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Author: Memphis10

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A guide to make money within 48 hours of setting up your social accounts

By: Yous000
The Social Blueprint | Yous

Welcome to The Social Profit Blueprint. This is the incredibly powerful and
versatile guide to using fresh social accounts to start making money immediately.
The methods shown in this book can also be used to grow existing businesses
which will be touched on later on.

The Social Networks in Play
We will be mostly working with Instagram and Facebook. Twitter and Pinterest
are also excellent if you have any sort of followings on there already.
The reason for using Facebook and Instagram is because within hours of set-up we
can be bringing in profits.

Let’s dive right into it!

The Social Blueprint | Yous

The Blueprint
There are multiple approaches to this and I will show all of them however first I’ll
break down what exactly we will be doing.
Giving stuff away for free
Yes! We are going to be “giving stuff away” sort of.
We will be approaching this in a tactical yet unique way to bring us in a profit.
The best way to explain this is to put you in the shoes of the end person (the
Take these watches for example:

What if I told you “Hey! Would you like to get one of these ‘prototype’ models for
free and give me some feedback”
Most people would likely say “YES!” ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE TARGETING PEOPLE

The Social Blueprint | Yous

“All you have to do is pay shipping and we will send you out a watch to keep and
Of those ‘Most People’ mentioned earlier a few might drop off after seeing this
however a large majority will still be 100% committed to getting their awesome
watch for less than $10 bucks.
Now here is the magic part…

These sorts of watches all can be found on AliExpress under a made up brand
name called ‘winner’
So to save you the calculations here is a prime example of how this works out:
You charge people between $9.95-$12 for shipping and you get the AliExpress
seller send them out a $3-5.50 product.
$9.95 Paid For Shipping - $3.94 for the product: $6.01 PROFIT for every ‘prototype’
you ‘giveaway’
Take that number very seriously. It will only take you 8 sales per day to make as
much as or more than you would in a normal part time job this puts you into the
$40/day $1200/month range.
The Social Blueprint | Yous

I underline 8 sales per day for a reason. Think about how simple that is. I want you
to take out a sheet of paper and write “8 SALES PER DAY” multiple times all over
the paper. This is your goal, this is something real to work towards. NO GREY AREA

TIP - Watches is just one example. This works incredibly with women’s jewelry as
well and other niches which I will give examples and ideas later on.

What We Will Need
- A website (I’ll show you the easy way)
- A Facebook account and an Instagram account
- An AliExpress Account

The Website
There are two ways in my opinion to approach the website I tried both. Either way
you want to end up with a very legitimate and professional looking website. That
quality = more trust = more sales.
Option #1 (Better) – Shopify
I like this option because Shopify has a 14 day free trail which gives you plenty of
time to set everything up. They have great free themes and you can essentially get
up and running completely free. To activate the store you pay $29 for the basic
Shopify plan. This is the option I put as (better) because it’s very noobie friendly
and takes way less time compared to option #2
Option #2 – Wordpress + WooCommerce
I’ve tried both options. The Wordpress route takes more development in my
opinion which gets you caught up wasting time in things that don’t matter.
The Social Blueprint | Yous

Wordpress themes also can get pricy for good ones however there are some
decent free themes. WooCommerce is a wordpress plug-in that would be used to
power the online store.

Whichever you choose make it look like a legitimate online store and get a decent
domain name
TIP – My favorite domains are .co they look nice and have much more availability
as opposed to .com domains

What It Should Look Like

This is an example from my Wordpress version. (I have a shopify and a wordpress
one in different niches).
The Social Blueprint | Yous

1. There is a high price set making it appear to be an expensive and quality
2. Images are of an excellent quality
3. The site is clean and simple nothing too distracting

The key is in setting your shipping classes. This is something you’ll need to
experiment with. I am currently offering only two options to people.
US Standard $9.95
International Standard $12.95
(Remember we are not shipping anything, these are the prices you set to cover the
cost of buying from the supplier + bring you in a fair profit)

Product Search

After a long 12 seconds of searching I’ve already found great options. Amazing
price points, excellent feedback, all free shipping.
The Social Blueprint | Yous

You will need to gather 3-8 total products and list them in your shop as free
prototypes. Nothing special to it just list it as a $0.00 item. Remember to make
sure you require they pay shipping.
VERY IMPORTANT make sure to set up your shop to not allow more than one item
in the cart at a time, or make each item require separate shipping.
Once your shop is all set up and live it’s time to get to the social aspect of this.
Utilizing social media to bring in target people.

How to Order the Products Correctly
Set up 1 click checkout on AliExpress by adding your card. When you go to buy
items now this will pop up:

You’ll always need to click Edit / Change so that you can put in the buyers address.
It will then take you to a second page where you have the option to edit the
address. For ‘Contact Name’ as you can see above I always just put in “Customer”
The Social Blueprint | Yous

Here is the special part to it all. Include this in your message to the seller always to
avoid getting order confirmations papers in the package:

This is a simple process especially if you’re in the 8 per day range. Simple at the
end of each day you do your orders for that day. Should take no more than 30
minutes to an hour. That’s the beauty of this method.
When you get to the point of 20+ sales per day you can then automate the entire
process 100% autopilot money every day hire a virtual assistant for 1-2 hours
every day to do it for you and that won’t cost more than $12 per day. You can
even get them to do the social work shown in the next sections.

Social Method #1 – Instagram
If you choose to be lazy or too direct and salesy don’t even bother with this step,
here is what I mean. For example taking the watches yet again. Don’t just throw
your watches on Instagram make a high quality page entirely dedicated to
watches, do research on the top 8 hashtags for watches and use them in every
post you make, and find the authority users.
To speed the process into high gear I personally buy 500-1500 followers right
away to give it that legit look I then will follow very targeted users over the next
48 hours. I get to around the point of 30-40 likes per picture within 48 hours
because of proper hashtag research and following about 1000 people.
BIG TIP – It’s been proven that the best way to get a follow back is to go beyond
following. If you follow + like a picture of theirs + comment on a picture of theirs
you get 30% more people following you back! That’s a ton considering we’re only
going to follow around 1000-3000 people.

The Social Blueprint | Yous

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