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Vanilla Arc
The Complete First Season
Episodes 1-10
...and a little something extra...

The author who wrote this Traumatizing Train Rektage

The inspiration for this madness
For wanting to bang that 2012 Subaru WRX STI (A.K.A “Subarina”) in the dealership...
...And for making me Google this...
Oh that Nissan Sentra...OH GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!
*Author lost the ability to even after watching this video*
Don’t act all surprised your name is on here after that mile long text we had about how hilarious it would be if
there existed some manga/anime about Vanilla wanting some lovin’. Hell, half these episodes were your ideas!
Don’t even get me started on Phil Collins... LMAO
Careful what you wish for...

Special Thanks To

Mercedes Benz
Cyberdyne Systems
My boring ass job


But the biggest thanks of all belongs to

YOU! That’s right!
(Cause this shit will FUCK you up)
NSFW/NSFL/NSFE: Not safe for work; probably shouldn’t read this on ANY work related don’t
wanna get your feels all REKT at you? Not safe for life; it doesn’t matter where you read this, it will
burrow itself into your head and be the stuff of your nightmares. Not safe forever; It don’t even matter if your
already dead and a spirit in the afterlife somewhere. It will find a way to corrupt you. You will never be the
same again...EVER.
Mental BSOD: Your mind will become unstable after reading, be prepared! You will lose the ability to even!
Recommended Treatment for Mental BSOD: Brain Bleach, crying in the corner in the fetal position,
“Maintenance”, vodka/tequila, self induced coma.
WD-40: Oh don’t do it...oh my god...


VANILLA ARC – In The Air Tonight
Episode 1

It all started with a phone call from KIA...
The phone rang ominously over the radio that was faintly playing some 80s music. Dan went over to the phone
and on the caller ID it read out ‘KIA Motors’. “KIA Motors? What do they want...?” Dan asked himself. He
slowly picked up the phone and answered it. They told Dan he had to bring his car in for something, he wasn’t
sure what they meant. He had his white KIA Rio for a while. Base model, gets him from point A to B... cute
with her wide grille smile, those large headlight eyes.... He wished she had more power but she gets the job
done and has great fuel economy he said to himself. He recently named her Vanilla with her cream white
colored coat. Not as pure white like her KIA Wolfpack buddy Boo Boo. Weather it was her paint or just her
being dirty we’ll never know. What was for sure was the heart ache Dan felt when he heard the news from KIA
that his car was being recalled. For whatever reason that became lost in the coming events that were about to
He didn’t have to give her up right away. There’s a time period of 6 months he was told. He would most likely
have to get another model car...but a part of him didn’t want to give her up at all. Nostalgia flooded him as he
remembered the time they first met at the dealership, him and Vanilla. How he circled around her looking at her
form, her price just right, that test drive sealing the deal for him. He never quite thought of his car this much till
the time her existence was threatened. She did lack power, she didn’t have all the bells and whistles being a
base model, but there was something about her. She was his companion all this time. They spent so much time
together. He couldn’t imagine her gone all of a sudden like this. His heart ached. It was at this moment he
realized he loved Vanilla.
When Dan got off the phone with KIA he was getting hit hard with the feels. He sat in his computer chair, his
mind thinking about Vanilla as Phil Collins came on the radio faintly in the background. The lyrics started to
make his heart pound. He could feel it coming in the air tonight, indeed. Dan sighed as he got up to go outside
and get some fresh air. While outside he stared at the garage door where Vanilla was resting inside. He felt
something...he had to go check on her. Dan wasn’t alone in his feels... Vanilla suffered in silence. Windshield
wiper tears unseen as she sat depressed in the garage alone. She overheard the call somehow. Vanilla didn’t
want to leave her owner, she grew quite fond and attached to him. The news of being recalled due to her
imperfections hurt so bad in her mechanical soul. Her engine cried with sadness. It didn’t go unnoticed...Dan
could feel her pain.
The garage door opened. When it got high enough, Dan walked inside and approached his car. His hand


