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Street is not crossed by any other – every street branching off
from Piotrkowska have
its start here.

Piotrkowska Street is
not an ordinary one - it is the
longest shopping street in
Europe as well as remarkable
pedestrian precinct in Łódź.
Moreover, it is 4 kilometres
200 metres of history, splendid townhouses, lovely cafés and
restaurants and plenty of places with pleasant atmosphere (we
will elaborate on them another time). The elderly in Łódź call the street Miss
Piotrkowska. Liberty Square - once called New Market - forms her head (admittedly, it’s not round but hexagonal). The street itself is Miss’s body, being a kind
of a city’s spine, and her arms are streets branching off squarely. On Piotrkowska
Street we can find many interesting shops, restaurants and well-known, international brands, boutiques and cafes. Walking around you can’t miss ubiquitous
rickshaws. Here you can stumble across prominent Polish people at every turn
- either on their star in Łódź’s Walk of Fame or on one of the statues of Great
People of Łódź. When the walk starts to exhaust you, you can sit on a bench with
Julian Tuwim or join the most affluent manufacturers at their table. However, this
glorious pedestrian zone hides another treasure, invisible with the naked eye - it’s
the spirit of past years living in old historic townhouses that makes it so special.

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