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0FuxGiven is a social network developed by hackers, for hackers. On
platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, if you post a hack or post a
dump it is more than likely going to get taken down. On 0FuxGiven you
can post such things without violating our terms of service. Seeing
as it is illegal, if the government in the country our servers are
hosted request for us to take it down, we have to…… Although…… It
will be hosted in Sweden.

Besides that,
● We have no limit to the amount of characters you can use in a


● You are able to use <code></code> to represent code in your

posts or in your messages.

● If you click the little pen and paper when you are posting, it

allows you to paste your data (Dumps, Target-Bins, Programs

● You can color code parts of your post (or all of your post).

And many more features !!!