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Welcome to the

Damsel in Defense family!
WELCOME AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW BUSINESS! We are honored to have you and so thankful you
have decided to join our mission to equip, empower and educate women on how to protect themselves.
Connecting with new Damsel Pros is one of our favorite things to do. We would love to be able to sit down with
every new Damsel Pro to hear their excitement and answer those first questions but time and distance make that
difficult, so we have decided to come to you virtually!
We hope that you have been receiving the emails that we have been sending to you since the day that you joined.
These emails contain videos created just for you to assist you as a new Damsel Pro in getting the best start
possible in your new business.


We are so excited to have you join our mission to equip, empower and educate women across the
nation. If you haven't already, you will want to contact your direct Sponsor and let them know you are
on board and waiting for your Starter Kit to arrive which will ship within two busienss days. You can
find your Sponsor's contact information in this email along with your Director's as well.
Grab your phone and program your Sponsor's, Director's, and Pro Support's contact
information into your phone. We are all just a phone call away!

Grab your calendar and plug dates in for the following:
• Your Damsel in Defense launch party!
This will be your first chance of sharing your new business and products with your
friends and family members. Allow enough time for your Starter Kit to arrive but don't
push it out too far.
• Weekly Tuesday Training Calls (TTC)!
Join us every Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. MST to connect with other Damsel Pros and
top leaders Nationwide and receive some of the best training on pertinent topics to help
you run your business. Dial In: 1(641) 715-3865 | Access Code: 533880 | 1(641) 715-3868
• New Damsel Pro Welcome Call!
This call falls on the 1st Thursday of every month. You will learn about the vision and
culture of the company that starts at the Home Office and is carried out through every
Damsel Pro. There is also a great Q&A time for all those questions you will have come
up in your first few weeks.
There you go! Two quick steps and your business is well on its way.




Your Pro ID #: PRO00000
Sponsor’s Name: First & Last Name
Sponsor’s Phone #: 000.000.0000
Director’s Name: First & Last Name
Director’s Phone #: 000.000.0000

• Visit mydamselpro.net
• Login into your Virutal Office using
your Pro ID# and your password
• Click on Traning Portal &
New Recurit Tabs


(208) 288.2989





As an Independent Damsel Pro, you are free to operate your business on your own schedule and these videos will
guide you through your first few days. Keep in mind that the beauty of working your own hours is that you set the
pace of your business. As you work your business, you will be able to fill your calendar with as many one-on-one
consultations or Empower Hours as you choose!
We are thrilled to introduce you to this Go-to Guide. Aside from your
Virtual Office and Training Portal this is one of the greatest tools you
have at your fingertips for your new business. The first few pages are
your Resource Guide where you will find several handy items you will
need early on and the second portion of it is your Party Pilot which
will walk you through your first Empower Hours.
We hope that you are excited about the possibility to change and
even save lives. We are so thankful that you have joined us on this
mission to keep women safe, and we can’t wait to celebrate each
milestone with you along our journey together.
Wishing you the best of blessings in your new business!

Mindy Lin (right) & Bethany Hughes (left), Co-Founders



What is an Empower Hour?
The smartest way to build your business is to connect with as many people as possible through Empower Hours.
Each sixty-minute Empower Hour is your opportunity to help save a life by sharing our mission and practical safety
solutions with others. You could potentially impact someone’s life in a huge way! An Empower Hour can be:

A “learn how to protect yourself” home party
A coffee shop meeting with friends
A lunch and learn in the break room of a local business
An after-work bite with co-workers

You can also meet with potential customers, hosts and team members one-on-one, or book a booth at a local event
to spread the word about your business and attract new customers and hosts!

D.I.D. you know?
As an Independent Damsel Pro, we know you are passionate about our mission and educating others about the
potential threat from strangers in the area around them. By searching sites such as city-data.com and gathering
information from local media and enforcement agencies, you will always be up-to-date about the crime statistics in
your area. You don’t want your customers to feel pressured into fear-based buying, but to have the information they
need to select the right products to keep themselves and their families safe from harm.

How do you invite someone to share an Empower Hour?
The simplest way is to ask! You will never know who is interested unless you ask, and as Damsel is the first
company to offer personal protection parties, you will find that many will say yes. The more people you ask the more
Empower Hours you will book.
An Empower Hour is a win/win, as your host will earn free Damsel products by inviting a few friends over to learn
about how they can protect themselves from harm. An Empower Hour is an opportunity for all women to equip,
empower and educate themselves with products that suit their exact needs. No one wants to become a statistic!