stroked the side of her for the first time. Vanilla felt that warm touch...this felt different...this felt...affectionate...
Dan came around the front of her and saw her tears. Vanilla was alive, Dan wasn’t surprised though. Deep
down he felt this about Vanilla, she was a special car. He went over to a bench and grabbed a microfiber cloth
and returned to her. He knelt down and wiped the tears from under her headlights. Vanilla stared at him, she
saw the loving look on his eyes as he wiped her tears away. She could feel her engine about to ignite with the
feels. “Don’t cry...everything will be okay...” Dan said. He pets her hood before he started to head back
outside for his walk. As the garage door closed, Vanilla blushed deeply. She wanted him to touch her more.
During lunch break the next day at work, Dan went to his car to prepare a lunch run. At least that was the
original plan. Instead he ended up staying inside Vanilla for the whole duration of his lunch just holding onto
her steering wheel. The feels were overwhelming him; he couldn’t help but speak the words from his heart. He
gripped her steering wheel caressing it. “Vanilla...I- I don’t want to lose you. We’ve been through so much
together... It doesn’t matter what they say about you...I... ...I love you...”
His heart was pounding; the feels were reaching all new levels now. Vanilla could feel it too through her seats
which turned her on quite literally. Her engine roared all on its own with loving purrs as her RPMs flared up.
She sounded different, with more life. The dash lit up, the little LED display which usually shows the odometer
showed something quite different... “I love you too Dan...” Her seat belt tightened snug against his body like a
close embrace. The doors clicked with a possessive lock as the radio came on tuning into some Phil Collins ‘In
the Air Tonight’. Vanilla wanted him. The mood was set...15 minutes passed by like seconds. Dan found his
hand stroking Vanilla’s gear stick, she was sensitive at the tip. Her engine purred softly wanting more. His
pants were feeling a lot tighter than normal with a strong urge growing. Things were becoming hot and steamy.
The windows were fogging up from the feels of both of them.
Dan then heard a familiar click from the rear of the car. Vanilla’s gas tank cover popped open on its own from
pure arousal. He was suddenly reminded of a crazy YouTube video he remembered of some guy banging his
white Nissan Sentra on some rooftop of a car garage deep in his repressed memories. He immediately knew
what that open gas tank cover meant... Vanilla was revving now with need. She wanted him bad, she wanted to
feel him inside her in the most intimate way. But just like that another 15 minutes passed and the lunch period
concluded. Dan sighed as he caressed Vanilla’s steering wheel and kissed the KIA logo in the center. “Mmm

damn the lunch is never long enough...god I want you so bad too baby...but after work...I’ll be back...and
then we can...continue...” Vanilla’s engine sighed but revved one last time before cutting off. Her LED display

read “I’ll be waiting for you...”

The doors unlocked as she let him free. Dan’s fingertips trailed to the rear of the car, circling around her open
gas tank cover. He could see a nice lubricant escaping from the gas cap plugged into her just begging to be
unscrewed. That image burned in his mind as he gently closed her gas tank cover back shut. “Mmm....soon
Vanilla....” Dan headed back to the CGS locking his love with his key remote, her beeping noise sounding more
seductive as ever as he turned back to look at her one last time.
The next hours at work were torture for Dan. He was so distracted by his ever growing feels it was almost
impossible to do any work. He couldn’t get that moment out of his mind of that sexual tension that happened
during those 30 minutes at lunch. He couldn’t get out of his mind the excitement of what was to come as soon
as 7pm hit. And that fuel tank cap all moist and wet underneath...the sound of her engine...her purrs...her needs
being expressed in RPMs. He couldn’t wait for the end of his shift. Soon enough that moment came as he left
his job. His palms sweaty, his heart racing, his erection pulsing, even the thick denim jeans couldn’t hide
everything. He didn’t care. He headed straight for her.
She was waiting for him, a few cars parked down under a lonely garage light. There she was. She was just as
excited as he was. Her engine came on and she revved hungry as he approached. He placed his body against

