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Palmistry – Meaning Of The Signs On Palm .pdf

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Meaning Of The Signs On Palm - Star, Cross,
Triangle, Circle and Dot

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In palmistry, the different signs and symbols present in our palms are heavily studied and
looked into. Each sign represents a different attribute which is dominant in someone’s
personality. Careful study can reveal a ton of stuff about the person’s future as well. These signs
also make palm reading a whole lot easier for any professional or amateur palmist. Though
there are many signs that can be present on the palm, the most important ones are the star,
cross, triangle, circle and dot.
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The Star
The Star is a sign of severe complications. It denotes greatness, but at the same time, this
greatness has a price attached to it. In general, the star represents everything that is good in
someone’s life. It brings into light the sudden achievement that one may fall upon. However,
one needs to be cautious of this sign because of the attached negative impact that comes with
it. For example, if the star is present at the end of a line which signifies great fame and glory,
although it enhances the positive effects of that line, it also brings about personal grief in the
person’s private life, which stands in sharp contrast to the public acknowledgement and success
that he receives. The star also tends to drown the effects of other qualities of the person.

The Cross
In palmistry lines, the Cross is always associated with something evil or sinister. It brings about
great disappointment and danger to the bearer’s life, along with a whole lot of malice. People
having the cross at the end of their lines must be very careful and cautious at all times.
Palmistry looks upon the cross as a malicious sign, save for a couple of occasions. First is when
the cross is situated between the Head and Heart lines, on the Mount of the Jupiter, also called
the “Croix Mystique”. Second is when the cross is found at the base of the Mount of the Jupiter,
in which case it implies greater power of mysticism and occultism, utilized for the good of the
general public.
The Triangle
The Triangle, much like the Star, brings great luck and success. However, unlike the star, there is
no complication or negative impact attached to it. Depending on the location of the triangle,
the bearer can either reach the pinnacle of success very quickly, or achieve happiness over a
period of time. If located on the Mount of Apollo, it brings about increased artistic fulfillment. If
situated on any other line, or on the cross-section of two lines, it generally magnifies the good
qualities of those lines. Overall, having a triangle on your palm can only be good for you.
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The Circle
The Circle is a rarity in palm reading. One hardly ever encounters this symbol, but when it is
encountered, it can only bring you bad luck. The circle is generally looked upon as an evil sign,
associated with the most inescapable misfortunes of the world. If it touches any line, it negates
all its good qualities and causes a lot of hardship in the bearer’s life. Although the circle brings
bad luck, if it happens to rest on a mount, it acts just the opposite. When lying on a mount, it
magnifies the powers of that mount, bringing not only good luck but great happiness.
The Dot
The Dot, or the Spot, is associated with everything bad in the study of palmistry lines. Its effects
depend largely on its position on the palm, even though all these effects are hugely negative. If
found in groups, they represent a chronic disorder, while when present in a line, they signify a
temporary illness or some sort of violence. Its location on the different mounts means different
things. For instance, if present on the Mount of the Jupiter, it brings grave poverty and
defamation. On the other hand, when present on the Mount of the Sun, it brings about great
loss of prestige and respect in the society. Similarly, its presence on the Mount of the Mercury
is indicative of heavy loss on the financial front.

Apart from these five signs, there are a variety of other signs that you can study, like the Tassel,
the Trident, the Island, the Grille, and more. Knowing thoroughly about each of these signs can

help you a lot in predicting someone’s future just by reading their palm. You can accurately tell
them about any future misfortune or good luck that is coming their way, without any difficulty.

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