How does your host invite her friends to an Empower Hour?
That’s simple. An Empower Hour is the perfect excuse for a party! Suggest that your host contacts the people she
cares about the most. A personal phone call, followed by a postcard is the best way to make sure her friends say
yes. Suggest that she says: “I am having a party next Wednesday and would love you to come. I’ve invited a friend
who sells personal protection products to come and demonstrate them to us. Can you make it?”
Recommend that she remind them again by text, email or message a day or two before her Empower Hour to make
sure no one forgets.

Time is a precious commodity to today’s busy woman. Be mindful of everyone’s time and
priorities by keeping what you have to share to an hour or less. You want other guests to
see how easy it is for your hostess and her future guests to share an Empower Hour in her
home or at her favorite hangout spot.


STUNning Start
Shoot for a...

Our Accelerated Business Development Incentive Program for New Damsel Pros & Their Sponsors


Please tell me
more about...
Free Produc


2 pkgs of catalogs
2 pkgs of sales receipt/order forms
1 pkg of generic business cards
2 pkgs of invitations
1 pkg of brochures

Date: _________
A Damsel
Name: _________
Name: _________
Phone: _________
Address: _________
Email: _________
City: _________
State: ____
Product Description
Zip: _________

Retail Price

Perks Price
























Ship to:
*Cost of Shipping
Ship to Custome
+ Shipping
* $
Ship to Hostess: r: $5.00 + 5%
+ Sales Tax
$5.00 per
% _________
party + 5%
___ $
Total Amount
value of hostessDAMSEL PRO: Rememb
credit items,
but calculate sales tax and shipping
Payment Method
d on the price
charges are
paid for half
on the full
price items.
Credit Card
Exp. Date

Your Indepe

ndent Damse

White (Damsel

Pro) Yellow

l Pro...


Pink (Customer)


Security Code





Damsel branded table cloth
Damsel branded padfolio
Damsel branded table runner
Damsel branded bank bag




• Junk In The Trunk Auto Emergency Kit
• Road Trip Emergency Auto Tool
• Sassy Spray Keepsafe



• STUNning Start Pin

• Exclusive Damsel 3-piece luggage set
• On-stage Recognition at Conference





Congratulations on
$1,000 in Personal Sales
in your 1ST MONTH as a
Damsel Pro! You’ve earned
the Print Pack.


Congratulations on your
TO PROTÈGÈ within their
first 3 months as a Damsel
Pro! You’ve earned the
Print Pack.

$1,000 in Personal Sales
in your 2ND MONTH as a
the Promo Pack.

in your 3RD MONTH as a
Damsel Pro! You’ve earned
the Product Pack.

You’ve completed

This STUNning Start Incentive
PROgram is valid February 1, 2016,
through July 31, 2016.

If you enroll on February 15: Month
1= February 15-March 31; Month 2=
April; Month 3= May.

Damsel Pro! You’ve earned

$1,000 in Personal Sales

Your STUNning Start incentives will
be automatically calculated and
processed on the 10th of
each month.

How it works: Month 1 includes
your join month + your first full

Congratulations on

Congratulations on


Congratulations on your
New Recruit completing
ALL 3 MONTHS of their
STUNning Start Program!
You’ve earned the
Product Pack.

Achieve Month 1, Month 2, Month 3...
or ALL three Months—you choose!
If you miss Month 1 or 2 you can
still earn Month 3!
STUNning Start products are
shipped the month after they
are earned.
Damsel in Defense reserves the right to modify
this STUNning Start Incentive PROgram at their
discretion and substitute any items as necessary
based on business needs.
Note: Awards for STUNning Sponsors are only
awarded to the original enrolling Sponsor. If the
original enrolling Sponsor has lost their downline
and the qualifying recruit is no longer in their
downline, the STUNning Sponsor awards will not
be awarded.

ALL 3 MONTHS of your
STUNning Start Program &
have earned the Complete
Start Achievement!


