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Real Chart Page 1 CHART LOG Symbol Explanations sTop Ten Hit j Number One hit. ± Indicates that the record probably sold more than 250K. Only used on unsorted charts. Unsorted chart hits will have no position, but if they are black in colour than the record made the Real Chart. Green coloured records might not have made the Real Chart. The same applies to the red coulered hits, these are known to have made the USA charts, so could have been released in the UK, or imported here. Date of Entry The Charts were produced on a Sunday and the sales were from the previous seven days, with the exception of Christmas when no chart was produced. All sales from that week was carried over to the first chart of the new year. There are some Christmas period charts however, due to very high sales. The week beginning dates is used throughout and not the week ending one. So a date of 12 Jun 60 covers sales 5/6/60 to 11/6/60. The week ending would thus be for this chart 18/6/60. ¹ Still in the chart after 19/12/99. Those with this symbol may not have achieved their highest position and not have a full sales total, plus it wont have completed its chart life. Subsequent years have been added, but as yet these overrun tracks have not been updated. Sales System 8 Indicates sales of 250,000 to 499,999 copies sold while in the chart only. ¨ Indicates sales of 500,000 to 999,999 copies sold while in the chart only. u Indicates sales of 1,000,000 copies sold while in the chart only. Another symbol will be added for each subsequent 1,000,000 copies sold. No indication is shown for sales inbetween each million copies sold after the first. Ý This with one of the above sales symbols indicates accumulative sales from previous and present entry (re-entries only). Note not fully employed. Sales symbols of some hits before the nineties are not included, due to the data not being processed yet. The B.P.I. system of metal disc sales should not be confused with the above system of sales. Having said that the above sales measures where used in the seventies, by the B.P.I., though anyone can have a ‘metal’ disc done for any number of sales quite legally. The lower category of B.P.I. sales (200,000) does not apply here. Of course this does not mean that a record did not sell that figure and acts should not be disappointed if that is the case. All other B.P.I. categories are covered by the above. become a problem, since each track can sometimes be released as a separate download. However if it is known that a track is being released on 'hard copy' as a AA side, then the


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