her, his hands rubbed against her sides making that sound where flesh meets metal. “Mmmn not here...Lets go
somewhere more...private...” Dan muttered to her as he stroked her roof before getting in the driver’s seat. The
radio was still playing Phil Collins; it was like the only song playing all day. The seat belt hugged him close as
he drove out of the CGS parking lot. They hit the highway heading a bit south and turning off where they don’t
normally go. They took a back road which lead them up an old abandoned path leading up to a cliff that
overlooks the whole city of Atlanta. It was too late to see the sunset being past 7pm... but the night was just fine
for what was next...
Vanilla couldn’t contain herself anymore. The dash read “Dan... please...make me yours...” Her engine revved
loud, she was so hungry for him. Dan licked his lips as a horny grin crossed his face. It was all he needed to
see, his feels were going crazy. He slowly got out of Vanilla and let his instincts take over as he started a long
process of foreplay on her body. His hands caressed her...everywhere. Her exhaust pipes were dripping
lubricant from the pure heat of the moment. Eventually Dan ended up in the back where Vanilla was begging to
be touched. Her fuel tank cover popped open at the seductive touches there and Dan watched as her gas cap
was slowly unscrewing itself. As it reached the end he grabbed hold and finished turning it himself hearing that
click as it was removed.
There it was...her wet and hot. It’s grown larger anticipating the size of his shaft and the metal is
strangely pulsing with need. Her contractions subconsciously were inviting him inside. Dan couldn’t resist,
everything in his body felt like it was pounding, his breathing became heavy. He slowly undid his jeans and set
free his raging shaft and stroked it against Vanilla’s body before diving all the way into her love hole. A moan
escaped his mouth as he and Vanilla became one. He took her for the first time thrusting hard and deep. That
gas cherry popped as oil lubricated his shaft and Vanilla’s suspension was getting worked as her body rocked
from his poundings. That entrance made Vanilla rev so hard but she loved it, her inner walls gripped him
wanting more. It excited her to know she was already being contaminated by him being so inside her, invading
through her virgin walls, his precum soon to be oozing into her, his seed bursting soon after. It made her grip
him tighter with anticipation, wanting every moment of this.
Dan made love to Vanilla for what felt like hours, rocking her body with his thrusts. The point of entry became
creamy and full of fluids that started to drip down to the ground. The feels and sounds were intoxicating, the
feeling of going into her, the sound of her engine revving with need, the sound her body made with flesh
meeting metal as he rocked her...that Phil Collins still playing on the radio... Precum was escaping from him
into Vanilla now, the end was near as his thrusts picked up speed with a raw need to finish inside her. Vanilla
could feel it about to come for her too as her revs and contractions became more and more wild. Dan gasped
and moaned with a final hard thrust as his climax exploded inside her flowing some ‘special fuel’ deep inside of
Vanilla red lined as she came hard. Her walls went into a spasm and all the lights on her flickered on and off
uncontrollably as her RPMs bounced on the red line from the rev limiter. The radio lost its signal unable to
endure this peak. Her analog dials on the dash went wild as gibberish text went all over the displays from the
pleasure that can’t even be translated. The noise she makes when her security beep goes off held for all the
duration of her orgasm being like a scream of pleasure. Dan leaned against her snuggling for a moment as he
started to relax. He was breathing hard and sweating all over. Part of him couldn’t believe that actually
happened. He made love to his car, there was no going back now. He was just like that guy on YouTube he
thought. But he didn’t care, he loved Vanilla, he had no regrets.
Dan finally after a while slid himself out of Vanilla, redid his pants, put her gas cap and cover back into place
and leaned against her feeling pretty exhausted after all that action. He whispered sweet nothings to Vanilla as
his hand stroked at her driver side front tire a few times before he dosed off against her white metal. Vanilla’s
engine purred in love for a while, deeply enjoying this moment. She could feel Dan’s special fuel mixed in with


hers and it just felt so satisfying. Eventually she slept too, turning off her engine to save her fuel. This was the
start of something beautiful Vanilla felt. This was her first time but she didn’t want it to be the last. She would
rather die now than be recalled back to KIA. She found her soul mate, she wanted to keep being loved like that
by her owner. She eagerly awaited the next time she was claimed deep...she won’t have to wait too long...



VANILLA ARC – The Next Day
Episode 2
(You Won’t Even)

Dan awoke not too long after he dosed off. He was still leaned up against Vanilla. He didn’t sleep long. It was
more like a nap, maybe an hour’s worth. He got up and gazed upon her, parked there in the night, the stars from
the sky and moonlight reflected on her body. He wasn’t entirely sure if what happened last night was a dream
or if it really happened. He was still trying to assimilate the whole experience; it was so amazing. The doubts
didn’t last long though, those feels were as strong as ever inside him, his heart beating so strong the closer he is
to her. As soon as he placed a hand on her hood the door opened up on its own inviting him inside. Dan was
too tired to drive, but Vanilla had it all covered. Her engine fired up and a seat belt wrapped around Dan
embracing him. Text scrolled on the dash display “Don’t worry...I know the way home. Rest my love...” Vanilla
tilted the seat back some for him. Dan smiled and closed his eyes. He had full trust on Vanilla, letting her take
them both home. Not like anyone would notice 1 car driving by itself anyways.
The night at the cliff felt like a dream. It’s something that replayed in his mind when he fell asleep while
Vanilla drove. Even though the car was driving herself Dan never felt so safe, he’ll make it more a habit of
letting her drive. They soon arrived home, Vanilla parked in the driveway of Dan’s home. Dan woke up a short
time after, he had to get ready for work tomorrow. It was hard to leave her, even if she was going to be just
outside. Dan stroked the top of her gear stick. “I have to go back in the house now...but I won’t be far
away. I’ll be back bright and early...I promise...” Vanilla’s seat belt snuggled him one more time before
releasing him and the door unlocked open. Dan turned around as he was walking back to get a last look.
Vanilla flashed her headlights at him like a wink and Dan blew her a loving kiss. As he entered the house
Vanilla curled in her side mirrors, tucking in for the night awaiting eager for the morning commute.
Soon it was morning again, when Dan came out of the house Vanilla’s engine was already purring in idle. Her
windows were already defogged and her interior was all warmed up waiting for him. As he approached the
front of Vanilla her side mirrors moved outwards and her trim lights came on. They stared intensively at each
other, Vanilla’s engine revved a little as her headlights eyes scrolled up and down Dan’s body having some dirty
thoughts enter her mind. She rolled up closer to him till her bumper gently touched him. Dan placed a hand on
her hood feeling the smooth metal and the raised letters of her KIA emblem. Her hood was warm, her engine
alive like a massive beating heart underneath. Vanilla enjoyed his warm skin touching her, a click could be
heard as she unlocked her driver side door. “ ready to go baby?” Dan stroked her side panel as he
walked to the door.
Her engine revved answering him as the driver’s door opened all on its own inviting him inside. Dan entered

