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Ukemi Waza
Zempo Kaiten Ukemi
Koho Ukemi
Yoko Ukemi

Falling methods or ways
Front rolling break fall
Back break fall
Side break fall

TEGATANA NO KATA (a.k.a. "The Walking")
1. Shomen Ashi
2. Waki Ashi
3. Tenkan Ashi
4. Shomen Te Gatane
5. Uchi Mawashi
6. Soto Mawashi
7. Uchi Soto Gaeshi
8. Uchi Mawashi Gaeshi
9. Soto Mawashi Gaeshi
10. Ude Goshi Gaeshi
11. O Mawashi
12. Yoko O Mawashi

Forward step
Side to side step
Pivot step
Straight hand blade
Inside sweep hand blade
Outside sweep hand blade
Forward block and side push
Inside sweep and turn
Outside sweep and turn
Arm and hip turn
Major circle
Side major turn

Feet only
Feet only
Feet only
Same hand/foot
Same hand/foot
Same hand/foot
Same hand/foot
Same hand/foot
Opposite hand/foot
Opposite hand/foot
Opposite hand/foot
Both hands/feet

HANASU NO KATA (a.k.a. "The Releases")
1. Hon Soto Hanasu
2. Hon Soto Te Osu
3. Gyaku Soto Hanasu
4. Gyaku Soto Te Osu
5. Hon Uchi Hanasu
6. Hon Uchi Ude Hineri
7. Gyaku Uchi Hanasu
8. Gyaku Uchi Ude Hineri

Normal outside release
Normal outside hand push
Reverse outside release
Reverse outside hand push
Normal inside release
Normal inside arm twist
Reverse inside release
Reverse inside arm twist

Palm down
Palm up
Palm up
Palm down
Palm down
Palm up
Palm up
Palm down

NI JU SAN HON KATA (a.k.a. "The 23")
Atemi waza (striking techniques)
1. Shomen-ate
2. Aigamae-ate
3. Gyakugamea-ate
4. Gedan-ate
5. Ushiro-ate

Straight frontal head strike
Regular facing posture strike
Reverse posture strike
Low strike
Behind (from the rear) strike

Hiji waza (elbow techniques)
6. Oshi-taoshi
7. Ude-gaeshi
8. Ude-hineri
9. Hiki-taoshi
10. Waki-gatame
11. Goshin-Jitsu-Waki-gatame

Knock or push down
Arm turn
Pull and push down
Arm twist
Side of the chest arm lock
Side of the chest arm lock variation

Tekubi waza (wrist techniques)
12. Kote-hineri
13. Kote-gaeshi
14. Tenkai-kote-hineri
15. Shiho-nage
16. Tenkai-Kote-Gaeshi

Wrist twist
Wrist turn
Circular (spinning) wrist twist
Four corner (all directions) throw
Circular Wrist Turn

Uki waza (floating techniques)
17. Mae-otoshi
18. Kote-taoshi
19. Sumi-otoshi
20. Sumi-taoshi
21. Sumi-guruma
22. Sumi-tai-guruma
23. Hiki-otoshi-guruma

Forward drop
Wrist twist and push down
Rear corner drop
Rear corner push down
Rear corner wheel
Rear corner body wheel
Pull and drop wheel

OWAZA JU PON (a.k.a. "The Big 10")
1. Kubi-guruma
2. Kata-otoshi
3. Ude-guruma
4. Hiji-guruma
5. Aiki-nage
6. Shiho-nage
7. Ushiro-ate
8. Kote-gaeshi
9. Ushiro-kubi-gatame
10. Shizumi-otoshi

Neck wheel
Shoulder drop
Arm wheel
Elbow wheel
Fitting in throw
Four corner (all directions) throw
Behind (from the rear) strike
Wrist turn
Hold from behind (the rear)
Sinking body drop

In addition to the basic kata previously listed several advanced Aikido kata are also practiced. These are
known as the Koryu-no-waza or traditional (ancient) kata. These kata teach major variations of the basic
techniques and are part of the requirements for promotion. These kata are:

24 techniques
16 techniques
50 techniques
25 techniques
23 techniques
39 techniques

These kata include:

Throwing techniques
Locking techniques
Striking techniques
Joint techniques
Kneeling techniques
Standing techniques
Defending against a knife
Defending against a sword
Defending against a jo
Using a jo
Sword against a sword

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