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March 10th, 2016

Empower Training
& Fitness Family,
Spring is right around the corner!
Which means summer is almost here! Lets take our
fitness and health to the next level and get the
summer bodies we’ve all been working so hard
towards. Whether your goal is to shed a few
pounds, gain lean muscle or live a healthier
lifestyle- we’ve got you covered at Empower
Training & Fitness. We all know that nutrition
plays a very important role in living a healthy
lifestyle, so if you’re having difficulties trying to
find the right foods to eat in order to help you
reach your fitness goals, we can help you get on
the right path to better eating and a happier, wellbalanced lifestyle. No fad diets. No food
restrictions/deprivations. Remember, training hard
and staying active for 1-2 hours a day is important,
but the key to seeing results is how you spend the
rest of your 22-23 hours. If you’re interested in
learning more about how we can help you with the
right nutritional guidelines let us know!

6 Ways To Make A Fat Loss Diet Easier
Here are some nutrition tweaks that will decrease the cravings and make your nutrition a lot easier.
1. Limit food variety
Variety is one of the most potent appetite stimulants.
Have you ever finished a dinner feeling stuffed to the gills, yet somehow you manage to take down
an entire pie? That’s the effect food variety has on your brain. It overrides your natural satisfaction
signals and let’s you keep eating beyond any actual need for energy.
For example, take two separate meals:
1. 5oz Chicken, a serving of broccoli with a little bit of butter and 200g of sweet potato
2. 4oz steak, 4oz shrimp, broccoli with a little bit of butter, a small sweet potato, a small amount of
rice, and a banana
The second option has a lot more variety and will be a lot less filling.
Instead of having a ton of food choices in your meals, just keep them ultra simple.
1 protein source, 1 carb source, and a serving of greens.
2. Crank up your vegetable intake
Your brain, which regulates when you do and do not eat, responds to both the caloric content and
volume of a meal. You can take this knowledge and make your fat loss diet more satisfying by
opting for low calorie, high volume foods like green veggies. They add a lot of volume and not a lot
of calories, which makes your brain feel more satisfied on the same amount of calories.
When you’re eating for performance, it’s easy to only focus on protein, starchy carbs, and healthy
fat. The veggies go out the window as an after thought because they don’t add to your gym
performance. In the grand scheme of things, that’s unhealthy. And on a fat loss diet, it’s
counterproductive to staying consistent.
Make sure you include greens with at least 50% of your meals (ideally, all of them). If you aren’t
already eating your veggies, you’ll notice a significant difference in cravings once you start.

3. Avoid decisions
When you’re getting lean, every decision around food is an opportunity..
An opportunity to make progress or to fall off the wagon. The more decisions you have to make, the
more opportunities there are to fall victim to your ever-increasing cravings. So instead of making 3-4
decisions about what to eat every day, just make 1.
Plan out your meals for the next day the night before. It’s just like writing out your goals instead of
dreaming about them in your head.
By making a concrete commitment, you’ll be more likely to honor that plan.
4. Set rules
This plays off of the above. It eliminates decisions.
Every one of you should have rules for living.
Here are some examples of nutrition rules for your fat loss diet:

I eat 3-4 meals every day.


I eat protein and a serving of veggies

week, and have no more than 3 vodka

with every meal




I only consume starchy carbs


around my workouts and at night

I go out to eat one night per week


I eat a single dessert one night per

I only drink alcohol one night per

I cut out all alcohol the last 4 weeks of
the fat loss contest


I only eat the amount of food that I
had planned to eat the night before

These keep you from saying, “Should I do this or
that?” The less you say, “Should I” the better
your results will be.


5. Keep consistent meal times
While this one is less important than the others, it still can make a difference. Your body relies on a
consistent rhythm of food intake. Cravings go up when you break that rhythm, so try to stick to the
same daily schedule.
6. Choose satiating food sources
You can apply the green veggie advice to other food choices as well. Some protein, carb, and fat
sources are more satiating than others.
What is easier to eat? A 16oz rib eye steak or 16oz of chicken breast?
The answer is the rib eye steak. The texture and the fattiness make it more delicious and make your
brain want more of it. The same goes for starches and fats. Some carb sources are more filling than
others, as are some added fats. It’s much easier to eat 150g of carbs from rice than it is from potatoes.
And a small avocado is much more satisfying than two table spoons of olive oil.
So, opt for the most satisfying food choices. Here’s a list from my experiences:



Chicken breast




Tuna fish or any other meaty, lean fish


Sweet potatoes / yams


Very lean red meats




Cottage cheese




Hard-boiled eggs










Shredded coconut


Whole olives


Coconut oil


Greek yogurt


Peanuts, cashews, almonds

We want to make positive changes to
improve the overall experience and
satisfaction of all our Empower
Be on the lookout for our next survey!
As well as big upcoming changes!!

We want to thank those who have taken the
time to fill out our survey. For those who have
not filled it out yet, please do so as soon as

Spring Forward!

possible. This survey will allow us to help you

Don’t forget to put your clocks an
hour ahead this Sunday, March 13th!

get the most out of your workouts and create the
best training facility and atmosphere that YYC
has to offer. We would like to hear everyone’s
feedback so that we can make any improvements
and adjustments.

Empower Training &
Fitness will be closed:
Sunday, March 27th
Monday, March 28th


Congratulations to our
Little Ninjas
Great job to all the Little Ninjas who have
completed their first belt test! There are still a few
more kids who need to test in order for us to
finish grading! Once everyone has been
evaluated, we will have a graduation ceremony
that will take place on Wednesday, March 23rd.
We are extremely proud of our Little Ninjas.
They really showed us a lot of hard work and
dedication leading up to the belt test. It was clear

Member Spotlight

that they all studied and practiced the techniques
and drills that were taught in class, and that they

Samantha Valiant is this month’s member

prepared well for their test.

spotlight. She has shown tremendous

It’s truly amazing to watch them develop into

progress in just a short amount of time.

little martial artists and have them be able to

Samantha has a perfect attendance and

execute striking combinations and ground drills

shows up early to class everyday. She

at such a young age.

demonstrates great listening skills and

Please join us on Wednesday, March 23rd

techniques and is an

for an Easter egg hunt following the

excellent role

graduation ceremony!

model to the other
Little Ninjas in the
program. She is a
perfect example of
what giving 110%
looks like!
Awesome work
Keep it up!


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