her...sitting in the cozy seat, his hands gripped her steering wheel. It felt a lot different to be inside her now, a
wave of passion coursed through Dan as his hand moved to caress Vanilla’s gear stick. Vanilla changed her
dash LCD text. “Mmm...not so fast...” Vanilla wrapped her seat belt around him snuggling him tight and
protective. Dan smiled. “Don’t worry baby, I wasn’t planning on driving fast today. I left earlier so we
could take things...nice and slow...” Vanilla responded by changing the radio to some slow jams. “I’m ready...”
the dash scrolled. Dan couldn’t help but to get aroused by that statement remembering last night. He shifted
Vanilla into drive as they went off to work.
Traffic was pretty ridiculous like usual in Atlanta, but Dan didn’t mind it anymore. That just meant more time
with Vanilla. The slow love songs playing on the radio were really setting the mood. Both of them were both
thinking about becoming one again and sharing that pleasure together. They arrived at CGS eventually but by
then the feels were intense. Dan’s heart was pounding, he wanted to take Vanilla again, but there was no time,
he had to resist. Dan saw there was a free space by Momo’s car and parked there like the KIA Wolfpack. He
didn’t want to leave Vanilla, but he had to earn them coins. He sighed as he turned the key to shut off her
engine. The display under the speedometer stayed lit up scrolling some text. “Dan...7:00 PM is a long time...”
Dan rubbed his hand against her dash. “I know...but I’ll be back during lunch, don’t worry baby. Besides,
Boo Boo will give you good company. It’ll be okay.” Dan rubbed her gear stick to comfort her before getting
out. He stroked her side panel and gave the side of her roof a kiss before locking her up and heading off to
Boo Boo watched on curious, he saw the differences going on between Dan and Vanilla now. Some curious
questions were raised by him. Apparently his owner never gave him ‘The Talk’. Boo Boo always was so
innocent about these kind of things. Vanilla just figured he just needed to get hit hard with the feels and then he
would understand. She was blushing remembering the time with Dan last night while Boo Boo was probing her
with questions. She finally caved and told him. He didn’t understand at first but then he eventually got it. Boo
Boo was so surprised and curious about the whole experience. Vanilla thought maybe he had some feels she
didn’t know about.
The two cars talked for a little while before taking a nap. A couple of hours went by pretty peaceful till it was
time for lunch. Dan approached Vanilla unlocking her with his key. Vanilla awakened feeling excited her
owner returned. It must have been lunch time. Her engine roared to life, she couldn’t wait to go off with him.
Dan entered her but food wasn’t on his mind... “Vanilla...I can’t wait till 7...I need you...lets...go
somewhere...” Dan stated as he rubbed her gear stick seductively. He was so horny right now and wasn’t sure
what he could pull off in 30 minutes but he didn’t care. He just knew he had to have her in this moment.
Vanilla was so excited she didn’t even let him drive, she put herself in reverse, backed out of the parking space,
went into drive, and took off from the parking lot almost going through the barricade to scan the key card, she
was so eager to be taken by him.
Vanilla was speeding through the streets easily going 20mph over the posted limit. She seemed to know exactly
where she was going, that got Dan curious. “Baby where are you going? We can’t go too far from my job...”
The dash replied “It’s a surprise...” Vanilla drove not too far from Dan’s job, coming across an abandoned
shopping center. She drove behind a building that used to be a Kmart. The place looked a bit sketchy but that
wasn’t on the forefront of their thoughts at this moment. There was quite a large hole going into the abandoned
Kmart from fallen debris and Vanilla drove right inside. She stopped fast putting herself in park and revving her
engine high. Dan was breathing hard from that wild drive Vanilla made. “Mmmm are so wild...”
Dan licked his lips. He was getting pretty hard and hungry for Vanilla. It was dark inside that abandoned
Kmart with the only sources of light coming from Vanilla and some broken windows in the building.
He got out of the car, Vanilla’s paint was splattered with mud and dirt from her rough driving. “Your dirty....


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