Frequently Asked

1. What is the Monthly Access Fee and how do I change my
credit card on file?
Your $10 Monthly Access Fee offers you two important business
services at an amazing value–your own Damsel in Defense
replicated website and product liability insurance. Your replicated
website allows you to market and advertise your business, and
gives you access to your Virtual Office and Training Portal (which
includes all of your training calls, videos, marketing images etc…).
To change the credit card that is used for the Monthly Access
Fee, log in to your Virtual Office > Account Access > Order Online
> Subscriptions > Edit > Payments. Please be sure to update
your card on file before the 1st of the month, when the Monthly
Access Fee is processed. If your card is declined, you will receive
a notification email and will be locked out of your Virtual Office.
Follow the instructions above to update your card and gain access
to your Virtual Office.

2. How do I return or exchange a product?
We stand behind our products and are committed to high product
quality standards. On occasion, a product may need to be returned
by a customer or an item may be defective. We are happy to assist
you with returning/exchanging the product once the request has
been submitted.

4. How do I get on the Pro Locator at damselindefense.net?
The Pro Locator at damselindefense.net/find-a-pro is where
someone who is looking for a Damsel Pro finds a Pro to purchase
from or join under. All Pros who are Paid-As Mentor or above will
be placed on the Pro Locator on the 10th of the month following
the commission period. Example: You are Paid-As Mentor or above
in July. On August 10th, you will be added to the Pro Locator until
September 10th.
The qualifications for the Pro Locator are on a month-to-month
basis. If you have reached the Career Title of Mentor or above but
are Paid-As a rank below Mentor, you will not be placed on the Pro
Locator that month.

5. Can I change/remove/add to an order?
Once you have submitted an order in your Virtual Office or a
customer submits their order on your Replicated Website, it cannot
be changed. This includes adding to the order, removing an item,
changing PROtection Perk items, changing a color or altering the
shipping addresses. Once you or your customer receives the order,
you can follow the proper return/exchange procedure outlined in
FAQ #2

6. How long does shipping take? Can I get expedited

You can submit returns/exchanges by logging in to your Virtual
Office > Account Access > Order Online > Returns then follow
the prompts as necessary. You can read our entire Returns
and Warranty policy in your Virtual Office > Training Portal >
Agreements > Returns Guide. You can watch a training video on
this process by going to your Virtual Office > Training Portal >
Training Topics > How To Tutorials.

We make every effort to ship orders within 5 business days from
the day that an order is placed, but longer ship times should be
expected during month-end and holiday seasons. We are not able
to offer expedited shipping as the services that offer expedited
shipping do not allow pepper sprays to be sent via air.

3. How does the Lifetime Warranty and Incident Replacement
Policy work?

The activity requirements are very low for Damsel Pros. To stay
active, you just need $150 in Personal Volume over a rolling
3-month period. Your enrollment month is exempt from your
initial 3-month requirement; however, any Personal Volume in your
enrollment month can be applied towards your $150 in Personal
Volume. If you do not have $150 in Personal Volume in a rolling
3-month period, your business will not be terminated but you will
lose your downline and will not be eligible for rank promotions.
Watch your Downline Report in your Virtual Office so that you can
make sure you are fully active. For more information, please refer
to Virtual Office > Training Portal > Agreements > Policies and
Procedures > Section 11.2

Not only are our product quality standards extremely high, our
company offers a Lifetime Warranty and Incident Replacement
Policy. If your customer ever has to use or loses their product in
self-defense, Damsel in Defense will replace that item for FREE
when they provide a police report. What does that mean? You can
sell Damsel with confidence. Note: Concealed Kari purse excluded
from lifetime warranty.


7. What are my Activity Requirements?

8. How does my hostess use the PROtection Perks for
Your hostess can use the Hostess Credits portion of her
PROtection Perks towards her Starter Kit! When closing the party,
enter the amount of credits they would like to use, up to $149 into
the Hostess Credits for Enrollment field. Once the party is closed,
the Hostess will be emailed a link to use to enroll. They can use the
Half-Price Items they earned to supplement their Starter Kit or use
the products for inventory. Example: A Hostess has $1,000 in party
sales, you would enter $149 into the Hostess Credits for Enrollment
field under Hostess Information, and then they can use the remaining
$51 in Hostess Credits and 6 Half-Price Items towards whatever
products their would like.

