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Author: Hank Klinger

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And this is the best list I have compiled of books on success.
The list contains classics and newer pieces of literature, all of which were written with
one theme in mind.
Getting you rich and wealthy.

If you’re looking to succeed in life and don’t know where to begin you can start with any
of these books.
Each of these books alone are powerful, together though they are enough to shape any
man or woman into a formidable money making machine.

You’ll learn how to overcome doubt, worry, fear, and the all too common negative
association to money.
Enjoy each book, and if you read the article all the way through their will be two
bonuses for you, one of which can get you started on the path to riches…

Think and Grow Rich – The definitive wealth classic. Written by Napoleon Hill, this
book has been in the top most sold books in the world for more than 50 years. Think
and grow rich has sold more than 70 million copies worldwide. The book goes into detail
on all the different steps to success, with chapters like “Desire – the First Step Towards

Riches,” and “Faith – The Second Step Towards Riches,” it’s easily considered the best
book ever written on succeeding in every area of your life, specifically in making money.

Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins written version of Personal Power, this book
is a great introduction to NLP and NAC, (Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuro
Associative Conditioning). The book is fairly large at over 400 pages, but it takes you on
a course of about a month to personally transform your life and the lives of others. The
book covers everything from wealth, health, procrastination, and love; it’s considered to
be one of the most powerfully written books on transformation ever.

The Science of Getting Rich – This is the book that really changed it for me, Wallace
D. Wattles teaches every concept of getting rich in a morally correct way. Like the
Secret, Wattles declares that “there is a thinking stuff from which all things are
made.” He then goes into detail on how we can impress upon the invisible forces of the
Universe and bring our desires into manifestation. What I liked about the book is unlike
the Secret, Wallace enforces the rule the personal action or “purpose” as he puts it is
the most important aspect of success and wealth.

The Master Key System – Charles Haanel, a successful businessman, entrepreneur,
and free mason, was the author of this book that ties science and the spiritual side of
success into one. In the book covers everything from concentration to visualization and
provides exercises on how to succeed using them both. If read the way the author
intended, this is the most powerful book ever written on the subject of achievement.

Secrets of a Millionaire Mind – Harv Ecker… Gotta Love him, this book really helps to
shed light on why so many people are broke. The book teaches how to detach from old
methods of thinking and social conditioning to instill new beliefs about money and
success. It’s a fun read and pretty short, but I consider it one of the best on the art of
making money.

Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini shares with you the
psychology of getting people to say “yes.” He teaches how to apply the practical
strategies of persuasion. With more than 35 years of study in the field, Cialdini has
become one of the leading authorities on the subject, and this is considered to be one of
the best books ever written on it.

Psycho Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz wrote this book back in the 1960’s. This book
coined the phrase self-image and soon became one of the best manuals on personal
success and transformation ever written. Psycho Cybernetics has sold more than 5
million copies worldwide and is used by professional athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs
and even Salvador Dali; the famous painter accredited his success in life to Maxwell
Maltz and his writings. The eccentric painter even painted Maltz his own painting; you
can find it on Google – “From Darkness to Light.”
(I told you there would be two gifts, here’s your first – A Free Copy of Psycho
Cybernetics, Click Here to Claim Your Copy Now!)
Your Second gift is still to come… If you can’t wait, check it out here now.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coehlo nailed it with this book. The Alchemist has sold more
than 65 million copies worldwide and is considered to be one of the best reads on the
journey a person goes through in life. It’s a fiction book about Santiago, a shepherd
from the fields of Andalusia who is on his personal legend to find his treasure. Once you
pick this book up it’s very difficult to put down.

The 50th Law – The story of 50 cent, whether you liked him or not, this book is one of
the best ever written on the realist perspective or the world and life. After reading this
book it’s to see why 50 has climbed to the top of the Hip Hop industry, and with the
entertaining dark writing of Robert Greene, it’s one of the most entertaining reads of all

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki wrote what has become one of the best guides
to thinking like a rich person. He tells the stories of his life and how he came into riches,
in the book you’ll hear what Robert heard from his two dads. One of whom had a
success consciousness and the other a failure consciousness; it’s a very good book,
packed full of a ton of info in a relatively short read.

The Slight Edge – This book is a great read about the importance of consistency. Jeff
Olson explains the importance of doing the little things, the things that are constantly
going on in the background of a person’s life. An example would be spending 30
minutes a day writing a book, it doesn’t seem like much but before you know it the book
is done.

The Compound Effect – A great book about how things stack and show results over
time. Darren Hardy explains in detail how improving an area of your life at just 1% a day
really begins to add up overtime. It puts the saying “tiny change equals huge results”
into context in a major way.

The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko give away the
secrets of the wealthy. The book is basically a compilation of research that was
performed by the two authors on how people became rich. A great book on getting
inside the head of the ultra-wealthy people of the world.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – This book was developed over a period
of over 35 years and there is even an institution for Dale Carnegie, the author. The book
helps the reader in two ways, it teaches how to talk to people and get them to do what
you want as well as how to be a better more respectful person with integrity. It’s a very
in depth book, but is full of some of the most useful information on human psychology

Sleight of Mouth – Robert Dilts explains how to use NLP to dissolve limiting beliefs.
The concept is that the tongue is faster than the mind and through the use of language
we can change our beliefs to coincide with our goals, and make immediate change
happen in our lives. The basic premise is that when you get your beliefs in order, your
entire life will shift and miracles will begin to happen.

