opening these searches, submit
everything and you can move on.
5. After you have opened L4 Search and have found nothing, you can select “NO
EVIDENCE” and leave the bottom two boxes blank.
6. Submit the HIT and move on.

Payment and Quality Analysis
This project has roughly 8,000 HITs and if this goes well there is a chance of winning a deal that
would require ~400,000 HITs. I have decided to break this first project into small chunks so that
data quality can be monitored, questions and best practices can be shared, and payment can be
monitored. I want to make sure everyone is happy so payment per record will be monitored
and adjusted accordingly. My goal is always to make it so that a middle of the road Turk makes
~$7.50/hr when possible.

Example 1
Step 1: Open HIT

Step 2: Open L1 Search, the 4th entry looks promising

Step 3: Open the possible evidence on Google. The Wuhan branch matches our record.

Step 4: Transpose the data to AMT, select L1, submitting the evidence URL, and selecting the

Step 5: Submit the HIT

Example 2
Step 1: Open the HIT

Step 2: Open the L1 Search, this shows no Google results

Step 3: Open the L2 Search, this shows promising results

Step 4: Open the possible evidence showing L2 to be true.

Step 5: Knowing the company exists in the city of record, transpose the data to AMT. Here L2 is
selected, the evidence URL input, and “Data Mart” selected for the evidence type.

Step 6: Submit the HIT

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