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Conversation started January 17

1/17, 12:32pm
Rose Nelson
Thank you

1/17, 12:49pm
Stacy Emerson
grin emoticon!

January 21

1/21, 7:22pm
Stacy Emerson
Hiya, Rose I'm the founder of Midland Matters, which you were recently added to due to your petition, and
my desire to have Midland people sign on in support.
Midland Matters, however, is limited to people living in Midland, or within a few blocks of
Midland. You were an exception to this rule.
This evening, someone named Kristi Kemp-Cardey asked to join the group, and when she told
me where she lives, I had to say n o. She didn't seem too happy about it, since you live a block
further from Midland than she does, so I thought I'd let you know so you wouldn't invites more
people to the group who don't meet the criteria.
Thanks. smile emoticon

1/21, 8:14pm

Rose Nelson
Thank you I was told why I was invited. And I appreciate it and understand why you wanted me
included due to the petition. To my knowledge I have not invited anyone. Kristi lives across the
street from my rental.And has been very proactive at helping to get these people removed. I will
explain to her why I was invited to join and tell her once this is over my time will be terminated.
Thank you again for your support.

January 22

1/22, 1:19pm
Stacy Emerson
Thank you for your understanding. smile emoticon

1/22, 2:12pm
Rose Nelson
No problem I fully understand.

January 28

1/28, 8:43pm
Stacy Emerson
Hi Rose I don't know if you caught the huge blow up on one of your posts. It was really nasty, and after
screenshotting it, I deleted it from the page to end the B.S..
I also removed a long-time member from MM, and banned them from re-joining.
I need to ask you to not post multiple posts in MM about your squatter house, but instead update
interested people via one of the other (and there's several) posts you've made about your house.
I ask this to try to bring some order back to the page. Midland Matters is for *Midland* issues,
and although we have several squatter houses in Midland, I wouldn't allow multiple posts in the

group regarding the same issue/house, but would instruct the poster to do the same--keep
updates in existing threads, rather than fill up the page with multiple posts on the same subject.
I hope that makes sense, and doesn't come off as if you've done anything 'wrong'. smile

1/28, 8:45pm
Rose Nelson
I seen a couple of things. Obviously people are very fired up. I appreciate you allowing me to
share the petition.

1/28, 8:47pm
Stacy Emerson
We had people threatening bodily harm on each other. That's waaaaaaaaay out of line for MM.
I'm really disappointed in those who participated in that kind of behavior. frown emoticon

1/28, 8:49pm
Rose Nelson
No that is not good. Some people do like to talk big. Hopefully no one is stupid enough to
actually take that kind of action.

1/28, 8:51pm
Stacy Emerson
Talking big like that is a strict no-no in the group. What people do on the outside of the group is
another thing, but in the group, my rules rule.

1/28, 8:56pm
Rose Nelson
thumbs-up emoticon

1/29, 7:38pm
Rose Nelson
Stacy Curious if I am able to come to the meeting on Feb 2nd.I know Kristi the lady that lives
across the street a one other man from the neighborhood would like to also. If not them or I. I
will understand none of us are actual members.

1/29, 7:45pm
Stacy Emerson
In full disclosure - I resigned from all involvement with the Midland Community Association
years ago, so I cannot speak for them.
However, I don't see why they would have a problem with you going to their meeting.
Especially since Councilmember Talbert is supposed to be there.
I'm thinking the Summit-Waller meeting might interest you as well, since they're geographically
closer to you, and their association is more active, more organized, and far more professional.
The president of the Midland Community Assoc is Roger
The VP of the Summit-Waller Assoc is Angela
Let me know how it turns out for you. smile emoticon

1/29, 7:46pm
Stacy Emerson
Oh, and one more thing - Kristi is who got shitty on me because I wouldn't admit her into MM.
So if you'd be okay with it, please explain to her that the MCA and Midland Matters are not
connected in any way, so if she's still angry, to *not* take it out on the MCA. smile emoticon

1/29, 8:02pm
Rose Nelson
Sure She is a difficult one.Not someone I have chose to associate with but she has been very
helpful and proactive in this squatter problem she lives across the street and has to deal with it
on daily basis

1/29, 8:10pm
Stacy Emerson
My only concerns is that she may confuse Midland Matters with the Midland Community
Association. They are not related in any fashion, so my hope is only for her to understand that.
smile emoticon

1/29, 8:11pm
Rose Nelson
I have already explained it to her.
I would make it perfectly clear to her to stay on topic.
I want nothing to do with anything that is going to damage my efforts on getting this bill passed
and some help in our communities

1/29, 8:24pm
Stacy Emerson
You're doing a great job, and I'm not alone in my appreciation of your efforts, and my sorrow
that you've been put in a position where you have to do it.

1/29, 8:46pm
Rose Nelson
Thank you.Ispent 5 years trying not to associate with Kristi because of how pushy she is. But I
tell you right now I am happy she is the way she is she has helped with all this more than

January 29

1/29, 11:55pm
Stacy Emerson
She seems perfect for that kinda 'job'. Yay for you! grin emoticon

1/30, 5:55am
Rose Nelson

2/1, 7:46am
Rose Nelson
Good morning so I have names plate numbers and photos of the people in the home dealing the
drugs, and ravaging the neighborhoods stealing do you want to post any of it on here so people
know who and what vehicles to watch for.

2/1, 11:58am
Stacy Emerson
You're welcome to post them in MM. Maybe make an album in the group to post them all in, or
maybe start a single post with one of them, then add the others as comments in that post, so they
all stay together?
A goal is to try to keep information related to the same subject or issue i a single thread, so 1)
we can find all the important stuff in one place, and 2) so we don't fill up the MM timeline with
multiple threads with scattered comments, which then forces interested people to read numerous
Does that make sense?

2/1, 12:04pm
Rose Nelson
thumbs-up emoticon

February 3

2/3, 11:46am
Stacy Emerson
Please be sure to read my comment here
7 posts in two days about the same issue is 6posts too many. I explained this previously, but it's
still a problem. frown emoticon


Stacy Emerson
Rose - once again, do NOT post multiple posts in Midland Matters about the same topic.
Please, do not continue to ignore this rule.

Rose Nelson
I will not any more you can remove me. Tired of being bitched at. I belong to other group
websites. I have never heard of anyone trying to control others so much.

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