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Jewish Symbolism

As we approach the Jew World Order we are being prepped for the day when Judaism
will be the One World Religion and the Hebrew culture will inundate the globe as thoroughly
as the waters of the Great Flood. The waters are already rising.

The modern Hebrew letter,


, is a Jewish symbol for eye, especially in the

sense of God's eye. It is a highly corrupted form of an ancient letter* that began as a
drawing of an eye then turned into a symbol that could be interpreted as either an eye
or the planet Saturn, then eventually came to resemble the lowercase English Y.
Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:43 records that the Jews worshiped the star of a false god
which the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906 identifies as Saturn. In the book, Jewish
Symbolic Art, 1990, Abram Kanof points out this was a hexagram, the same 6-pointed
star which represents Judaism today.

Images published by NASA, purportedly of the planet Saturn, depict the 6-sided
hexagon on its north pole, and the eye on its south.

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun according to the heliocentric model, and its
day, Saturday, is the 6th day of the week according to the international standard.
It's also the Jewish Sabbath.

The Old Testament prophets may have considered this last point mere
coincidence, but the Jews of today are exploiting it. As we examine some of these
logos, most of them probably very familiar to you, keep in mind that the god of modern
Judaism is not the God of the Old Testament. The God of the Old Testament, who is the
same as the God of the New, is not to be associated with Saturn, neither the planet nor
the god of pagan mythology. And He certainly cannot be conflated with the symbol of
his antithesis, the Anti-Christ, whose number is infamous.


The square and compass arranged in the form of a hexagram, the most
recognizable logo of Freemasonry, immediately points to its Jewish origins. The G is the
first letter of the English word God, but in its place was originally the first Hebrew letter
of Yahweh.
The illuminating eye within a triangle is acknowledged as a Hebrew symbol for
God by the Freemason Albert Gallatin Mackey in his book, An Encyclopaedia of
Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences: Comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences
and Literature as Connected with the Institution, 1874.


Communism is Jewish from beginning to end, from the Jew** Adam Weishaupt,
founder of the legendary Illuminati, that secret Communism behind the French
Revolution, to the Jew Karl Marx, who fathered the public Communism which erupted
into not just one but two World Wars. With this movement, Judaism appropriated to
itself the symbols of the hammer, the sickle, and the gear.

Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer logo is modeled after Saturn, despite Saturn being typically
considered yellow-orange. However, according to NASA,***
Sunny blue skies ... on Saturn? It's true. NASA's Cassini spacecraft discovered them in 2005
"We were surprised," recalls JPL's Bob West, a member of the Cassini imaging team.
"Saturn is supposed to be yellow." … Saturn's north is so blue that West believes amateur
astronomers could see the hue from Earth. Unfortunately, the north of Saturn is hidden at
the moment behind Saturn's rings, a situation that will persist for another year or so.

It must be remarked that as of this writing, NASA is the only one who claims to have
discovered that Saturn is blue on the side hidden from amateur astronomers on Earth,
and with a single exception, is also the only one to claim having seen a hexagon or an
eye on Saturn's poles.
IE, the acronym of Internet Explorer, is a Hebrew abbreviation of God's name, hinting
that the Jewish god and Saturn are the same thing.


In 1 Samuel 5:12 there is an unusual form of

‫ע‬, the eye symbol, that looks like ‫ע‬

and corresponds extremely well with the symbol at the top of Yahoo's first logo. The
word Yahoo itself is purple, the color of royalty, and is an alternate spelling of Yahu, a
Hebrew name for God. What the blue ball represents is unclear. It could be Earth, in
which case the idea seems to be the Jewish god gazing down upon the world. Since the
color blue represents divinity according to Menachos 43a in the Jewish Talmud, it could
also be interpreted as the planet Saturn, in which case the label Yahoo! would be a case
of unabashedly identifying the Jewish god as Saturn, and the yellow symbol would be
composed of the planet's ring.

This logo has the pyramid with capstone, a symbol of Freemasonry seen on the dollar
bill, and also the planet Saturn, or an eye.

According to Google Translate,


sounds like ai in Hebrew, which is virtually

identical to the pronunciation of the English word eye. In Yiddish, it sounds like El,
which is God in Hebrew. Either way, this favicon can be taken to mean the Jewish god.
That this was intentional is corroborated by the previous logo. Note that Hebrew is
read backwards.