The Automatic Millionaire – This book is about getting rich without getting rich.
Basically what the previous statement means is you can get rich with a normal everyday
job, it goes into detail about sacrificing and cutting out the little things like your morning
latte. It’s not really my style of getting rich, but it’s got a lot of good pointers and tips on
how to save money.

The Rules of Wealth – One of the many books by Richard Templar in the “Rules of”
series. I chose this book over “The Rules of Money” because it goes into detail about
how to live a truly prosperous life, not just involving money. The book is a great book
that really touches on the fundamental important rules that create money, wealth and
how to make it grow.

Mastery – Another book by Robert Greene, this book is the best guide I’ve read on how
to master any skill in life. The book gives the most detailed and laid out path to choosing
your skill, finding a mentor and becoming one of the top experts in the field of your
choosing. It’s a definite read for anyone blogging on a specific niche and looking to
become an authority.

As a Man Thinketh – One of the great wealth classics, this short read of only about 60
pages has the potential to change the life of anyone who reads it. James Allen really
inspires the reader to seek the power within; the book goes into detail about the
different progressions of life and stages of success. This is one of the first books on
personal achievement ever written.

The Famous Little Red Book That Makes All Your Dreams Come True – I love this
book because it’s such a short read. You can easily memorize it, and the book is written
to be one of the most fluff free books on success and goal setting. The Little Red book
was written by one of the world’s most successful men, although we don’t know who
that is. Just read the book and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Money Master the Game – Tony Robbins delivers again in this newly released book on
mastering the money. The book covers every area of financial success and is written by
Tony, so you know as you read it your brain is being reprogrammed in a way that will
help you succeed. The book is soon becoming one of the best books on financial
development ever written.

Endurance the Story of Shackleton – The story of Sir Earnest Shackleton. The book
has nothing to do with money, but when it comes to perseverance, desire, drive,
ambition and leadership there is no better story than that of the crew of the Endurance.
The men of this ship did the impossible and it’s mainly because of the leadership
qualities that Shackleton kept strong at all times.

NLP the New Science of Achievement – One of the first books on achievement
through NLP, it covers all the basics and is great introductory book on everything from
the Swish Pattern to effective reframing and even sleight of mouth. It’s recommended
for anyone looking to get into NLP and use it for success. The book is written by Steve
Andreas and Charles Faulkner.

Who Moved My Cheese – A very short read that is extremely powerful, Spencer
Johnson delivers an entertaining book on personal change in your personal life as well
as the work place. It’s a fun read and you can finish the book in under an hour. I highly
recommend it to anyone who’s got some time to kill and wants to learn some powerful
concepts on mindset.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway – Susan Jeffers a psychologist wrote this guide to
overcoming fear and taking action. The book is not a very long read but is packed full of
very insightful tips on achievement and taking action. It touches on the psychology of
paralytic fear and how to overcome it, plus she gives great exercises throughout the
book that help the reader overcome obstacles.

The Greatest Salesman in the World – Og Mandino became the editor of success
magazine and wrote this book. But it wasn’t until after spending years living on the
streets as an alcoholic bum. The book speaks about how mindset is created through
personal development and of course teaches how to become a remarkable salesman.

The Richest Man in Babylon – Hundreds of thousands of people have changed their
financial destiny with the help of this book. The timeless knowledge and wisdom within
its pages are principals that can take anyone from broke too wealthy in a relatively short
time. Prosperity is your birthright and the book teaches you how to claim it with timing,
right thought, and personal action.

The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale released this book and audio that was one of
the first pieces of personal development to become famous. Written more than 80 years
ago, the book is still considered to be one of the best books on changing your life and
achieving your dreams ever written. The beauty is the audio is only about 30 minutes

The 10 X Rule – Grant Cardone teaches about the principals of success in the modern
world. His concepts of 10 X-ing your life go above and beyond. You’ll hear why the
reason most people fail is they fail to see the reality of what it takes to succeed in this
day and age, and that it really takes ten times the work than most people are willing to
put forth.

The Power of Positive Thinking – This is one of the most inspirational books written
on the field of positive thinking and how to apply it to your life for success. Norman
Vincent Peale speaks about using the power of thought to overcome defeat and win in
life. A must read for anyone looking to transform their life and succeed.

In Conclusion
I hope you enjoyed this post and seek out some of these books on this list, to make
things more convenient for you… You now have a pdf of this and can look back
The free copy of the book was your first gift; the second gift I want to give you is an
opportunity to work with me. I’ll personally train you on how to use the same technology
I’ve used to create more than a fulltime income online and travel the world.
Just go here and follow the instructions: Work With Hank
If you want to succeed in life, you’ll have to learn how.
Taking action and becoming a top producer is the most essential knowledge to success.
Find out more today and claim your second free gift now!

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