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Open Borders,
Angry Boarders:
Problems with Untrammelled Mass Immigration to the United States.

Make no mistake…the United States is a

country of immigrants.
There are no true natives.
● American Indians immigrated by crossing the Bering Strait.
● White people crossed the Atlantic.
● Most black people were forcibly brought as slaves from
● East Asians crossed the Pacific.
● Hispanics immigrated from Mexico, South America, and the
Caribbean Islands.
● Middle Easterners have flown in over the Atlantic.
● Indians have crossed two oceans to arrive in America.

The contributions of these cultures have made America great.

“Give me your tired, your
poor, your huddled masses
yearning to breathe
free…” (Lazarus)

The american dream
dictates that a hard working
immigrant can improve their
economic status due to the
ethnically blind principles of
free market capitalism.

This strategy has
largely been successful.

These American values are passed on to
new immigrants by two processes...
These two Cultural
In which
immigrants and
their children
conform to the
cultural values
of their new
culture. (Pauls)

things create a
unified culture
built upon
mutual respect.

In which the
bigger culture
absorbs the
BEST practices of
immigrants. (Young)

Mass immigration stifles assimilation and cultural
appropriation because cultures don’t have to mix.
this causes:

Language and cultural
barriers to persist.




dependency on
natural born citizens.


Cyclical poverty for
immigrant underclass.

Widespread poverty encourages crime.
● Drugs
Mass immigration causes
● Rape
immigrants to import the
● Homicides very problems many are
trying to escape.

And the problems continue to grow worse...

But americans have
loved and continue
to love immigrants.
America is a country
of immigrants. they
know that we need
them just as much
as they need us!

So there ends up
being one real
solution: control
immigration and
make sure it
happens frequently


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