The word Googol, from which Google is derived, was popularized by the Jew
Edward Kasner, who claimed his 9-year old nephew invented it.
According to the Jewish authors of Group Relations Work: Exploring the
Relevance and Impact Within and Beyond Its Network:
“The first recorded group to be without a leader is to be found in the biblical
story of the Tower of Babel ... Both Babel and Google originated from anxiety, both
have a grandiose nature which guards against such anxiety, and both use reaction
formation to deny individual differences ... Google is an authoritative traffic office
endlessly patrolling cyberspace ...
The similarity between the words 'Babel' and 'Google' makes one pause and
think. In Hebrew, the two words almost rhyme and are built on the same rhythm:
Babel with its repetition of the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and Google, with
its alliterative repetition of the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The suffix 'el', with
which both words end in Hebrew, means God.

The similarity between the words Babel and Google in Hebrew.

The English term Google stems from word play on the mathematical term
Googol, which is represented as 1 followed by 100 zeros. Moreover, the double zero is
a mathematical symbol for infinity. Google is a project no less ambitious than the

Tower of Babel. It translates languages and texts from any language and culture into
any other language and culture. The vision of a world that speaks one language is
coming ever closer to fulfillment. It is for good reason that Michio Kaku, in his book
Physics of the Future, claimed that, by the end of the the twenty-first century, humanity
would possess the powers of the mythological gods whom it had once worshiped. In
Hebrew, Babel is 'Bab' 'El', meaning the 'Gate of God', expressing the human desire to
cross forbidden boundaries, to touch the sky ...
Incidentally, God's interpretation of the attack on authority was also connected
with Babel, but this time there is a different meaning in the Hebrew: bavel = balal =
confound: 'Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there
confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them
abroad upon the face of all the earth' (Genesis 1:9).”
An alternative spelling of Gog, an evil entity in Revelation possibly identical with
Anti-Christ, is Gug, pronounced Goog. Under this interpretation, Google would mean
God-Anti-Christ, equating the Anti-Christ with the Jewish god.

As the y of ymail is an allusion to the Hebrew god, the G of Gmail is an allusion to the
Jewish god of Freemasonry, which is confirmed by the letter M based on the red apron
for a Master Mason of the Scottish Rite.

The Google Chrome logo contains 666, and the blue center could be interpreted as the
planet Saturn or the pupil of an eye. The rainbow color of the eye is an allusion to the
word iris, which means a part of the eye in English, and also rainbow in Greek, and the
word chrome is derived from another Greek word, khroma, which means color.


The apple of Apple is loaded with satanic symbolism. The most obvious is the missing
bite, a reference to that infamous incident in the Garden of Eden inspired by Satan
himself. The second is doubly a reference to the Forbidden Fruit and Newton's
legendary apple which supposedly inspired him with the knowledge to build a case in
favor of heliocentrism. Newton was a Gentile but he practiced Jewish magic and
denied that Christ was God while masquerading as a Christian.
The color spectrum is a reference to Newton's experiment where light is passed
through a triangular prism and split into all the colors of the rainbow. According to
legend, both of these events, the apple falling under the tree and the prism
experiment, occurred in the year 1666. The first Apple computer was built and sold by

the self-professed Freemason, Steve Wozniak, for $666.66, with help from Steve Jobs.
Jobs' father is a Semite from Syria who's the Vice-President of a casino, and Jobs' sister
married a Jew whose last name is Appel.
The rainbow color is also connected to the word eye through the Greek word iris, which
as stated above, means rainbow.

The female artificial intelligence personality, Siri, is iris spelled backwards, and her
microphone icon looks somewhat like a pupil. In Greek mythology, Iris was the
messenger goddess who transmitted communications between Cronus and mankind.
Cronus is the Greek name for Saturn, so the symbolism is that when a user asks Siri
something, Siri will take the question to Saturn and return with the answer. Iris is also
considered by biblical scholars to be derived from the Greek word for speaking, ereo,
and Siri is popular primarily for her speech.
The lowercase i with which the names of Apple products begin represents the word
eye; e.g. eyePhone.

Best Buy

Best Buy's logo used to contain 6 sixes arranged in a spiral, placed in a way that makes it
resemble the eye of Saturn or the rising sun of the Orient. In Ezekial 8:16 an incident is
recorded where about 25 Jews provoked the wrath of God by worshiping the rising sun
as an idol.

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