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I am most grateful for the opportunity and experiences this study afforded me and
for the chance to work with a phenomenal dissertation committee. I am especially
thankful to Dr. Desir - her expertise and candor was a true blessing.
My immediate family has encouraged me tremendously along this journey. I am
forever indebted to my mother Allene E. Davis. Although I was born with albinism, and I
am visually impaired, I was never allowed to think of myself as less than others. I am all
that I am because of her. At seventeen years old, I became a mother to my son, Matthew
J. Rogers. His twenty-eight year existence on this earth is the impetus for all that I do and
ever hope to accomplish. I also want to thank my grandmother, Annie Doris “Granny”
Rogers. I can never repay her for all she has done for me, and because of her selflessness
many years ago, this degree is a reality today. I would also like to extend a thank you to
my paternal uncles, Ellery, Lewis, and Donald, as well as my maternal aunt, Ruby, for
they have always served as role models. I am also grateful to my sisters, Sharla,
Vernique, Shondra, and Alexa, along with my two nieces and one nephew, Haley,
Chelsea, and Alexander, whose belief in me has always helped me believe in myself. I
am appreciative of my brother-in-law, Dr. Ostrova McGary, for patiently walking me
through chapters 1-5 time and time again. I must also acknowledge my companion, Mr.
Jaylynn M. Randle, for celebrating my milestones and encouraging me along the way.
I have to recognize the social studies community in the district in which I am
employed. I want to especially express gratitude to Angela, Mike, Cindy, Elena, Ian,
Kendra, Jill, Jamie, Hector, Kristal, Lachardra, Nelva, Tom, and the late Frank D.
Whiteside as they have supported me immensely from the very beginning.