9. Can I make my own marketing images and products like
We have an amazing Promo & Print shop where you can purchase
all of the Damsel gear your heart desires! T-shirts, window decals,
bags, and personalized items like banners and business cards
and much more! The Marketing section in your Training Portal
has tons of amazing images for social media sharing and flyers
for customers that are beautifully designed and uphold our brand
standards. While we prefer that you use the marketing items in
your Training Portal and Promo & Print, we do allow you to create
your own items. If you do create your own items, you must follow
the Style Guide located in your Virtual Office > Training Portal >
Marketing. If you are having items printed by a 3rd party vendor,
they must sign the Limited License Agreement located in your
Virtual Office > Training Portal > Agreements and you must submit
it to the email address at the bottom of that form.

10. How do I get my name “out there”?
Print address labels with your information and add them to your
brochures, catalogs and product packaging so your customers
can easily find your contact information. Purchase the branded
items in the Promo & Print Shop-car decal, clothing, hats, reusable
shopping bags etc…to use as a conversation starter whenever you
are out and about. Give yourself a goal of passing out 5 business
cards to people you meet each day (and ask for their contact info
too). Visit local real estate offices, restaurants, your hairdresser,
grocery store, bank, dentist’s office etc… and ask to hold an
Empower Hour for their employees.

11. What do I say?
If someone asks what you do, you’ll want to have your “Elevator
Speech” ready (basically a 30 second speech about Damsel).
Example: I’m an Independent Damsel Pro with Damsel in Defense.
We specialize in stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, car
emergency tools and concealed carry purses- all in affordable
and adorable designs and patterns made specifically for women.
Our Mission is to Equip, Empower and Educate women across
America through Empower Hours- in your home, a coffee shop or
your workplace. You can help keep women safe by starting your
own Damsel in Defense business or you can earn free products
by hosting an Empower Hour. Can I send you information about
joining or hosting? Can you refer me to someone who might be
interested in more information?

Phone: 208.288.2989
Email: prosupport@damselindefense.net
Fax: 208.887.0919
My Pro #: ________________________________________________
www.mydamselpro.net/ ___________________________
My Website:

Virtual Office Website:


Virtual Office Password : __________________________________
My Sponsor’s Name: ______________________________________
My Sponsor’s Phone #: ____________________________________
My Sponsor’s Email: ______________________________________
My Director’s Name: ______________________________________
My Director’s Phone #: ____________________________________
My Director’s Email: ______________________________________


Step by Step


Event Order: An order placed with multiple customers after an Empower Hour or personal protection party
Pro Order: An order placed by an Independent Damsel Pro to have inventory on hand for cash and carry fulfillment

Place an Order
Click Virtual Office Order to place order

Event Order: Enter event date
Pro Order: Enter order date

Contact Information
Event Order: Enter hostess information
Pro Order: Enter Pro information

Hostess Credits for Enrollment
Event Order: Should your hostess
decide to join by earning her starter kit,
enter total amount of hostess credits
the hostess would like to use towards
her enrollment/new starter kit.

Hostess Item Entry
Please note: For Pro orders the Pro is
the hostess
*Hostess retail: Hostess purchases
made at retail price
*Hostess Half Price: Purchases made
using PROtection Perks 1/2 price items
*Hostess Credits: Purchases made
using PROtection Perks hostess credits
Item # or description: SKU or
description of desired item
Quantity: Quantity of desired items
Add/Lookup: Add desired item to
shopping cart


Double check credit card information to avoid
processing errors that can hold up all orders and
potentially duplicate processing orders on other
credit cards

Customer Item Entry
Add Guest/Booking: Add each
individual customer’s information for
event orders.
Select Customer from the drop-down
and enter desired information the same
way as for a hostess

Order Summary


2 - Hostess 1/2-Price Earned Taken



3 - Hostess Credits Earned/Remaning $75.00/ $0.00



Hostess Plan Base Amt.

Qual. Volume:








Order Total:




Redeeming PROtection Perks
Earned one 1/2 priced item and used
one 1/2 priced item. Earned $75
hostess credits and used all $75.
$0 hostess credits remaining.
Once you have finished entering all
order information, click Payments to go
to the next screen

Entering Payment Information
Event/Pro Order: Click Credit
Card Payment to enter credit card

Submit Order

Back to order: Verify order before you
click Submit Order. Orders cannot be
changed once it is submitted
Outstanding Balance must be $0 to
submit order


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